Unique Solar Eclipse After 296 Years: Effects on You

Solar Eclipse 2019 Predictions

Solar Eclipse depicts a great impact on our life. Today this unique Solar Eclipse is forming in Sagittarius zodiac sign under Mool nakshatra. It is unique because after 296 years this Solar Eclipse is having 6 major planets in one sign. Today when Solar Eclipse will impact us, there will be 6 planets Sun, Moon, Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury and Ketu will be there in Sagittarius sign. Apart from that, Rahu will be there in the Gemini sign so there will be almost 7 planets making this Solar Eclipse more effective. 

If we talk about the time of solar eclipse for New Delhi, it  will be from 8:17:02 seconds to 10:57:09 seconds. There may be a slight change in time in other areas. Sutak of this eclipse has already started from the night of 25 December. To know the effect of this Solar eclipse on your zodiac sign, please read this blog till the end:


For Aries natives, this eclipse will take place in the ninth house, which will lead to a decline in your luck. During this time, there are chances of defamation, due to which you have to remain concerned and think well before taking any action. Also, child-related problems can bother you. It will be better for you to stay away from unnecessary tension.


For you, the Solar Eclipse will take place in the eighth house, due to which you are likely to suffer from physical pain. So, take full care of your health and pay full attention to what you eat and drink. There can be a decline in your comfort levels, and you may worry about family.


Due to the Solar Eclipse occurring in the seventh house from your zodiac sign, you can face marital problems in life. Also, your spouse’s health is likely to remain weak. If you do business in partnership, then there will be ups and downs in your business growth. You are advised to read all the papers, contracts and details before investing. Increase your efforts and take care of siblings.


With your sign’s sixth house undergoing Solar Eclipse, you will witness favourable results. You will outnumber your enemies and dominate them, and your chances of incurring wealth will also increase. You may receive good news from your family.

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Solar Eclipse in the fifth house will give rise to child related concerns, and you will make more efforts and work hard to earn money. Sun is the lord of your zodiac sign, due to which you will have to take special care of your health during the eclipse and keep your self-respect and honour intact.


Solar Eclipse will take place in the fourth house from your zodiac sign, which can lead to a decrease in your familial happiness and deterioration in the mother’s health. You will remain mentally disturbed and not feel comfortable at home. In such a situation, you should concentrate on your work, realize the responsibilities towards the family and fulfil them.


Solar Eclipse will occur in your third house and mark a major impact, due to which your siblings may face some problems and their health may also get affected. However, you will incur monetary gains and benefitting from the government sector is likely. If you work in a multinational company or have foreign sources of income, then the occurrence of this eclipse will be good for you.


Due to the effect of the eclipse on the second house of your zodiac sign, you will have to face family-related problems and may suffer from financial crisis. Unnecessary arguments and debates can also be the cause of several problems. You may face troubles in the workspace. You must control your speech and eating habits.


This is the second eclipse to occur in your zodiac sign this year, as you have witnessed the impact of Full Lunar Eclipse in 2019. In this case, take special care of yourself, as you are likely to suffer from any physical injury or accident and mental stress. You should do Pranayama and Exercises to keep your body fit. Also, drive the vehicle carefully.

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Due to Solar Eclipse taking place in the twelfth house from your zodiac sign, there are strong chances of monetary loss. Apart from this, there seems to be a possibility of spending money on unnecessary activities. Avoid unwanted trips and prepare well before embarking on any journey to eliminate any kind of inconvenience and physical problems.


For Aquarius natives, this eclipse will take place in the eleventh house from their zodiac sign, leading to multiple profits and success in life. Long-term plans and projects will resume, which in turn will offer great financial gain. You are likely to attain benefits through spouse. Invest your money at the right time and place for long-term profit.


Solar Eclipse will take place in the tenth house from your zodiac sign, which will benefit you. Your position in the workplace will improve and there can be a rise in your responsibilities and authority. However, you may face stress on the family front, for which you have to remain prepared in advance. You should work hard and perform well at your workplace. This will surely put you under positive limelight, and your seniors will appreciate your acts.

Remedies For Solar Eclipse

The effect of Solar Eclipse usually lasts for about six months. There are some remedies to follow with devotion to get rid of several problems and troubles caused by this planetary occurrence. These are as follows:

  • Natives born in Sagittarius zodiac sign or Mool Nakshatra should specially chant the Brihaspati and Ketu Mantra.
  • Apart from this, making donations during the period of eclipse offers great outcomes.
  • To avoid the malefic effects, regularly recite Aditya Hridaya Stotram.
  • If the planet Sun seems auspicious in your horoscope, then you should recite the Surya Ashtak Stotram.
  • According to the Smriti Nirnaya, chanting the Surya Mantra during Solar Eclipse is considered the most fruitful.
  • Serve your father regularly and respect him wholeheartedly.
  • Plant a Shwetark tree and nourish it regularly by watering it.

We hope that you have this article and understood how the last Solar Eclipses of 2019 impacts your life. AstroSage wishes you good luck!


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