3 Major Planetary Transits in Leo In August: Big Changes For These Natives!

There will be transits and conjunctions of planets in August. In August, Mercury will change its sign twice. On the other hand, Venus will also change its zodiac sign two times. Apart from this, there will be a time in this month when firstly, Mercury-Sun will conjoin in Leo and after a few days Sun-Venus conjunction will take place in Leo as well. 

In astrology, there is a huge significance of conjunctions, especially of Mercury, Sun, and Venus. So, in this blog, let’s try to understand what will be the impact of these 2 important conjunctions on all the signs? When are these 2 conjunctions going to happen? When will these planets transit in the Leo sign? And what are the remedies to get rid of the negative impacts of these planets?

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Mercury, Sun, & Venus Will Transit In Leo

Before moving ahead, let us discuss the timings of these 3 major transits in the Leo Sign. So, first of all, there will be Mercury transit in Leo which will happen at the beginning of the month which is on 1 August. During this time, Mercury, the benefactor of intelligence, speech, and Logic, will transit on 1 August 2022, Monday at 03:38 am in the Leo sign. 

After this, the second is the Sun transit that will happen on 17 August. During this, the benefactor of soul, energy, and life, the Sun will transit in its sign, Leo, on 17 August at 7:14 am.

That means, the first conjunction will happen from 17 August to 21 August, and after that, Mercury will transit in the next zodiac sign.

In the end, there will be a Venus transit that will take place on 31st August. Venus, the planet of all comforts and luxuries, will transit in Leo on 31st August 2022 at 04:09 pm on Wednesday. 

The second conjunction (Sun-Venus) will happen from 31st August to 17th September and after that, there will be Sun transit. Here you should know that during this conjunction, Venus will set on 15 September.

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Impact Of 3 Planetary Conjunction In Leo 

Before we discuss the impact of all these planets in the Leo sign let’s understand the meaning of all these planets themselves.

First of all, if we talk about the Sun then, the Sun in astrology is the benefactor of soul, king, government job, father, rule, authority, career, high position, health, education, and more.

If we talk about Venus then it is the benefactor of beauty, wishes, love, luxury goods, marriage, and more.

Mercury is the benefactor of speech, business, siblings, intelligence, reasoning, quick decision-making, and more. 

Mercury-Sun & Sun-Venus Conjunction In Leo

This means there will be 2 conjunctions in Leo in August. First, is the Mercury-Sun conjunction that will create Budhaditya yoga, and this is considered very auspicious in astrology. Budhaditya Yoga is also compared with Rajyoga.

Apart from this, the second conjunction will be between Sun and Venus. This conjunction is considered to be very significant in astrology. The reason behind this is although both of these planets are very much auspicious the result coming out of their conjunction is inauspicious. The reason behind this is, that when Venus comes close to the sun then it combusts and loses all its good results.

So, when there is Sun-Venus transit, then such natives face problems in their married life. Usually, it is seen that those horoscopes which have Sun-Venus conjunction then such natives do not get happiness in their married life, there are delays in their marriages, moreover, they face Venus-related diseases. 

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These Signs Will Get Benefit From Mercury- Sun Conjunction In Leo 

Aries: With the Mercury-sun conjunction in Leo, there are chances that the natives of Aries will get benefits. During this, you will become more energetic and excited, this time is good for those students who are preparing for competitive exams, you will cherish the happy moments with your children, from the financial point of view also this time will be good and you will be successful in accumulating profits. Hard work done at the workplace will give you auspicious results and you will get benefits in business. This time will be good for love.

Gemini: During the Sun-Mercury conjunction, there will be no tensions in the family life, you will get support from siblings, and there will be auspicious results at the workplace, moreover, this conjunction will bring support from your father. If you are working somewhere then in this duration you can get a chance for promotion or increment. Those who are associated with business will get good results. Moreover, you can go on business trips. This time is very much suitable for investing money. If you are thinking in this context, then you are advised to take further steps. 

Cancer: Mercury- Sun conjunction will be excellent for the natives of Cancer. During this, you will get benefits, in the family, you will get utmost support from your family member, for students this time will be good. Apart from this, your incline will be more toward astrological studies. Those who are working, their bosses will be happy from their work and you can get any big responsibility. Apart from this, the natives of this sign will get profit and you will be successful in gathering money.

Libra: During this time, the respect and the prestige of the natives belonging to the Libra zodiac sign will increase, in your personal life you will get the support of the family members in your house, especially the siblings. Apart from this, the professional and the business people will get the auspicious results of their hard work. This time will also be favorable for you from a financial point of view. During this time you will be able to earn more money and get money from new sources. So, if you are planning to invest then this time is good for you.

Sagittarius: The duration of Sun-Mercury will be fruitful for the Sagittarius natives. During this, you will be successful in bringing impact to others. If you are planning for higher studies, then you will get good results. The natives of this sign will get support from their father and Guru (Teacher). Moreover, you can plan to go on a pilgrimage. The employed natives will get support from their higher authorities or seniors. Apart from this, this time is going to be favorable from the financial aspect. Also, the lovers of these signs can think about getting married to their partner.

Sun- Mercury Conjunction Remedies That Will Bring Auspicious Results 

  • During Sun- Mercury transit, the natives of the Leo sign should try to avoid ego, anger, and saying false words. 
  • It will be good if you try to stay away from bad society. 
  • During this duration, do not insult anyone during this period.
  • Avoid debatable situations as much as possible and do not wish bad for anyone.

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These Signs Will Get Benefit From Sun- Venus Conjunction In Leo 

Taurus: The impact of the Sun-Venus conjunction, will bring happiness- prosperity in life and there will be a rise in the comfort and luxury in your life. During this time you can purchase any luxury items, family life will be splendid, and students of this zodiac sign who are preparing for their higher studies will get positive results.

Gemini: During this duration, there will be a rise in the communication skills of the Gemini natives. Also, your relationship with your siblings will become stronger. You may also plan to go on an expensive trip, during this period. This will strengthen your relationship with family members. Apart from this, your relationship with your father will be excellent. People associated with the Marketing, Social Media, and Consultation sector will get positive results during this duration. 

Cancer: In this period, the impact of money on the life of the Cancer natives will be spectacular. During this period, your earnings from more than one source will be possible. There will be a sufficient amount of money in your life, which you will be spending on things for your comfort. This time will be favorable for the students. You can go on a long-distance journey. This transit phase will also be favorable for those people who are working in the field associated with finance. 

Aquarius: This time will be good for the natives of the Aquarius sign. The single natives of this zodiac sign can decide to get married. Those who are doing business in partnership will get good results. Moreover, your financial status will remain strong and you will be successful in gathering money. You will be successful and if you are planning to invest money then this time is very much favorable for you.

Sagittarius: For the natives of Sagittarius, this time will be favorable for them. This time you can plan for a long and expensive journey. With this, you will also get support from your father and your teacher. You will incline toward spirituality. For those students, who belong to this zodiac sign and are planning for higher studies, this time is favorable for them also.

Remedies For Sun-Venus Conjunction 

  • Especially, at this point respect your father and step forward to make the relationship stronger.
  • Regularly, feed cows with chapatis.
  • Meditate every day, do Surya namaskar and take care of your health.
  • Worship Maa Durga.

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