Venus In Cancer: Venus Does A Reverse Somersault As It Transits To Cancer In August!

AstroSage endeavors to bring to you the latest and the most important astrological events with every new blog release to keep our readers up to date with the latest happenings of the arcane world of Astrology. Venus transits the sign of Cancer on 7th August, 2023. Along with transiting in Cancer, what is rare is Venus becoming retrograde and combust as well in the sign of Cancer itself. Let’s find out what impacts Venus Transit In Cancer will have on different zodiac signs while it goes retrograde, combust and then rises again on 18th August, 2023 at  19:17 hrs.

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Venus is an important planet as it rules over luxury, love, romance, arts, etc. It is the lord or the ‘Guru’ of the demons.  It is commonly known as ‘Shukracharya’, or the ‘Daitya Guru’. It is now transiting through the sign of Cancer from 7th August, 2023 onwards and will soon become combust as well as retrograde. Venus or any other planet being retrograde and combust at the same time holds a huge importance in Vedic Astrology and it is an event that would surely catch the astrologer’s eye or something that even commoners will notice because the impact of such an event would be profound. 

In this scenario as Venus gets negatively impacted due to being both retrograde and combust, the significance of Venus gets affected, which could give rise to certain unfavorable situations such as conflict in married life and romantic relationships, or money related issues. It all depends on the lordship and the dignity along with the placement of Venus in an individual’s horoscope So, before knowing the impact of this phenomenon on different zodiac signs let’s know about what the phenomenon of Combustion, Retrogression and Rising is and how it impacts a planet.

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3 Big Movements Of Venus In Cancer: Retrogression As A Phenomenon 

The backward motion of a transiting planet is known as retrogression motion in Vedic Astrology. The backward motion of any planet is only relative to the position of the earth. In reality, the planet never will move backward or in the backward motion. At one point, the planet comes really close to the earth and seems to grow bigger in size. It reaches a point during its revolution around its orbit, which when viewed from the Earth makes the planet appear to move backwards. Please note that it only seems to move backward, no phenomenon known to mankind can make the planet move backward in reality. 

3 Big Movements Of Venus In Cancer: Combustion As A Phenomenon 

Whenever a planet comes very near to the Sun, it is divested of its brightness. The said state is called combustion. While in the state of combustion, the planets lack power to protect and promote the significations/houses ruled by them. The Sun is the king of all planets and its impact is very meaningful and therefore, any planet that comes closer to it, loses its energy and natural factors and this phenomenon is known as the combustion of a planet. Also, the influence of the combust planet diminishes in spite of its presence in the exalted position, or Mooltrikona sign, etc. Actually, the planet is near the Sun within certain degrees and gets covered up by its light and thus, it is not properly visible at the horizon, and its main objective gets defeated and this is named planetary combustion.

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3 Big Movements Of Venus In Cancer: Rising As A Phenomenon 

The phenomenon of rising of the planet in vedic astrology is a term used when a planet comes out of combustion and moves away from the Sun. The planet is finally able to come out of the shadows of the Sun and regain its power and its significance that it is known for. In this blog we are talking about Venus Rise In Cancer And Venus rising is known as ‘Shukra Udaya’. It is said that the  rise of Venus fixes the issues people were facing when it was in a state of combustion and now they  will get relief from all of their problems. 

3 Big Movements Of Venus In Cancer: Impacts On Zodiac Signs


For the Aries natives, Venus rules the 2nd house and the 7th house of marriage. And now it will become retrograde and combust in the 4th house. The 4th house represents the mother and the comforts and luxuries of life. This time period will obviously not be suitable for Aries natives. You might face issues related to the 2nd house and 7th house related matters like not being able to save money, speech disorders or mental anxieties if Moon is under malefic influence in individual horoscopes. 

Your mother’s health could be an area of concern. You could get into troubles or conflicts with immediate family members, life partners, or business partners as your communication skills may suffer during this period or you may find it hard to express yourself. As a result your domestic peace may suffer. Your professional life could also be impacted. However, when Venus rises on the 18th of August 2023, all of these problems will come to an end Aries and finally you will receive auspicious results and your home environment will be stable and happy all over again. 


Dear Taurus, Venus is your 1st house and 6th house lord and Venus is now transiting to the 3rd house in a combust and retrograde state. As a result you may have to face health issues related to the lungs or the respiratory system. Younger siblings’ health could be a concern during this time or you may face conflicts and clashes with them. 

On the positive side and a closer look we also get to see that, combustion of the 6th lord may render your enemies powerless and they may not be able to harm you during this period. You may find yourself engaging in a tussle with your father or gurus as Venus aspects your 9th house also.  But, there shouldn’t be much to worry about once Venus rises in Cancer all your problems will come to an end and you will  be able to lead a happy, conflict free and healthy life.


For the Gemini natives, Venus is the ruler of the 5th house and 12th house and now transiting in a retrograde and combust state in your 2nd house. Therefore Geminis this phenomenon of transit, combustion and retrogression will give you mixed results. This is not a favorable time for you all as you could be in a confused state of mind during this period and may lose your focus. These individuals could also face problems in their relationship as Venus is the ruler of the 5th house.

Gemini parents could face unpleasant situations concerning their children’s health. However, things will also be a little positive as due to the combustion of the 12 lords your expenses will be in control but sometimes your expenses could also explode due to the retrogression of Venus. There will be many uncertainties and monetary issues in your life, considering the fact that you could find it difficult to explain and convey your feelings to others. Venus rise will be a good time for you to mend your romantic relationships and curb your expenses. Things will settle down for you and your relationship with your children will become better once again. The students will be able to concentrate on their studies and come out with flying colors. 


For Cancers, Venus is a positive planet with the lordship of two very positive houses, namely the 4th house and the 11th house. However, the matter of concern is that it will now transit to the 1st house in a retro and combust state. Hence, this period will not be a rewarding one and may throw difficult challenges in your path. This period may impact your otherwise charming personality negatively. Monetary issues could also arise, and it is not a favorable time for investments. Mother’s health will be a concern or your relationship with your mother may suffer. 

Your domestic happiness will also get disturbed during this time. Due to this transit, combustion and retrograde Venus’s aspect on your 7th house of marriage will once more give rise to the ‘Karaka Bhava Nashaya’ hence, you may encounter issues in your married life and have conflict with your life partner. The situation can even worsen and escalate based on the placement of natal Venus in your individual horoscopes. Once Venus rises again in Cancer you will experience your married life and business get better. Your domestic happiness will be restored and you will be able to get things back on track both personally and professionally. 


Venus holds the lordship of the 3rd and the 10th house for Leo natives and now as it transits to the sign of Cancer in a retrograde and combust state in the 12th house, it will disturb your professional life and you may have to travel a lot for work related matters. During this period, your expenses could rise and it is also not the right time to lend money to someone. Your younger siblings could also face some health issues and problems in their personal life during this time.

Due to the combustion and retrograde Venus aspect on your 6th house of competition, students and native preparing for any sort of competition exams or event might face issues in their preparation. However, once Venus rises on the 18th of August, you will be able to see that slowly all the problems you’re facing due to Venus retrograde and combustion will start getting fixed. Students will be able to perform better and your peers and authorities once again would start respecting and valuing you slowly. 

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Dear Virgo natives, Venus governs the 2nd house of wealth under the sign Libra and 9th house. The 9th lord transits, becomes retrograde and combust in the 11th house of financial gains and desire. As the 11th house also indicates elder siblings, during this period there could be a problem or a conflict between the two of you. As Venus is now impacting both the house’s ruling finances and earning, this could be a financially troubled time for you or you may face difficulties planning and saving your finances. 

Venus is your 2nd lord as well so you will face issues with second house related matters like difficulty in savings, problems due to speech or psychological problems. Also, you could have problems with immediate family members. Due to the aspect of retrograde and combust Venus, Virgo students might face problems in their studies. Your romantic relationship might witness a hard time, and Virgo parents could also be worried for their kids. Venus rise in Cancer will be a breather for you Virgos and will eradicate all the problems you’re facing. This period will also be financially fruitful and will prove to be beneficial for you and your savings will ultimately stabilize. Problems or conflicts with family members will also come to an end and students will be able to perform better in studies. 


Dear Libras, Venus becomes the 1st house and the 8th house lord and transits as well as becomes retrograde and combust in the 10th house. So, firstly Libra natives, your Lagna Venus is getting retrograde and combust. You need to be conscious of your health and well being, because during this period you may fall ill and face multiple health issues. Due to this combustion in the tenth house, Libra natives during this time your professional life can get disturbed, your public image could also deteriorate.

But on the positive side eighth lord getting combust will control uncertainties and sudden problems in your life. Due to the aspect of retrograde and combust Venus on your 4th house, your mother and you might have disagreements, and she might get sick. Your household peace might also get disturbed. Venus Rise In Cancer will mark an end to all the issues you’re facing in life. This period can also be a good time to buy a new vehicle or any luxury item for your home or renovate your home.


Dear Scorpios, Venus is your 7th house and 12th house lord and is now transiting to the 9th house in a retrograde and combustion state now. retrograde in the 9th house. There could be chances of you planning to get married but may face certain hurdles or delays in executing these plans. Your luck may not seem to favor you and you may face hurdles in getting your work done on time as situations may not favor you much during this time.

It is possible that you were all set to leave to travel abroad but due to uncertainties arising may have to postpone or cancel your trip and may face disappointment. As Venus will also be aspecting your 3rd house of communication you may even have to suffer because people may misjudge your intentions and you may suffer in one way or the other due to poor communication. However, you will find that during Venus’ rise in Cancer all the issues you were facing will resolve and you will be able to take positive steps for that. Married natives can reconsider their plan of a long distance or foreign trip with your partner. For students who want to go abroad for their higher education it will be a favorable time. You will get the support of your father, Guru or mentors. This is also a very good time for any religious trip.


Venus rules the 6th and the 11th house for Sagittarius natives and Venus is not a very friendly or beneficial planet for you. Therefore, its placement in the 8th house is not welcome at all, and that too in a retro and combust state. It might cause many issues, like trouble from women, or health issues. You are advised to be conscious of your health and maintain hygiene as there might be chances that you could suffer from different allergic or virus infections. 

During this period your in-laws could also create troubles for you or may be a cause of concern for you. Fights and conflicts may also erupt between you and your in-laws.Your 11th lord becomes retrograde and combust in the 8th house. It could bring you a huge financial loss so be conscious while taking any financial risk or decision. Venus being the 6th lord retrograde in the 8th house could bring defame and any hidden or extramarital affairs could come to the forefront, so you are advised to keep your morality high and character clean. But, unlike other zodiac signs Venus’ rise in Cancer in the 8th house will not be a good time for you Sagis, as Venus in the 8th house could give rise to many health issues to women especially. For males, it could cause troubles because of women, such as extra marital affairs, etc. 


For Capricorn natives, Venus rules the 5th house and the 10th house and now transits to the 7th house in a combust and retrograde state. It is a Yogakaraka planet for you but this transit is not a favorable situation for you, love birds who are willing to convert their love relation into marriage might face problems and opposition from the family member. Married natives may face issues due to the over emotional nature of their partner. Capricorn students might get distracted from their studies due to emotional problems. 

Expectant mothers could face troubles during delivery or at the time of pregnancy based upon the placement of Venus in their individual horoscopes. The atmosphere of your workplace may also get disturbed during this period which could negatively impact your professional performance. Natives involved in business partnership may also face disputes due to expenses and profit gain. Aspect of Venus over your Lagna sign will make you think about your personality and work on its betterment. When Venus rises in Cancer, this will be a good time for you to make your romantic relationship official. Along with this your professional life and social status and public image will rise as well. 


Aquarius natives, Venus rules the 4th house and 9th house for them and now it’s getting retrograde in the 6th house of the sign. The house of enemies, health, competition, maternal uncle is designated to the 6th house. Venus is a Yogakaraka planet for you as well. And its retrograde in the 6th house is not a favorable situation for you, due to you might have a lot of opposition, disagreements and conflicts with your parents on many issues. 

You may also face some sort of health issues during this period, like you may suffer from stomach, hormonal imbalances or chest infection. You also need to be conscious for the wellbeing of your parents. They may also face some health issues during this time, so, you are advised to get all their routine check up done on time. You are advised to also be respectful towards women, as improper behavior and conflict with them may hinder your image in society. Venus aspect on the 12th house will also incense you expenses, especially medical expenses or on traveling. With Venus’s rise in Cancer, you will find that your luck will improve and you can expect greater support from your parents, however you must still pay attention to their health. This is a time where you may buy or seriously plan on purchasing a car , home or any other property. 


Venus is the lord of the 3rd house and 8th house and is now getting retrograde in the 5th house of education, love relations, and children. Dear Pisces, during this time due to the position of Venus you will be deeply connected with your kids but because of Venus Transit In Cancer, you might face problems with them like their health may fluctuate, behavior issues or expecting mothers may face some complication in their pregnancy. Pisces love birds might find it hard to express their feelings to their partner and even face misunderstanding due to lack of communication. 

Pisces students might face issues in studies due to emotional disturbance, especially students who are in research could face issues with their research and paper writing process. If you are engaged in an extramarital affair it may come out in the public eye. And from the 5th house aspect of Venus on the eleventh house could negatively impact your assets or gains. Venus rise in Cancer will be a time when you will find ego problems or clashes with your partner getting resolved, and you may even decide to take the relationship a step further towards marriage. Single people who belong to this zodiac sign can also expect to find their soulmates. If you are planning to have kids, this is a favorable time.

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