Tarot Weekly Horoscope 30 April- 06 May: Tarot Guide For All 12 Zodiacs!

Tarot Cards as a Tool of Divination

Tarot cards are an ancient deck of cards and a form of divination that has been used by numerous mystics and tarot readers across cultures to access and deepen their intuition. The usage of the cards for greater spiritual development and self-understanding dates back to ancient times. Entering the arcane world of Tarot is a daunting experience if an individual comes in to seek answers to important and life changing questions with faith and humility. Tarot reading is definitely not some spooky session meant to entertain you and your friends, as thought to be by many. The 78 cards Deck with its intricate and mysterious illustrations has the power to let out the darkest secrets and your deepest fears which are hidden from the rest of the world. 

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Before we dive deep into what Tarot has in store for us for the month of March let us understand where this potent magical tool comes from. The origin of Tarot dates back to the 1400’s and the very first mentions of it are known to come from Italy and its nearby areas. It was initially treated as a mere game of cards and Noble families and Royalties would instruct artists to create lavish illustrations to entertain their friends and guests who’d come over for parties. The cards were actually put to divinatory use only around the 16th century, when mystics around Europe started to practice and learn; as to how the deck was to spread out systematically and used their intuitive powers to decipher the hidden truths behind those intricate drawings and from then on Tarot was no more just a deck of cards. During medieval times, Tarot however was associated with witchcraft and bore the backlash of superstition and was shunned from the mainstream world of fortune telling for decades to come. 

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It has now once again found fame recently a few decades ago when Tarot was reintroduced into the mainstream arcane world and is definitely basking in this new found glory. It is once more being used as a main tool for divination in India and across the globe and definitely deserves the fame and respect it has garnered. Now, without further ado let’s dive into the world of Tarot and know what it has in store for all 12 zodiac signs for the 1st week of May, 2023. 

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May Tarot Weekly Horoscope 2023: Zodiac-Wise Predictions


Love: Eight of Pentacles 

Finance: The World

Career: Three of Cups

Health: Three of Swords

Hello Aries! Eight of Pentacle, hmm you’re definitely not focusing on Love right now or on your personal life. You’ve found your purpose and your identity through the work that you do in your professional life and you’re interested in doing just that.  

The World for finances is an excellent card. It states that you may attract opportunities to earn well this week. You will achieve immense success in your financial endeavors and have a wish fulfillment of sorts. This week will bring in an abundance of material success.

Three of Cups in a career reading states that this week you will be busy building important connections that may help you tread on the path of success later in the coming future. It also indicates triumph in a career setting or commemorating a business venture or a new project and celebrating the success of the same.

Your world could come crumbling down this week as you could be diagnosed with a physical health complication that may be a result of a more serious mental or emotional stress or trauma. Take good care of yourself.

Lucky Colour– Hues of Reds and Greys


Love:  Nine of Swords

Finance: The Sun

Career: Six of Wands

Health: Ten of Wands

You’re going through some personal crisis this week Taurus. You’re overcome by stress, shame, fear or guilt as you come face to face with reality and the implications of the mistake that you have probably made. It may have certainly affected your close relationships and friendships.

The Sun in a financial reading shows success, stability and prosperity. You’re going to get a big breakthrough this week in the form of an important business deal which may give you material success or you may get a salary hike way beyond your expectations. This week is truly yours.

Six of Wands in a career reading is an indication of success and celebration coming your way. You could be promoted, achieve success in your business ventures, it could also indicate educational success coming your way this week if you’re a student. All in all this week calls for celebrations on the professional front. 

Ten of Wands suggests that you are still carrying the past baggage and putting yourself through a lot of stress that is affecting your physical and mental well being. You should put down the weight of your past and move forward to a brighter future with a positive outlook. 

Lucky Colour– Hues of Pink & Purple


Love:  Temperance

Finance: The Hierophant

Career: Page of Wands

Health: Nine of Pentacles

A very positive set of cards Geminis. This will be one happy week from all aspects of life. You and your partner are willing to work through adjustments and harmony just so to maintain peace within your relationship. Your partner will be supportive of you and your decisions relating to important matters.

The Hierophant definitely points towards financial stability and contentment. You are someone who never compromises with their ethics. You believe in earning money using ethical sources and will continue to have the same approach. You will also be very calculative when it comes to managing your finances. 

Page of Wands in a career reading suggests that you’re open to exploring career options. You may altogether contemplate changing your career line. You are actively searching for your true calling and have a positive outlook. You will definitely find success.

Nine of Pentacles indicates that this week you will enjoy good health with not even minor health complications coming in your way and stopping you from achieving your set goals. You will be in the best of your health.

Lucky Colour- Hues of all types of Green

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Love: Nine of Wands

Finance: Judgment

Career: Knight of Pentacles

Health: Two of Swords

Nine of Wands in a love reading is not at all a welcome card Cancers! It means that things are going south this week as far as your personal life is concerned. You and your partner may not be willing to put in the extra effort required to save the relationship and the relationship is sure to crumble. 

This week refrain from making rash decisions as far as finances are concerned. Reconsider all the facts and cross check that you have all the information required before making any big investments or purchases. Plan and sleep on your financial matters so that you don’t face any problems later.

Knight of Pentacles in a career reading is a card that promises a fulfilling and a successful career in the future. This week you may get an opportunity to climb a step further in the ladder of success. You may get a new offer which will help you carve your own path towards success. 

Two of Swords tells us that this week you’d be obscured in thoughts related to the personal crisis you’re facing which may lead to unnecessary stress and anxiety. It is advised you speak to someone close and discuss your way out of this situation. 

Lucky Colour- Silver and White


Love: Ten of Cups

Finance: Five of Cups

Career: The Star

Health: Five of Swords

Ten of Cups is a card indicating stability and commitment in your relationship this week. It is a soulmate card. You will spend a lovey dovey week with your spouse or partner and make memories of a lifetime.

Five of Cups is a warning of a big financial crisis. It indicates the silence before a storm and warns you of the financial tough times you may have to go through this week or in the near future. It is also possible that currently you are facing a financial crisis but you will soon get over this phase.

The Star in a career reading talks about all the success that awaits you in the near future. You have been putting effort in the right direction and doing all that it takes to climb the ladder of success and soon you will be there. The Star wants to tell you that the future belongs to you.

Five of Swords is an indication that you may be stressed this week due to some conflicts taking place between you and your co-workers. People may try to take advantage of a weak point and overpower you. Do not be a part of any gossip and just concentrate on your work.

Lucky Colour- Hues of Corals and Reds


Love: Strength

Finance: Seven of Pentacles

Career: Two of Cups

Health: Eight of Cups

The Strength Card points towards a strong and affectionate bond between you and your spouse/partner. It shows that the foundation of your relationship is strong enough to take on any storm that comes to disrupt it. Your partner and you rely on each other for emotional and psychological support.

Seven of Pentacles in a financial reading says that you’ve probably been waiting a long time for an increment in the salary or waiting to get good returns on your investments. You could also be waiting for your business to generate profit. All of this can happen this week. You will finally achieve that long awaited financial stability this week. 

Two of Cups in a career reading is a strong indication of achieving success in a project or a venture with the help of your other team members or your business partner. With the right support from the people around, you will be able to ride high on success. You will do well in group projects this week rather than working individually.

Eight of Cups says that you need to change your outlook and become more positive and break the loop of negative thoughts that is pulling you into the depths of darkness and depression. Take a break and work on improving your mental health. 

Lucky Colour– Hues of Yellow and Green


Love: The Emperor 

Finance: Knight of Pentacles

Career: King of Cups

Health: The Moon

You are too stubborn and full of yourself. Ego issues and your erotic mood swings are the reasons why your relationship has developed cracks and may breathe its last if you don’t get over these toxic repetitive patterns. You need to show more compassion and sensitivity towards your partner to improve your relationship.

Knight of Pentacles is a warning of sorts to be more responsible when it comes to managing your finances. You can be extremely careless and rash when handling your finances and may end up overspending or spending on futile things and my regret later. Learn from your experiences and handle your money in a more mature manner.

Knight of Cups in a career reading suggests that you could be in a creative field or something to do with communication. This week you may find yourself getting emotional at work or losing your cool often as your career may go through minor turbulence. 

The Moon suggests there may be some bottled up emotions you are hiding and need to let them out in order to improve your mental health. Speak to a close friend or a confidant and balance your emotional energies.

Lucky Colour– White and Gold

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Love: Six of Cups

Finance: The Magician

Career: Four of Wands

Health: Justice

Six of Cups in a love reading is all about nostalgia related to past happy memories. You and your partner could be reminiscing about the bygone days and relishing those innocent times. You could be remembering memories when you were younger as Six of Cups has a child-like energy to it. 

The Magician in a financial reading is an excellent card that promises a stable and secure financial state for this week and even for days to come in the near future. The Magician is a card of manifestations and it says that with the right approach and patience you can definitely achieve financial security.

Four of Wands is a card of partnerships and teamwork so you’d do very well in a group project or it is a great thing if you’re thinking of starting a business in partnership. The coming week will be a good time to learn and gain experience.

Justice is a great card to draw in a health reading. You will do very well this week as far as health is concerned. It shows that you will have a week full of abundance as far as health is concerned. Don’t forget to maintain your health the same way though.

Lucky Colour– Orange and Black


Love: Queen of Pentacles

Finance: Queen of Cups

Career: Three of Pentacles

Health: The Hanged Man

Your partner would be quite supporting and caring towards you this week. The Queen of Pentacles has a nurturing energy to it and this week you too may feel nurtured and valued by your partner.

You may be using your finances to care for other members of your family or donating your money for a cause this week. Queen of Cups urges you to use your money for others but not to forget that it’s your money and you should have the right to spend it on yourself as well. 

The 3 of Pentacles in a career reading suggests that at this point it would be best for you to pool your experience, knowledge and skills towards achieving a shared goal in collaboration with other co-workers. You should focus on the bigger goal and work towards it.

The Hanged Man suggests that you must start and follow a daily exercise regime so that you can maintain good health. It is a warning that you have been ignoring your health for a long while and must shift your focus on it so as to avoid bigger complications later.

Lucky Colour- Yellow and Golds


Love: Ace of Pentacles

Finance: Two of Wands

Career: Ace of Wands

Health: King of Pentacles

Ace of Pentacles points towards a love that is loyal, lasting and practical. You and your partner will endeavor to maintain a steady, generous, and reliable relationship. This week you will be more confident about your relationship and work on building stronger ties with each other.

Two of Wands suggests that you may be planning your career path ahead keeping your future financial planning in mind. You could be considering applying for that dream job or a particular company you wish to work for. This would be an exciting and thrilling week for you to see your dreams taking shape for real.

Ace of Wands is an excellent card for career. You may feel inspired and rejuvenated this week. This is a good time to learn from the mistakes that hindered your progress in the past and make full use of your experience, skills and knowledge to move ahead in your career with confidence.

King of Pentacles as a health card shows that you will not be troubled by any illness or injury or any other health issues this week, even the minor ones may not affect you at all and you will be able to enjoy yourself to the fullest. 

Lucky Colour– Hues of Blues & Violets


Love: Eight of Wands

Finance: King of Wands

Career: The Chariot

Health: The Lovers

Eight of Wands represents a new spark and energy in a relationship. It could mean that you have entered a new relationship or may try to rekindle the lost spark in your existing relationship. You are sure to experience some sort of newness when it comes to love and romance this week. 

It took many struggles and battles to reach where you are financially today. King of Wands is a reminder of all the battles you have fought and all the hard work you put in to reach this secure and stable financial state. You have given it your all blood, sweat, time and effort. 

The Chariot in career says that your career is now moving in the direction and at the pace that you always wanted it to move. You are now content with the position that you are at present and enjoying the ride for sure.

The Lovers point to a great week full of love and enjoyment as you could be in the best of your health. It is best to plan an outdoor vacation or a picnic that may help you rewind and de-stress yourself.

Lucky Colour- Lavender & Mauve


Love: Knight of Swords

Finance: Nine of Cups

Career: Ace of Cups

Health: Four of Swords

You and your partner may feel let down, agitated and aggressive towards each other. Not a good week for love and romance Pisces. Make sure to let go of small and trivial arguments so as to not escalate the situation and end up doing something you may regret later. There could be trust issues in the relationship as well.

Nine of Cups is a wish fulfillment card Pisces and says that this week you will have everything you may need to feel financially safe and sound. You will enjoy materialistic luxury this week and feel content and happy from within. Finally you have achieved what you wanted to.

Ace of Cups suggests that you will have an excellent start to the week as you may be welcomed with good news on the career front. Your life and heart will be full of happiness as you embark on a successful journey as far as your career is concerned. This week has amazing surprises in store for you. 

Four of Swords as a health card suggests that you take some time off from your busy schedule and rest for sometime to take on the bigger responsibilities that will come your way as the week progresses. Giving your body the rest it deserves is important and necessary to lead a healthy life. 

Lucky Colour– Peach and Yellow

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