Tarot Weekly Horoscope 26th Feb-04 March 2023: Tarot Guides On All12 Zodiacs Predictions

Tarot Horoscope 26th February-04th March: At AstroSage, we try to give our readers a weekly insight in the arcane world of Tarot based on their zodiac signs. We come up with lucky numbers, charms, colors, days of the week, etc., as a takeaway for our readers to make the most out of their week with our help. Here is the Tarot Weekly Horoscope for all zodiac signs to help our readers know what the 4th week of February has in store for them. We hope that you have enjoyed our tarot blogs till this moment and will continue to shower your love on us to motivate us to create even better content.

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History of Tarot

Tarot as a medium of future telling has been in use for the last few centuries. Though the earliest mentions of Tarot in history are found to be from Italy, its origin is still unknown. Tarot in the last few years has seen a resurging interest and has gained fame internationally. 

Till a few years ago, Tarot was an alien name in India with only a handful of people to have known its existence. They too did not have proper knowledge as to what tarot really is. Some took it as a way to connect with friends over a game of cards and others saw it as a medium of witchcraft and preferred to stay away from it due to preconceived notions. It has been just a few years since Tarot has garnered fame at least in India as a form of future telling and earned the respect that it deserves. Tarot reading requires a unique mix of 3 I’s which are Intellect, Intuition and Imagination. For many, it is often the first step towards spirituality as Tarot forces one to dive deep into the realms of the mystic world in the easiest way possible. 

Let us now continue with the zodiac wise predictions for the last week of February 2023 and sum up our Tarot journey for this month. 

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Tarot Horoscope 26th February To 04th March 2023: Zodiac-Wise Predictions


Love: Page of Pentacles

 Finance: Nine of Pentacles

Career: Seven of Cups

Health: The Fool

Page of Pentacles represents enthusiasm for new beginnings and looking forward to a new phase of life. Have you been thinking of giving commitment to your partner or if you’re single you’ve been planning to make a move towards your love interest but haven’t really taken it off the ground, it is time to do so now. 

It is now time to savor the fruits of your efforts and perseverance as you now feel safe and secure financially. You have worked too hard for a while and it is now time to enjoy the comfort and luxury that financial security brings along. 

On the career front you have been juggling too many responsibilities or too many projects at once and know that too many things require your attention. Though it is good to know you know your responsibilities, remember that it’s important to prioritize. 

You will in general be full of energy and vitality this week. However, you should be cautious of minor accidents and injuries. Enjoy this improved health but also take precaution.

Lucky Alphabet- A, L, J

Lucky Date- 5, 14, 23


Love: The Emperor

 Finance: Two of Pentacles

Career: Two of Swords

Health: Seven of Swords

You are someone who likes to have total control of things in a relationship or your approach towards personal matters could be more emperor-like. However, you should loosen your grip a little if you want your relationship to work in the long run. Singles are too busy making themselves a priority than to give importance to a partner or some other person. 

You could be dealing with fluctuating wealth or with a decision that requires deep thinking and you find yourself facing a double edge sword. You’re however working hard and making sure that all your bills are paid. 

There could be an important decision pending on the career front. You find yourself facing the dilemma of choosing one particular path to take your career forward and are unable to decide on it. Things will anyway become clearer in the coming week for sure. 

This card from the suit of swords is urging you to stop lying to yourself about your health and seek advice from a trustworthy person. Pay attention to the signals your body is giving you and start working on it.

Lucky Alphabet- V, U

Lucky Date- 2, 11, 20, 29


Love: Four of Pentacles

 Finance: Six of Cups

Career: The Fool

Health: The Lovers

Four of Pentacles could suggest that you feel secure in your relationship and want to keep your personal life away from the public eye. On the flip side it could mean that probably jealousy, rigidity or possessiveness could wreak havoc for your relationship.

You are progressing financially and now making mature decisions in regards to your finances. You no longer spend mindlessly on futile things and save for bigger things keeping the future in mind. 

On the career front The Fool is urging you to take the leap of faith as there is good fortune waiting for you on the way. If you are yet to decide on whether you should take up that new project or not don’t think twice and just grab the opportunity for overall career advancement.

A friend or a partner may provide you moral support as you seek out to improve your health. In case you are not keeping well you will find an excellent health care provider and lead the way towards better health for you. 

Lucky Alphabet- K, P

Lucky Date- 3, 12, 21, 30

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Love: Strength

Finance: Two of Wands

Career: Six of Swords

Health: Nine of Cups

This Major Arcana card is probably pointing towards a difficult situation you may be facing with a partner, a friend or with family. It is trying to tell you to address your raw emotions and master them but not to dwell on the negative ones. The road ahead may be difficult but will lead towards personal growth and a better future. 

Two of Wands suggests that you are financially stable, sound and secure at the moment but that does not mean that money will keep pouring in from all directions. Keep in mind that saving and acting responsibly and respectfully towards money is important. 

As far as your career is concerned, the stressful period at work full of deadlines and anxieties may soon be a thing of the past and you will soon enter the new phase of a more relaxed and happy work environment. Soon you could even find a lucrative offer so you are moving towards a secure and stable career now.

Nine of Cups is a good omen and suggests that you will be in a healthy phase for the time to come. In case you have been dealing with poor health you are now in the recovery phase and soon enjoy good health.

Lucky Alphabet- H, F

Lucky Date- 8, 17, 26


Love: The Sun

Finance: Chariot

Career: Empress

Health: Nine of Swords

The Sun indicates that you are happy, positive and content in your relationship. You could plan a family together with your spouse as it also indicates the completion of a family. You are experiencing marital bliss and want to soak in it. If you’re single you will soon meet your potential match. 

This is the time to exercise self control when it comes to your finances this week. Your expenditure is on the rise but by panning it smartly you can feel financial security even with the mounting expenses. You are well in control and will not run out of money or be in a situation where you need to worry about money.

You feel nurtured at your workplace as Empress is connected to nurturing and nourishing or you could be nurturing your career to achieve that goal you are viewing with an eagle eye. You are at your creative best this week and generously implementing your ideas to excel in what you do.

Nine of Swords is a wake up alarm to focusing towards your mental health as in a quest to grow in life you are probably ignoring your health. It can indicate sleeplessness or anxiety issues as a result of increasing work pressure. Take a break and focus on rejuvenating yourself. 

Lucky Alphabet- R, T

Lucky Date- 4, 13, 22, 31


Love: Knight of Swords

Finance: Page of Wands

Career: Nine of Wands

Health: Ace of Swords

Knight of Swords may suggest to Virgos that even though you put on a brave face on the outside when dealing with difficult situations in your personal life or love life, you actually may lack emotional maturity to handle them intelligently. It may also indicate that some of you are dealing with people who are in the relationship only till their purpose gets solved. You feel agitated for sure but in the coming days things can improve if you think carefully before you act.

The Page of Wands asks you to save enough money first before splurging in futile expenditure as you may soon require money in the near future to spend on a business deal or for investing. Lack of foresight and making financial decisions hurriedly may result in financial instability. Make financial decisions cautiously to avoid being in a loose spot later on.

You are fighting a battle to succeed at work which is halfway complete. You could be struggling to keep up with your reputation at work and maintain a work-life balance in general. You are fighting through tough times and the pressure seems to be draining you but your perseverance to keep fighting will surely push you to the finishing line.

Ace of Swords indicates you should take a break as stress related symptoms are now showing up. Mental tensions and physical stress may negatively impact your health if you do not pay attention to the warning signals. Relax and take some time off.

Lucky Alphabet- P, C

Lucky Date- 6, 15, 24


Love: The Lovers

Finance: The Devil

Career: High Priestess

Health: Hierophant

You have drawn out one powerful combination, Libra. The Lovers is an indication that your spouse is very much in love with you and feel blessed to have you in their life. If your relationship has just started beware that it’s not all about being physical else your partner will not respect you and leave mid way.

The Devil cautions you to change your habits of overspending or loosely handling your finances or else you will surely face financially tough times soon in the near future. You are either unable to come up with solutions to handle your finances maturely or you fail to see the loopholes.

If you are a student High Priestess indicates a period of higher education or if you are a professional then this indicates someone involved in research or a spy. You could also be someone involved in the occult sciences like astrology and would excel in your career for the foreseen future or the coming week. This is a good time to learn some new skills or upgrade your career.

Hierophant shows that you are in the best of your health and  using traditional practices like yoga and meditation to keep yourself in shape. You believe in living a disciplined life as far as your health is concerned. 

Lucky Alphabet- U, G

Lucky Date- 7, 16, 25

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Love: Wheel of Fortune

Finance: The Moon

Career: Six of Wands 

Health: Knight of Wands

The Wheel of Fortune indicates a new day on the horizon as far as your love life is concerned Scorpios. If you have been feeling lonely lately and want to explore your dating options then soon a proposal might come up. You will soon be seeing the brighter side of life. Exploring new places and meeting new people is also on the cards.

The Moon says that you should be wary while making new investments or dealing with unknown people as far as business or finances are concerned as chances are that you could be cheated on or may end up losing money as a result of some wrong decisions. Plan wisely and don’t trust people easily.

Six of Wands suggests that currently you are in one of the best phases of your career and excelling in every way. You have been successful in pleasing your bosses and authorities at work. Your decisions are now showing their positive impact on your business and you are moving forward with renewed confidence this week. 

Knight of Wands says that you will be full of energy this week and this will be one of the best weeks as far as your health is concerned. There is a renewed enthusiasm you feel towards life and want to move forward with this new found vitality and force.

Lucky Alphabet- D, I 

Lucky Date- 3, 12, 21, 30


Love: Knight of Cups

Finance: Two of Cups

Career: Four of Swords

Health: Two of Pentacles

Knight of cups could be an indication that a stronger commitment or a marriage proposal could be coming up. If you’re questioning your partner’s feelings towards you it may be possible that they are deeply in  love with you. You will be happy and content in your personal life. 

Two of Cups as finances indicates that this week you would feel competent enough to handle and make decisions regarding finances more maturely. There is a sort of fairness and balance associated in how you deal with finances.

With the Four of Swords Sagi’s you’re experiencing a mind block due to overload and pressure at work or you could have just joined work after a holiday break and you’re finding it hard to adjust to the mounting pressure at work suddenly and experiencing stress and anxiety.

The Two of Pentacles is telling you that to maintain good health and not fall prey to ill health it is important for you to strike a balance and not push yourself to such limits which may throw your health off balance. It is a warning sign, pay attention now.

Lucky Alphabet- K, M

Lucky Date- 2, 11, 20, 2


Love: Queen of Cups

Finance: Six of Pentacles

Career: Seven of Wands

Health: Five of Cups

Your spouse/partner is your safe spot Capricorns. The Queen of Cups indicates that you have a very supporting personality and you give your partner enough support to be able to share everything with you. If you’re single, you extend such support towards your friends and loved ones or vice-versa.

Six of Pentacles in finances shows that you are in a strong position as far as financial security is concerned. You are involved in charity or may like to be involved in some kind of social welfare activities. You are always ready to extend support for anyone who requires financial support.

Seven of Wands definitely looks scary and jarring but it is actually not. This card shows that challenges and hurdles will be a part of your career but your persistence and determination will help you sail through and find the strength within yourself to grow and flourish.

Five of Cups as health has distress and anxiety as its manifestations. You are taking things too hard on yourself and the pressure at work is wearing you down. Do not worry tough times will pass but ignoring your health could be an issue. Exercise caution.

Lucky Alphabet- P, N

Lucky Date- 1, 10, 28


Love: Chariot

Finance: Strength

Career: Hermit

Health: Wheel of Fortune

The Chariot card in love pushes you to take charge of your love life and only the will you be able to reap full benefits out of it. You need to be in full control of your emotions for your relationship to be successful. For singles, it signifies you need to learn the true essence of self love.

You are well focused on your financial well being and are looking for ways to find the courage to earn more or look for other sources of income. Your inner strength and determination will be the key to your financial success.

Your full focus as of now Aquarians is on the material and financial security in career and you are so deeply engrossed in your material goals that you are not leaving any space for other areas which can make you fulfilled on all levels. It could also mean that you are contemplating your career path. 

Wheel of Fortune indicates that you are now overcoming a prolonged illness and entering a better phase in terms of health. You have realized the importance of good health and are now working towards gaining full control of your physical, mental and emotional health.

Lucky Alphabet- R, S, L

Lucky Date- 5, 14, 23


Love: Four of Cups

Finance: The Star

Career: Nine of Cups

Health: Three of Pentacles

Pisces, your failed relationships in the past have hit you hard and you are either taking time off relationships to focus on yourself or lamenting your failed relationships and losing out on the good offers.

There is positivity and optimism as far as your finances are concerned. You have opportunities coming up and at least on the financial front your eyes are open to spot good offers unlike your love relationships. In the coming days you will feel financially even more secure and stable.

Your career is going as per your plans and you are on the path leading to success. Your current career path will give you fame, name and career security as well as an increased reputation in the society. You have your wish fulfilled with the Nine of Cups.

If you need healing or looking for assistance to overcome an illness you have been battling then now is the time to take action. Your efforts and perseverance will lead you to the path of good health. Keep working hard on yourself. 

Lucky Alphabet- D, J, O

Lucky Date- 6, 15, 24

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