Sun-Venus-Mercury In Virgo Will Form Special Yoga Till Oct 18; 4 Signs Will Prosper!

October 2022 is a special month filled with exciting fasts, festivals and astronomical events. Besides Dussehra, Karva Chauth, Diwali , Bhai Dooj, and other festivals, we have an astronomical event in which Venus, Sun, and Mercury will come together in Virgo. This grant astronomical event will bring major changes for all signs, especially for 4 zodiac signs. Which are these 4 zodiac signs and how will this conjunction affect these natives? Find out below in this blog by AstroSage.

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Virgo has become a hotspot of planetary transits and movements in October 2022. Three major planets in Vedic Astrology, Sun, Mercury and Venus have entered Virgo, giving rise to many auspicious Yogas. With the conjunction of Sun and Mercury in Virgo, Budhaditya Yoga was formed. Budhaditya Yoga bestows a person with immense luck. Let’s check out when and how these planets entered Virgo over the past few weeks. 

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Sun-Venus-Mercury Together In Virgo

Sun entered Virgo on 17 September at 7:11 am, and it will remain stationary here till 16 October. After this, it will enter Libra on 17 October 2022 

Venus transit in Virgo took place on 24 September at 08:51 pm, and it will remain in the same sign till 17 October, after which it will move on into the Libra zodiac sign on 18 October 2022

Besides this, Mercury entered Virgo zodiac sign way before the Sun and Venus, i.e. on 21 August 2022 at 01:55 am. Since then, Mercury has changed motion in the same sign of Virgo numerous times. From transit, to retrograde and combust, Mercury has done all three in Virgo in the past few weeks. Now finally on 26 October 2022, Mercury, the benefactor of speech, communication and wit, will leave Virgo and enter the Libra zodiac sign.

What Happens When These Three Powerful Planets Come Together?

When Sun, Mercury, and Venus come together in a zodiac sign, some changes can be seen in individuals of different signs:

  • Creativity and communication of a person enhances.
  • Their relationship becomes more passionate and lovable.
  • People become more smart and witty, and attract other natives with these traits.
  • Sun and Venus together boost their confidence in matters related to love.
  • Venus and Mercury together ignites interest towards creative fields like music, acting, etc.
  • Natives become more business oriented and their marketing and leadership qualities improve.

Additional information: This conjunction was formed in the horoscope of great Einstein, which made him achieve great things in life. This conjunction also helped him enhance his creative and innovative side in mathematics and physics.

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These 4 Signs Will Be Lucky Till 18 October

The 4 lucky signs till 18 October due to the Sun, Venus and Mercury conjunction are Aries, Gemini, Virgo and Sagittarius.

Aries: This auspicious conjunction of Sun, Venus, and Mercury will bless the Aries natives with benefits in various aspects of life during the entire month of October. If you have been wanting to do something important and it was being delayed for a long time, then you might complete it during this period successfully. You could even purchase land or a vehicle.

Gemini: For the Gemini natives, special benefits will be reaped by the business people of this sign. They will establish new business contacts with their impeccable social skills. These contacts will help you achieve greater heights in the future. In addition to this, this period is the time to grab all the opportunities that come your way, dear Gemini.

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Virgo: This pious conjunction is being formed in Virgo, so it is natural that these natives will get auspicious outcomes. Especially the Budhaditya Yoga forming in your sign with the conjunction of Sun and Mercury will bestow you with positive results in various aspects of life. Also, if you are planning to start something new, you must go for it during this period as it will yield favorable results.

Sagittarius: Sagittarius is the fourth sign that will attain favorable outcomes due to this conjunction. These natives will open new doors to success during this period. It will be a time when you will shine the most by showcasing your talent and skills in front of everyone. Your work will be appreciated and acknowledged by everyone.

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