Sun Transit In Pushya Nakshatra: Impact On Nation-World & 12 Zodiac Signs!

In astrology, planetary transits are given extra importance. This is because planetary transits have the potential to have an impact on our lives. The transit of any planet that is occurring in the zodiac or a Nakshatra is significant to astrologers and has an impact on everyday life. There is another explanation for this: all of the significant occurrences in our lives are influenced by the motion of the planets.

Every shift in the planets in such a situation undoubtedly causes some major or minor changes in our lives. In this article, we’ll discuss the Sun, the king of planets, and how it will be transiting in Cancer on July 16 and Pushya Nakshatra on July 20, respectively.

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The question of why this Sun transit in Pushya Nakshatra is so significant emerges. As a result, while the Sun is sometimes referred to as the king of all planets, Pushya Nakshatra is considered to be the king of all constellations. In such a case, the Sun will stay in Pushya Nakshatra from July 20 to August 3. It only makes sense that all 12 zodiac signs would be impacted in some way in such a situation.

Sun Transit In Nakshatra: Time And Duration

The Sun will remain in this constellation until August 3, as we previously stated, following which it will change constellation on July 20. In terms of time, the Sun will enter the following constellation on Wednesday, August 3, 2022, at 09:51 am, and on Wednesday, July 20, 2022, at 11:03 am. 

The Sun will stay in Dakshinayan throughout its transit of Pushya Nakshatra. The midday period of your gods is said to begin at this moment when the Sun is Dakshinayan, according to mythological beliefs. The Sun will remain Dakshinayan after then until Makar Sankranti.

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Important Facts About Sun Transit In Nakshatra

  • Pushya Nakshatra is seen as being extremely fortunate, just like the Sun.
  • In addition, Pushya Nakshatra has been designated as the ideal constellation for performing any auspicious work.
  • Because of this, when Pushya Nakshatra is present, people feel free to perform auspicious tasks without even checking the Panchang. People wait for Pushya Nakshatra for this reason. 
  • Pushya Nakshatra is also thought to be extremely lucky for shopping.
  • According to the scriptures, Pushya Nakshatra is the nakshatra that bestows sustenance, vigor, and strength.

Additionally, Moon rules Pushya Nakshatra, which is under the sign of Cancer. Sun will remain in the sign of Cancer for the duration of its transit in Pushya Nakshatra. This constellation transit is essential, influential, and significant from an astrological perspective in such a situation.

Are you familiar with this Pushya Nakshatra fact? According to astrologers, Jupiter is the ruling lord and Saturn is the lord of the Pushya Nakshatra. When this occurs, shopping during Pushya Nakshatra is seen as fortunate since the items bought during this time remain in the person’s life forever and for a very long period while they are under the influence of Saturn. Due to the influence of the Guru, the person also receives prosperity in addition to this.

Sun Transit In Pushya Nakshatra: Its Impact On The World

  • The shift in the Sun’s constellation can bring numerous social, political, and geographic changes.
  • The persons involved in politics will find this period significant.
  • During this time, the ruling planet is under pressure.
  • There is a slight possibility of a flood situation due to an excessive amount of rain and abrupt change in the weather.
  • Agriculture is showing positive signals of good yields.

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Sun Transit In Pushya Nakshatra: Horoscope According To Zodiac Signs

Aries: Your situation will improve at this time. Family relationships will continue to be friendly. Workplace conditions will improve. For any health-related issues, a doctor should be consulted right away.

Taurus: Although the health aspect may be a little delicate, business people will succeed and get more status in society. You could experience issues with your stomach and intestines at this time.

Gemini: It is difficult to say that this time is particularly advantageous for you. A decline in religious reverence will occur during this time, and in addition to these things, health-related issues may also cause you problems.

Cancer: Strong indications of financial advantages are present. You will have good fortune during this time, your relationships with your siblings will improve, and your love life will be fantastic. Overall, you will benefit greatly from this period of time.

Leo: There will be good family life. You can take a profitable business trip during this time. But if you experience any health issues, see a doctor right away.

Virgo: Your willpower will grow during this time, and you’ll have a strong attraction for the arts and culture. You’ll also have good chances for prosperity and complete health.

Libra: For Libra, this is likely to be a difficult moment. You might struggle with your opponents during this time, and you might experience mental stress. On the other hand, your family life will continue to be positive and you will receive financial rewards.

Scorpio: You will see excellent outcomes from this, increase your chances of earning money, and receive encouragement from friends and family. However, issues with your health could get you into difficulty.

Sagittarius: You will actively participate in religious activities, as well as successfully make any significant decisions. Your family life will be good, although you might have to deal with some workplace instability.

Capricorn: People in business may start new initiatives, financial outcomes will go in your favor, you may have travel plans, and at this time, your predisposition will be more toward religious efforts.

Aquarius: You are advised to exercise greater caution while making financial decisions. If the trip is not important at this time, avoid taking it. Avoid arguing and try to keep the peace as much as you can.

Pisces: During this time, Pisces sign individuals will have to strive harder to succeed. In addition, you can make certain significant decisions that will affect your future. Your friendship with your life partner will continue, and the two of you will support one another’s progress.

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Pushya Nakshatra Characteristics

  • The Pushya Nakshatra ranks eighth out of all 27 constellations.
  • The planet Saturn is designated as this constellation’s ruling planet.
  • In addition, Pushya Nakshatra is regarded as a nourishing, energizing planet.
  • The conjunction of these two when the Sun enters Pushya Nakshatra is believed to be effective for nurturing things.

Pushya Nakshatra, sometimes referred to as Maha Nakshatra or a highly auspicious Nakshatra, is a sign of Cancer from degree 93:2 to 106:4.

Symbol: Cow, Arrow, Flower

Nakshatra Ruling Planet : Saturn

Zodiac Sign: Cancer

God: Hanuman

Nature: Light

Count: Dev

Lucky Stone: Blue Sapphire

Lucky Color : Red

Lucky Number: 8

Element: Water

Dosha: Pitah

Bird: Sea Crow

Animal Symbol: Goat

Tree: Ashwatha Tree / Peepal

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Points To Be Noted If Born In Pushya Nakshatra

  • The gods and goddesses bestow blessings on those who are born in the Pushya Nakshatra.
  • Such folks are constantly optimistic and willing to assist others.
  • They are generally very wealthy, kind, strong, devout, and talented in many different arts.
  • In the Pushya Nakshatra, people are immune to sorcery.
  • In addition, ladies born under this constellation are seen as having great influence.

Pushya Nakshatra, however, was cursed by Lord Shiva, and as a result, Panigrahan rites are not conducted in this Nakshatra.

  • Contrarily, performing religious tasks like chanting, penance, charity donations, and auspicious deeds during Pushya Nakshatra is regarded as fortunate.
  • People born in the Pushya Nakshatra receive special blessings from Mother Lakshmi.
  • One obtains the blessing of Mother Lakshmi in life and escape from financial issues in such a situation by reciting the Lakshmi Stotra and Kanakdhara Stotra in this fortunate yoga.

Pushya Nakshatra Remedies

A person should take steps to strengthen Pushya Nakshatra if they were born under the Pushya Nakshatra and it is in a damaging or weak position in their horoscope, according to Vedic astrology. Let’s discuss these measures:

  • Regularly feed the cow.
  • Early in the morning, give the cow some freshly made rotis and green feed.
  • Help those who are in need.
  • Recite Om Brihaspataye Namah mantra.
  • Put on clothes that are bright, white, and orange.
  • Worship Goddess Aditi.
  • Worship Lord Vishnu.

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