Sun Transit In Libra (17 October): Blessed Zodiac Signs During This Transit!

This particular AstroSage article will educate you of crucial details on the Sun’s transit in Libra, including the date, time, and how it will affect all natives. The steps that can be taken if the Sun is weak in the horoscope and the impact of the Sun transit on each of the 12 zodiac signs will also be covered in this blog.

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You might wonder which zodiac signs will succeed in their careers during the Sun’s transit in Libra. Which signs’ financial situations will be steady, and how will this transit affect their love lives? In this particular blog post of ours, you will get the solutions to all of these queries which our knowledgeable and skilled astrologers have prepared by calculating the movement, position, and dasha of the Sun planet. Let’s discuss the Sun’s transit in Libra.

Importance Of Sun In Vedic Astrology

The Sun, the planet that generates the most energy for the earth, is regarded as the king of the nine planets in Vedic astrology. It is seen as the origin of the souls of all earthly creatures. Whereas the Sun is referred to as Janak in astrology, the Sun is revered as a god in Sanatan Dharma. Hindus have a strong sense of faith and devotion when they worship the Sun God.

Similar to how a Sun transit is significant in astrology, religious activities of all types are deemed to be auspicious at the time the Sun enters a sign. Because the Sun only spends a month in each sign, it takes the Sun a full year to cycle through all 12 signs. However, unlike other planets, the Sun never goes into retrograde motion, which may surprise you.

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When it comes to a person’s life, the location of the Sun in the horoscope has a significant impact on whether or not they will experience positive or negative outcomes. The fortunate placement of the Sun in the horoscope bestows upon the natives respect, courage, confidence, etc. At the same time, traits like arrogance, bitterness, distrust, excessive ambition, etc. are present in the personalities of those whose Sun is in a weak state in their horoscope. Let’s find out the day and time of the Sun’s transit in Libra now. 

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Sun Transit In Libra: Date And Time 

It is believed that the Sun is the only source of energy and light on earth; without it, life on the planet is impossible. When the Sun is transiting in a situation like this, this time frame is seen as being quite significant. According to the time and date of the Sun’s transit, on Monday, October 17, 2022, at 7:09 p.m., the Sun will leave Mercury’s sign of Virgo and enter Libra. The Sun will be in a weak position during this transit, which has the potential to have an impact on the lives of those born under all Zodiac signs.    

Remedies To Strengthen Sun In The Horoscope

  • Because Sunday is a day of fasting for Lord Surya.
  • On Sundays, you should dress in red after taking a bath to worship the sun.
  • Every day, repeat the Mantra “Om Hraam Hreem Hraunsah Suryay Namah”.
  • On Sundays, after taking a bath, place water in a pot with red flowers, red sandalwood, Durva, Akshat, and other offerings, and then offer Arghya to the Sun God.
  • To receive the Sun God’s favor, refrain from eating salt on Sundays.

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Sun Transit In Libra: Horoscope And Remedy According To Zodiac Sign


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