Sun Transit In Cancer: It Will Rain Money On These Signs For A Month!

In July, the Sun will transit in Cancer. The Sun’s transit is called Sankranti in astrology. Karka Sankranti is the name of the season when Sun enters Cancer. There are several ways in which this Sun transit will be special. Furthermore, some zodiac signs will find it to be extremely lucky. We will update you of the impact that the Sun’s transit through Cancer will have on each of the 12 zodiac signs through this particular blog. 

Along with this, we are also providing you details on the date, impact, donations to be made, and remedies to be performed out during Karka Sankranti in this blog. So let’s get started by finding out when the Sun will transit in Cancer.

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Sun Transit In Cancer 2022: Time And Duration

The Sun is regarded as the Karaka of the soul in astrology. It is claimed that the sun is the only source of power and light on the planet, and that life would not be possible without it. When this Sun planet with all of its attributes transits in such a scenario, this period is also regarded as being of utmost significance. The planet Sun is regarded by astrology as being the planet of kings, powerful individuals, and wealthy people.

The Sun will transit in Cancer at 10:50 p.m. on July 16, 2022, and it will remain there until 7:14 a.m. on August 17, 2022, or until it enters its own sign, Leo. It will remain in the same sign of the zodiac.

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Impact Of Sun In Cancer

Sun in Cancer at birth indicates that the person has a very protective personality, a love of safety, and difficulty accepting any unexpected changes in their way of life. Such people are actively involved in social activities but dislike disclosing personal information to others. In addition, they have a great deal of empathy, honesty, and emotionality.

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Sun Transit In Cancer: Formation Of Samsaptak Yoga

Samsaptak Yoga will start as soon as this transit starts, which will happen on July 16 when the Sun enters Cancer. Due to the Sun being in Cancer and Saturn being in Capricorn, both will be in each other’s seventh houses at this time. In addition to this, the sum of rain will also be formed as a result of the Sun’s transit into Cancer. Makar Sankranti occurs when the Sun is in its Uttarayan, while Karka Sankranti occurs when it is in its Dakshinayan. On this day, there is a special emphasis on worshiping Lord Shiva.

The days of the gods are referred to as Uttarayan and Dakshinayana, respectively. The speed of the monsoon progresses throughout the nation only after the Sun transits in Cancer. Cancer is regarded as the sign of the Moon, the Sun’s friend. The transit of the sun in Cancer in such situations typically benefits the people.

Donate These Things And Receive Blessings Of God

The special significance of the worship of Sun God has been told during Kark Sankranti or ‘Sawan Sankranti’. Apart from this, it is said that if Lord Shiva is worshiped in this month, then the person gets virtuous results. From this time the rainy season begins. This is the time when a person needs more restraint in his behavior because the tamasic tendencies are more active during this time. 

This is why good actions, appropriate behavior, and bathing are especially crucial at this time. Worship of Lord Vishnu from this Tulsi group is also thought to be the best during this time. Worship of Lord Surya is recommended as a remedy, and donating items related to the sun has special significance.

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Benefits Of Donation On Karka Sankranti

  • Donate some garments to an elderly married woman and ask her blessing.
  • Donate dhoti kurtas and other clothing to an elder who uses it for devotion.
  • Donate some orange clothing to a young girl in need. 
  • Feed a young toddler some fruits with a green color.
  • Offer the newlyweds some food.

Let’s now examine how the Sun’s transit in Cancer will affect each of the 12 zodiac signs.

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