Sun Transit In Cancer Will Positively Benefit These Zodiac Signs!

Sun, the Ruler of the Navagrahas, will transit on Thursday, 16 July, from Gemini to Cancer, and bring about a significant change in the lives of several natives. This movement is also called Karka Sankranti. Such planetary movements can majorly transform various aspects of life and give rise to various opportunities as well as challenges amid such distressing times. In such a case, you can click here and consult our expert astrologers in case you wish to know more about the impact of this transit on your zodiac sign in detail.

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Transit of Sun in Cancer

The transit of the planet Sun will be in Cancer on 16 July 2020 at 10:32 AM, where it will stay till 18:56 evening on 16 August 2020. The planet Sun is considered the ruling planet of the fifth zodiac sign of the Zodiac Belt and a benefactor of energy and soul. Therefore, the positive aspect of the Sun increases self-confidence in a native, whereas its malefic placement in a kundli gives rise to many problems. Sun is also considered the significator of the Father in astrology.

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Whenever the Sun changes its placement from one sign to another, the movement is termed as Sankranti. In such a situation, now that the Sun is transiting in Cancer, it is known as Karka Sankranti. This time of Sankranti is considered very auspicious for bathing, charity etc. Let us proceed ahead and know how this transit of Sun affects all the twelve zodiac signs.

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