Sun Transit In Aries: The ‘King’ Will Bless 4 Zodiacs!

Sun Transit In Aries 2023: Transits in Vedic astrology are significant events that occur when a planet moves from one zodiac sign to another. These transits can significantly impact an individual’s life and are often used to predict future events and trends. The effects of transits can vary depending on the planet involved and the zodiac sign it is transiting through. 

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A major planet in Vedic Astrology, the Sun, has transited into the first zodiac sign, Aries, and will stay there for a month. The Sun, being the king of all planets, holds a prominent position in Vedic astrology, and its transit in Aries is considered very auspicious. However, this time, the Sun transit in Aries is said to bring luck and fortune to four specific zodiac signs. This blog by AstroSage will tell you everything about this transit, along with the four lucky zodiac signs!

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Sun Transit In Aries: Date & Time

This time, Sun Transit in Aries took place on April 14th, 2023, at 2:14 pm. The king of all planets will stay in Aries for a month and exit Aries on May 15th, 2023. The Sun is associated with the zodiac sign Leo and is said to be exalted in the sign Aries. It is believed that the placement of the Sun in an individual’s birth chart determines their personality, physical appearance, and overall health. Now let us find out about the four lucky zodiac signs that will get lucky with this Sun transit in Aries!

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These Zodiac Signs Will Flourish With The Sun Transit In Aries!


Aries natives have a special connection with the Sun, which rules the fifth house representing spirituality and children. When the Sun is positioned in the first house, it promotes robust health and energy levels. This placement can bring excellent opportunities for Aries individuals to enhance their careers, and experience job satisfaction, and growth. The Sun in the first house may also lead to Aries individuals acquiring new and exciting job opportunities. In terms of finances, this placement is a favorable time to accumulate wealth. However, it is important to remember that the Sun’s placement in the first house should be balanced with personal and professional goals. 


Leo is ruled by the Sun in the first house, and it is positioned in the ninth house which signifies luck, foreign travel, and religion. If the Sun is transiting Aries, then it can potentially bring favorable results for those born under the Leo zodiac sign. This period can offer success in career, money flow, and spiritual growth. When it comes to the professional aspect, the transit may lead to fresh job openings, promotions, and other advantages. There is also a possibility of an increase in income and other benefits. From an economic standpoint, the Sun’s presence during this time can help generate a boost in financial gains for Leo natives. This transit can bring a sense of stability and an overall improvement in their well-being, leading them to enjoy a prosperous life.

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For individuals born under the Sagittarius zodiac sign, the Sun is the lord of the ninth house and is positioned in the fifth house during this transit. The ninth house in astrology represents luck, while the fifth house relates to children and spiritual pursuits. As the lord of the ninth house, the Sun can offer good luck and prosperity to the Sagittarius natives. Moreover, they may also receive new job opportunities, which can help them to achieve their desired success in their careers. The Sun transit in Aries can also assist them in creating and implementing new strategies to make the most of these opportunities. Additionally, financially, the Sun’s position in the fifth house can provide them with a considerable monetary advantage, helping them to accumulate wealth and prosperity.

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Aquarius is governed by the Sun, which rules the seventh house, and is currently located in the third house during this transit. This movement of the Sun can be favorable for career growth for those born under this zodiac sign. It could lead to opportunities for professional progress and advancement, including finding new job openings or receiving promotions. Individuals involved in business ventures may also benefit from this transit. Furthermore, during this time, Aquarius individuals may experience a boost in their financial status, as they may have the chance to acquire multiple new sources of income. They could explore investment opportunities and collaborations, which could potentially lead to greater financial rewards. For those already working overseas, this transit may bring added financial gains.

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