Sun Transits in Aries, Can we Expect Some Rays of Hope?

Will an Exalted Sun in Aries bring some good news for us? 

The Sun, the ruler of all the Navagrahas, will transit in Aries on Monday, 13 April 2020, at 8:14 pm in the night. This royal planet will move out from the zodiac sign Pisces only to enter the ruling sign of its friend, Aries. For those who do not know, we would like to say that Mars is the zodiac lord of Aries and it maintains friendly relations with the Sun. This is a fire dominated sign and Sun remains in an exalted state when it remains posited here. 

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So, now when the fiery planet moves into the sign determined by fire, it may bring happiness and progress in the life of many natives. At the same time, some may also remain at the receiving end of some changes which will not be welcomed quite well. 

 Readers should also know this fact that when the Sun changes zodiac signs, then this particular event is known as Sankranti. It is quite an auspicious observance in the realm of Hindu culture and Vedic astrology. Hence, the movement of Sun transit in Aries will be known as Mesh Sankranti. 

Lord Sun completes half of the journey of Uttarayan by the time of Mesh Sankranti. In India, this day is known by different names in different places. Like other Sankranti, taking holy baths, offering donations for the pacification of the souls of ancestors and worshipping Lord Madhusudan are of great importance on this day.

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Nevertheless, we will now move on to find out how this transit will impact the lives of natives belonging to the 12 zodiac signs. So, let us get going with the transit predictions. 

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