Facts & Trivia Associated With Today’s Eclipse!

Solar Eclipse is a major astronomical event and people are eager to know everything about it. One of the Solar Eclipses is a total Solar Eclipse, which is going to take place today i.e. December 14, 2020. This is the last Solar Eclipse of the year. After this, the Eclipse will take place next year. 

Solar Eclipse has attained a special place in Vedic astrology. Therefore, the impact of Solar Eclipse is considered to be extremely wide. There will be no impact in the places where the eclipse will not be visible. In this pretext, its impact on India will not be observed as it is not taking place but its impact will be observed in other parts of the country and so will be on people.

As India is also a part of this world, then its indirect impact might be observed in India. So, let us know about the impact of this Solar Eclipse on the entire world. In addition to this, if you desire to know about this Eclipse and the impact on you owing to other astrological events, then AstroSage Brihat Horoscope can help you with all the complete information related to the same. 

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Some Special Facts Associated with This Solar Eclipse

Today is the Amavasya Tithi of Krishna Paksha of the Margashirsha month. As it is falling on Monday and thus, it is known as Somvati Amavasya and it is highly significant. Today, the position of the Sun will be in Jyestha Nakshatra and the Solar Eclipse will take place in the Scorpio zodiac sign. Let us know all the special things associated with this.

  • This Solar Eclipse is known as the Total Solar Eclipse. 
  • This is the last and second Solar Eclipse of the year.
  • It will not be visible in Asia. 
  • The Position of the Sun will be in Scorpio sign at the time of Solar Eclipse. Along with this, the Moon, Venus, Mercury and Ketu will remain posited and hence, there will be five planets in one zodiac sign at the time of Solar Eclipse.  
  • This Solar Eclipse will take place in Jyestha Nakshatra and Scorpio zodiac sign.

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Solar Eclipse’s Worldwide Influence

The Solar Eclipse will have its influence on people across the world. The Sun has attained the status of a direct deity. It provides well-being and it is the benefactor of good health. Along with this, it is considered to be the benefactor of soul. If the Sun is in a weak state, it is considered bad for health. It represents health problems on a global scale. Some health problems might be observed owing to the weak position of the Sun during the Solar Eclipse.      

The world has been facing the wrath of the Corona Virus in the present time. In this pretext, the presence of Ketu with the Sun and water element planets like Moon and Venus indicates the rise of water borne diseases. Therefore, we may say that more number of cases might be seen.

The conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter is taking place at the time of Solar Eclipse. The presence of water element planets like the Moon and Venus along with the fire element planet in the Sun is not considered highly beneficial. Owing to this very reason, some of the places will be hot while some will be cold. Also, some places will experience heavy rainfall while some will experience a little rainfall.

The Sun is considered to be a benefactor of the government and Prime Minister or President. The ruling party will face several challenges in those parts of the world where the Eclipse will be visible. The internal conflict may take place and opposition might take the advantage.  

The impact of this Solar Eclipse may lift up the scale of protesters in America and the government may face instability and thus, the number of Corona cases may rise.  

In addition to this, the places where the Eclipse will be visible, the struggle against government may take place and politically, there will remain ups and downs.

The presence of the Sun with Ketu may increase the number of cases. This Eclipse will take the shape in Scorpio sign which is the eighth house of Kalpurush Kundali. Owing to this very reason, the effect of Solar Eclipse can be beneficial for drug dealers.

There are chances of Earthquake at several places owing to the impact of Solar Eclipse as Solar Eclipse comprises several water planetary elements and therefore, it is likely to take place in sea. 

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Solar Eclipse : Impact on Your Sign 

The Sun is a direct deity of giving light to the entire world. Taking place of Eclipse on it i.e. Sun may bring problems in one’s life. The Solar Eclipse takes the shape in one sign but it is important for everyone. Owing to this very reason, the impact of Solar Eclipse will be high. People with some zodiac signs need to be extra careful while some may receive average results. Let us read the horoscope as per zodiac signs and know at what level this Solar Eclipse impacts our lives.  

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This Solar Eclipse will take place in your eight house from your sign. This will lead you to unintentional fear. Your opponents will be strong and you will remain worried without any reason. However, you may be benefitted in general and you will have spiritual thoughts.     


You need to be careful towards your health as the Solar Eclipse is taking the shape in your seventh house. You and your partner may face health issues. In addition to this, you may be having financial challenges. There are signs of losses. Therefore, you need to invest carefully and do not lend money to anyone. 

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The Solar Eclipse will take place in your sixth house from your zodiac sign which may cause troubles physically and you may meet with a disease. Your expenses will rise and your secret concerns may create troubles. Be careful towards your opponents and keep everything in your heart. 


The Solar Eclipse which is taking place in your fifth house from your zodiac sign will prove to raise your expenses. During this time, there will be a decline in your income and this will cause financial troubles. There will be hindrances in your work and you will be worried for your child. If you are in love with someone, the time will be unfavourable.  


The Solar Eclipse will take place in your fourth house from your zodiac sign. This will lead you to succeed in your works. You will try to do those things which were difficult for you earlier. But you may succeed during this time. Your confidence level will enhance and you will be benefited financially.   


You will not be too worried owing to the happening of Solar Eclipse in  the third house of Scorpio zodiac sign from your sign. This Eclipse will prove to be favorable financially. There will be positive changes in your life and there will be enhancement in your courage and strength and you will succeed at your workplace.     


The sign of the second house of Libra natives is Scorpio. Here, the Solar Eclipse will take place prominently. Owing to this, you will get immeasurable influence. You might face some financial challenges. There will be yogas of financial losses. Avoid investing money and try to win hearts through voice.    


This Eclipse is going to be extremely important for you as it is taking place in your own zodiac sign. Therefore, it may be the reason that it impacts the most on you. You need to be careful towards your health as there might be the possibilities to meet with an accident. You need to stay away from your unnecessary worries. Also you should try to adapt to positive changes in life.


You will face problems financially owing to the Eclipse taking place in the tenth house from your zodiac sign. There will be an increase in expenses and there will be Yogas of financial losses. You need to be careful towards your health as it may affect your health.  


The Eclipse is taking place in the eleventh house from your zodiac sign. It will prove to be average for you. There will be possibilities of financial benefits and you will progress. Your pending desire will be fulfilled. However, there might be problems pertaining to health.   


The Solar Eclipse will take its shape in the tenth house from your zodiac sign. There will be chances of success. Your dominance will enhance at the workplace but you might face some physical disorders and you will remain in fear without any reason. You will succeed only after coming out from mental stress.    


The Eclipse is taking place in the ninth house from your zodiac sign. This might cause loss of respect. There will be some enhancement in stress and you may be worried pertaining to the problems of your children. Health issues may surround your children. Visiting a pilgrimage will provide you with mental peace.  

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