Saturn Transit 2022: Saturn Transits In Its Own Sign After 30 Years! Know The Impact

Saturn planet holds a great significance in Vedic Astrology and Hinduism. Saturn is also considered as a factor of age, pain, grief, science, technology, etc. Among the nine planets,  Saturn is the slowest planet. Apart from this, the duration of this planet is 7.5 years. This is why it is also called ‘Sade-Sati” which makes people afraid. 

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This blog will provide detailed information about the Saturn transit which is going to happen on 29th April, 2022, including its impact on all the zodiac signs and accurate remedies to curb this condition. Also, you will learn about some astrological remedies to keep the Saturn planet strong in your horoscope. 

Saturn Transit 2022: Time & Significance

Saturn will transit twice this year, first on 29th April, 2022, and second on 22nd July, 2022. This blog will discuss the Saturn transit on 29th April, 2022.

If we talk about time, then Saturn will transit in Aquarius on 30th April 2022, at 09:57 a.m.

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Saturn’s Significance and Easy Remedies 

Usually, Saturn brings chills to the spine of people as there is a myth that it is a fiery planet. However, it’s not completely true. Indeed, Saturn is a fiery planet, but whatever it provides to the natives, that is according to their deeds, i.e Karma. In simple words, what they do, they get. In such, if you have committed good deeds, you will get positive results, and if you have done wrong deeds, then you have to suffer its bad consequences.

From a religious view, Saturn is worshipped as Shani Dev. It is said, Saturn is the son of the Sun. In accordance with astronomy, Saturn is the planet which has a ring around it, and in the solar system, this planet is the sixth largest planet after the Sun and second largest after Jupiter. 

Easy Remedies Related to Saturn

  • Add more black accessories, things, and clothes to your lifestyle.
  • Respect elderly people. 
  • Avoid consumption of meat and alcohol. 
  • On Saturday, don’t buy things made of rubber and iron.
  • Worship Shani Dev
  • Do Aarti of Radha Krishna
  • If possible observe fast on Saturday and donate the things related to Saturn, like whole Urad lentils, iron, sesame seeds, etcetera.

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Saturn Transit & Its Remedies


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