Saturn Always Fulfills The Desires Of Its 5 Dear Zodiacs Signs!

According to astrology, Saturn is known as the giver of Karma since it bestows rewards in accordance with a person’s actions. Although Saturn is typically seen as unlucky, when it occupies a powerful place in the horoscope, it bestows the natives with numerous comforts and luxuries, whereas the natives when the placement of Saturn is unlucky in their horoscopes, they experience a variety of issues causing suffering and pain. 

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Since Saturn moves the slowest of all the planets, both its favorable and unfavorable effects on people’ lives are felt for a very long period. When a person enters Shani’s Sade Sati or Shani Dhaiya, he gets surrounded by a lot of issues. Five of the twelve zodiacal signs have Saturn’s favor bestowed upon them perpetually. Let’s tell you about the zodiac signs that Lord Shani (Saturn) is always kind to in this special AstroSage blog.

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Auspicious Signs Of Saturn’s Grace On You

  • The lucky position of Saturn in the horoscope of a native protects him from every type of mishappening in their life. With the grace of Saturn, these natives always find the way out of their problems.
  • Those who are blessed by Saturn, they never face major issues related to their health. 
  • A person receives unexpected money thanks to Saturn’s favor, and there are indications of advancement in their line of employment.
  • It is considered lucky if your shoes and slippers are suddenly stolen.
  • Your hair and nails will stay healthy if Lord Saturn is happy with you.

Inauspicious Signs Of Saturn

  • The native have to deal with a delay in success because of Saturn’s unfavorable position.
  • There is a sudden financial loss and a steady fall in business.
  • A person may experience difficulties at work as a result of Saturn’s unfavorable effects. In some cases, you could even lose your job.
  • Beginning with hair loss, a person may have a wide range of physical issues.
  • According to astrology, a person’s brilliance begins to wane when Saturn is in a poor position.
  • Many times, natives may have to face problems in their married life as well. 

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Constant Blessings Of Saturn On These 5 Zodiacs


Taurus natives are particularly blessed by Saturn. Venus is the ruler of this zodiac. Because Venus is friendly to Saturn, Saturn’s negative effect on this zodiac sign never ends. When Shani Sade Sati is in Taurus, its effects are short-lived. The people of this sign are never bothered by a problem for a longer period.


Cancerians are not overly bothered by Saturn. The people of this zodiac receive respect and prosperity from Saturn. Saturn has no effect on them, but if a poor Dasha, Mahadasha, or Antardasha is present in the horoscope at the time that Sade Sati begins, then difficulties can arise. These individuals progress fourfold day and night thanks to Lord Saturn’s boundless grace.

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Libra is an exalted sign of Saturn and it is also  one of its favorite signs. The people of this zodiac sign always receive kindness and happiness from Saturn. If those born under this sign show kindness to others, Saturn will be more supportive of their advancement. Such people succeed in life and rise to high positions. Additionally, these individuals reap the benefits of their efforts.


Astrologers claim that Saturn’s favorite signs include Capricorn. Because Lord Saturn is the ruler of Capricorn, the unfavorable effects of Saturn are rarely felt by Capricorn natives. As a result, while Saturn is in the auspicious house of Capricorn, the Capricorn native is able to achieve success in all spheres of life. Their excellent fortune ensures that all of their tasks are successfully done, and Saturn bestows upon them numerous forms of joy.

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When compared to the other signs of the zodiac, Saturn’s wrath against Aquarians is still less. Since Saturn, the ruler of this zodiac, is the sign of Aquarius, his grace is always present in the lives of those born under this sign, and they never face financial issues. Saturn has a transient effect on Aquarius individuals. Goddess Lakshmi also continues to bestow her blessings on these natives in addition to this. By working hard, these people achieve greater success. These people benefit unintentionally from Saturn’s favor.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What does Saturn represent in zodiac signs?

Saturn represents Karma, wisdom and discipline.

Q2:  What are the good qualities of the Saturn planet?

The Saturn planet is about responsibility, maturity, stewardship and discipline.

Q3: What does Saturn mean in love?

Saturn is related to our ability to stick to our commitments in romantic relationships despite difficulties.

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