Saturn-Mercury Conjunction In Aquarius: 3 Zodiacs Must Be Cautious!

Saturn-Mercury Conjunction In Aquarius: The nine planets, or Navagrahas, have a special place of importance in Vedic astrology since they influence every aspect of a person’s life. In such a case, anytime these planets change their zodiac or transit from one zodiac to another, they create alliances with many yogas and other planets, which have an impact on people’s lives in both positive and negative ways. One such partnership will be created in Aquarius, where Mercury and Saturn will form an alliance.

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To explain what this means, AstroSage is back with its special blog where we will tell you everything about the Saturn-Mercury conjunction in Aquarius, including its date, time, and the three zodiac signs that will need to stay cautious of this alliance. So first, let us start with learning when this conjunction will be formed in Aquarius!

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Saturn-Mercury Conjunction in Aquarius: Date & Time

As we all know, Saturn has entered Aquarius on January 17th, 2023, and will remain there for an entire year. On the other hand, Mercury, the factor of intelligence and speech, will leave Capricorn and transit into Aquarius on February 27th, 2023, at 04:33 pm where Saturn is already placed. Hence, there will be a conjunction of Saturn and Mercury, since both planets will occupy the same zodiac, in Aquarius. 

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3 Zodiacs Need To Beware Of The Saturn-Mercury Conjunction in Aquarius!


For Cancerians, Mercury, being the lord of the third and twelfth house will now transit into your eighth house. Hence, the conjunction of Mercury with Saturn, the factor of karma, can prove to be unfavorable for you. During this time, the people you trust can conspire against you. At this time you may have differences with siblings. People who are related to the share market may have to face a financial crisis. Also, you may become a victim of some seasonal disease. Hence, it is advised for the natives of Cancer to be cautious of this planetary movement!

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Mercury is the lord of the ascendant and the tenth house for the Virgo natives, and this transit of Mercury will take place in your sixth house. Hence, during this transit, Saturn and Mercury being together may increase your enemies. in order to get desired results in your career, you might have to work extra hard, while there may be possibilities of many obstacles and challenges due to Saturn’s position. Your relations with the maternal grandparents may get sour. You may need to take care of your skin during this Saturn-Mercury Conjunction in Aquarius, especially if you already have sensitive skin or any prior skin-related issues.


For the natives of Scorpio, Mercury is the lord of your eighth and eleventh house, and now, the transit of Mercury will take place in the fourth house. As you are aware, the Sade Sati of Saturn and its Dhaiyya is going on for the people of Scorpio and in such a situation, the combination of eighth house lord Mercury with Saturn can disturb their mental peace. Also, since Saturn and Mercury are in an unfavorable position, your way of communication may lead you to lose your job, as well as create disturbance in your family. Hence, you need to think before you speak as the words may hurt someone close to you. Along with this, the people who work in the government sector are likely to suffer losses during this period.

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