Remedies To Pacify The Fury of Navagrahas

It is believed in astrology that whatever is happening or whatever has happened in the universe is only because of the movement of the planets. Although the planets are only nine in numbers, their impact is on the crores of the creatures in the world. If any planet is unfavourable in your horoscope, you have to bear its malefic effects. There are certain remedies that have been suggested in astrology through which you can minimize or totally mitigate the ill effects of any planet. In this blog, we are going to tell you about those certain things which when mixed with water before taking a bath can pacify the planets. These remedies are very simple and if properly applied can give you the best results. 

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Nine Planets & Their Remedies


The Sun has attained the status of king among nine planets. If the Sun is an unfavourable position in one’s horoscope, he/she can face troubles in gaining popularity or fame. Also, problems regarding health and career exist. In this regard, the natives must mix red sandalwood, saffron, cardamom, etc. in water to pacify the Sun before taking a bath. For your information, we would like to tell you that the Sun is the ruling lord of Pisces and Leo.


Mars, the red planet, is considered to be a cruel one. If the same planet is in a debilitated state in a person’s horoscope, then he/she becomes short-tempered and confronts financial problems, health troubles, family discord, etc. To decrease the bad effects of Mars, people should take a bath by mixing red sandalwood, petals of red rose, Asafoetida (Hing), etc. in the bathing water. It is believed that this remedy gives immediate results. For your knowledge, we may tell you that Mars is the ruling lord of Aries and Scorpio. 

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Moon is considered to be a ruling lord of Cancer. Peace of mind and humility in behaviour are the gifts of this planet. If the Moon is unfavorably positioned in one’s horoscope, he/she has to suffer from mental stress and is engulfed with different types of diseases. In this regard, the natives are advised to take a bath with water mixed with perfume, white sandalwood, flowers or camphor, etc.  

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Mercury is the smallest and fastest of all nine planets. This is the ruling lord of Virgo and Gemini. If Mercury is stationed in a bad position in one’s Kundli, he/she has to face mental stress, problems in vocal cords and career, and skin diseases, etc. In such a situation, the natives are suggested to take a bath by mixing honey, nutmeg, or Akshat in water. This helps in reducing the bad effects of Mercury.  


Jupiter is adored with the position of Guru among all the nine planets. The weak position of this planet in the horoscope makes a person lose his/her character in the eyes of elders. Besides this, they are burdened with debt, face challenges in their career, and are likely to suffer from jaundice. In this context, the natives should bathe by mixing yellow sandalwood, turmeric, saffron, etc. This remedy is helpful in pacifying the planet Jupiter, Guru.

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Venus is considered to be the brightest among all the planets. It illuminates the path of the natives’ life. It means that if the planet is strongly placed in one’s horoscope, he/she is blessed with materialistic pleasures and leads a happy and blissful married life and if the same is weakly placed then, it hampers the peaceful married life and spurts laziness. In this context, people are suggested to bathe with water mixed with white flowers, sandalwood, raw milk, cardamom, etc. the natives belonging to Taurus and Libra zodiac signs must perform this remedy as it is the ruling lord of these two zodiac signs.


Saturn, the lord of justice, is the son of Lord Sun. If the planet is in an unfavourable position in one’s horoscope, he/she leads a life full of sufferings and meets with disappointments in career and monetary life. In this regard, people are advised to take a bath by mixing fennel, black sesame, mustard oil or poppy seeds, etc. in water. People having the Capricorn and Aquarius zodiac signs have to perform these remedies as both the zodiac signs are ruled by the Shani. 

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Rahu is considered to be a shadow planet. If Rahu is unfavorably positioned in one’s horoscope, he/she is attracted towards bad deeds such as drugs, alcohol, gambling, criminal activities, etc. In this regard, the natives are advised to take a bath with water mixed with Gajdant, musk, green Durva, etc. to pacify the same planet. 


Ketu is also considered to be a shadow planet. If Ketu is in a debilitated state in one’s horoscope, he/she remains lost in thoughts, unable to convert his thoughts into actions, meets with discontentment, etc. To reduce the malefic effects of this planet, the natives should take a bath mixed with a beetle (Supari), turmeric (Haldi), etc. in water.

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