Remedies To Get Back Your Lent Money!

In the everyday lives of a common man, borrowing or lending occurs frequently. To aid one another in emergencies, money is also transferred. It usually happens that loans are not paid back on time. You also keep getting in touch with the concerned person in this circumstance to know when he will return your loaned money. But unfortunately you don’t receive any cash. 

Today in this blog by AstroSage, we’re going to share some simple strategies with you that you can use to recover any money that has become stuck. So keep reading this useful blog till the end and don’t miss a single detail.

First of all, let’s discuss which day of the week is auspicious or inauspicious for borrowing or lending money. 

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Auspicious And Inauspicious Days Of The Week For Borrowing Or Lending Money

Well, you might know that it is quite essential to see which day of the week is auspicious to borrow or lend the money which could prevent the debts and financial burdens.

Monday: The Moon is the lord of the day on Monday, according to astrology. The moon is the lucky planet. Therefore, This day is considered auspicious to provide or receive a loan on this day.

Tuesday: Tuesday is ruled by Mars, whose characteristics include anger, bravery, and enthusiasm. This day is not regarded as the finest for receiving or disbursing loans because Mars is an unkind and unfavorable planet in astrology.

Wednesday: This day is ruled by the planet Mercury. Mercury is regarded as an auspicious planet and serves as the planet of intellect and commerce. Because of this, Wednesday is regarded as the ideal day to borrow or lend money.

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Thursday: This day is considered to be the most advantageous for borrowing money. Never give a loan on this day since in astrology Jupiter is the planet that represents prosperity. Lord Vishnu is the Thursday representative. Given that Lord Vishnu is the giver of riches, one can borrow money on this day however lending the money is unfavorable.

Friday: Venus is the planet that represents Friday. This is a lucky day to give or receive a loan because Friday is regarded as one of the best days. Lakshmi arrives at home on this day.

Saturday: Saturn is the ruler of this day. It is too late to repay a loan if you borrow money on a Saturday. In a similar vein, if you lend money to someone, you may not immediately receive it back. Because of this, it is unlucky to receive or grant loans on Saturdays.

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Sunday: The Sun is the ruler of Sunday. Energy comes from the Sun. According to astrology, the Sun represents the soul and respect, so taking or offering a loan on this day will result in a loss of reputation. Because of this, no loan should be given or taken on this day.

Remedies To Get Your Loaned Money Back 

There are some astrological steps which will help you take your money back which is stuck.

  • On Saturday, light a lamp with mustard oil in front of the statue of Hanuman Ji. Place a camphor stick, two cloves, and some mustard seeds on the light. Bajrang Baan should be spoken three times. Ask Hanuman ji to free any money that is stuck. 2 spoons of oil should be removed from the lamp and used to produce Kajal. On a soft piece of paper, now write the name of the person to whom you have given money. Create a wick out of this cloth. Now relight the flour lamp in front of Hanuman Ji after adding sesame oil to it. Recite Bajrang Baan five more times. You will receive the stuck funds.
  • Put two king pennies in front of the homeowner you lent money to. He will give you your money back using this method. This is a very simple method of getting money.
  • The yellow Cowrie is believed to be a representation of Maa Lakshmi. Keep five yellow pennies at the place of worship because of this. Your stuck money will start to return as a result of this.
  • On Friday, make Kajal by burning camphor. Now, put the name of the person to whom you have given money on a Bhoj Patra. Now seven times fold this Bhoj Patra, then keep it in your vault. With this solution, your money that has stuck will begin to flow again.
  • Go to a crossroads at around 10:00 p.m. and keep it quietly there while meditating on that person. Tie 11 cloves and 11 whole salt in a blue cloth. This will ensure that the borrowed funds are returned. This is an easy method for getting money.

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