Ravi Pushya Nakshatra Yoga 2023: Bring This Item In Your House And Invite Laxmi!

Ravi Pushya Yoga 2023: In Sanatan Dharma, the auspicious hour is always considered before performing any opportune and auspicious work. It is believed that any task or ritual conducted during an auspicious time is always successful and yields a favorable outcome. As a result, Hindus will always seek the advice of the priest for the auspicious time (Shubh Muhurat) to perform significant tasks, religious ritual, worship, or marriage, etc. Shubh Muhurat is the best time to begin a new project because all of the planets and constellations are powerful and in an auspicious position. Ravi Pushya Nakshatra Yoga is also in this series and it is believed to be extremely auspicious. 

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According to astrologers, this auspicious Yoga is particularly favorable for starting new work, investment, job, transaction, and shopping. Let us know about Ravi Pushya Yoga in our exclusive AstroSage blog. Along with this, we will go into its significance in astrology and what items are deemed auspicious to purchase on this day.

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What Is Ravi Pushya Yoga?

There are 27 Nakshatras in Vedic astrology. Pushya Nakshatra ranks eighth among these. This is a particularly lucky constellation. When this Nakshatra falls on a Sunday, the Yoga formed according to the Day and Nakshatra is known as Ravi Pushya Yoga. Let us inform you that the first Ravi Pushya Yoga of the year took place on January 8, 2023. And the second Ravi Pushya Yoga will take place on February 5, 2023.

Ravi Pushya Yoga 2023: Date And Time

Ravi Pushya Yoga Beginning: 04 February, 2023 on Saturday at 09:17 am

Ravi Pushya Yoga Ending: 05 February 2023 on Sunday at 12:13 pm.

In this situation, it would be ideal if you start investing, buying, and doing any particular work on February 5th, 2023. 

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5 Ravi Pushya Yogas And 2 Guru Pushya Yogas In 2023 

According to Hindu Panchang, Ravi Pushya Yoga will appear five times and Guru Pushya will appear twice in 2023. Pushya Nakshatra will thus constitute a total of 7 outstanding auspicious occasions throughout the year. The first Ravi Pushya Yoga of the year was held on January 8th. The next will be created on the 5th of February, 10th of September, 8th of October, and 5th of November. The chances of achieving success and reaping advantages from the work done in this auspicious yoga will grow much more. In addition to that time, two Guru Pushya Yogas will be created on April 27 and May 25, 2023.

Significance Of Ravi Pushya Yoga

Ravi Pushya Yoga is considered to be the ideal time for any auspicious work. Because Lord Rama is said to have been born in this Nakshatra, it is also considered particularly auspicious from a religious standpoint. Whatever the Muhurta, whatever the position of the constellations is, any action done in this Yoga yields highly positive results, although weddings are not performed in this Yoga. According to mythological beliefs, marriage in Ravi Pushya Nakshatra is deemed bad due to Mother Parvati’s curse, hence marriage and other activities should be avoided at this time.

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Must Buy These Items On This Day

Purchases done in Pushya Nakshatra are considered to be extremely beneficial. Because gold is the metal of this Nakshatra, purchasing gold and gold jewelry is regarded highly auspicious in this Yoga. During this time, investments in real estate, land, houses, vehicles, and other places yield long-term returns. Apart from that, purchasing silver, textiles, kitchenware, and electronic products on this day is considered lucky. Simultaneously, starting a new business or career in auspicious Yoga is considered lucrative.

Special Remedies On Ravi Pushya Nakshatra Yoga 

For Financial Growth

On the day of Ravi Pushya Nakshatra, the cow should be fed jaggery and sweet bread in order to gain financial blessings and esteem. The Sun God is pleased, and all financial worries are removed.

To Attract Money

Bring the Parad Shree Yantra home on the day of Ravi Pushya. Install it in the worship house on a red silk cloth after bathing it with raw milk and Ganges water. After that, apply Shree Yantra Tilak with saffron. Offer sugar sweet and recite Sri Sukta 21 times. This way, you will never run out of money. Whatever the task is now being done will be done well.

To Strengthen The Position Of Sun

If the Sun is weak in your horoscope, offer 800 grams of jaggery and wheat to the temple every day on Pushya Nakshatra. This removes the sun’s unfavorable effect.

To Conceive And Blessed With Child

Those who are having difficulty having children. That couple should do rituals to worship Lord Krishna on the day of Ravi Pushya. Make Shri Krishna look nice, dress him in Pitambar, offer him yellow flowers, and offer him Besan or Boondi Laddoos. After that, recite the Santan Gopal Mantra.

For Happiness And Prosperity

On the day of Ravi Pushya Nakshatra, consume hatha jodi (the root of a specific tree). This is available at any Pooja shop. Keep red vermilion in a little silver box in your vault. By doing so, there will never be a scarcity of money in the house, and there will be happiness and success in the house. Remember to maintain showing incense sticks to it on a daily basis.

To Gain More Money

On this day, keep seven pennies at the feet of Goddess Lakshmi while worshiping her according to the laws and regulations, offering her rose flowers and coconut with water. After midnight, place these pennies in all four corners of the house and pray Goddess Lakshmi to permanently live here. There is a probability of earning money if you use this remedy.

To Defeat Your Enemies

Aside from that, fill a copper vase with red flowers, milk, water, red sandalwood, and vermilion and offer it to the Sun God. It is believed that by doing so, one obtains health and happiness, as well as freedom from fear of enemies.

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