Achla Saptami(Ratha Saptami): Puja During Shubh Muhurat Ensures A Stable Health!

Shukla Paksha Saptami of the Magha month as per the Hindu Panchang is celebrated as Ratha Saptami or Achala Saptami. This Saptami Tithi is dedicated to Lord Surya. This is the day when the Sun was created to enlighten the world with his illumination.

It is believed that on this very day Surya Dev turned his Ratha (Chariot) drawn by seven horses (representing seven colors) towards the Northern Hemisphere, in a North-eastern direction. It is also considered as the birthday of the Sun; son of Rishi Kashyap and his wife Mata Aditi ; so people celebrate Surya Jayanti on this day.

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Achala saptami or Ratha saptami Muhurat

Date in India: 7/ february/2022

Achala saptami or Ratha saptami Vrat Muhurat For New Delhi, India

Saptami Tithi Begins at 04:37AM on February 07, 2022

Saptami Tithi Ends at 06:15 AM on February 08, 2022

Pooja Muhurat- 5:22AM to 7:06 AM

Importance of Achala Saptami or Ratha Saptami 

Achala Saptami or Ratha Saptami is considered very auspicious and  has a huge significance in our Sanatan Dharma. The day is known for providing health benefits because in Vedic astrology the Sun is the significator of immunity and considered to be the Atmakaraka source of life on earth. It is believed that on this day if you take bath in a holy river and offer Arghya to Surya Dev and do Pooja and fasting, you get the relief from all the health problems you are facing, your immunity improves and you are blessed with a healthy body, wealth, respect, name and fame.

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Things to Keep in Mind for Achala Saptami or Ratha Saptami 

  • Worship and offering red flowers, red Chandan and offering Arghya to Surya ev, proves very auspicious.
  • Recite at least one Mala of the Surya Beej Mantra. ॐ ह्रां ह्रीं ह्रौं सः सूर्याय नमः।
  • Recite the Aditya Hridayam Stotram.
  • Offer pomegranate and red color sweet or sweet made of jaggery to Surya Dev.

Religious Katha/Legend of Ratha Saptami

According to Achala Saptami Vrat Katha, the son of lord krishna, Samba was very proud of his beauty and physical abilities. Once upon a time Rishi Durvasa visited Lord Krishna. Rishi Durvasa was practicing severe penance for a very long time because of which he looked famished and fatigued. Samba started laughing and making fun of his ill condition. Out of his arrogance and pride, Samba disrespected sage Durvasa. Looking at this behavior of Samba, Rishi Durvasa got angry and cursed him to get infected with Leprosy. After seeing himself in such a miserable condition, Samba realized his mistake and went to his father, Lord Krishna, for his advice. Lord kishna suggested him to worship Lord Surya. Obeying his father Sama started worshiping Lord Surya daily and kept fast on Achala saptami and worshiped lord surya with full faith as a result he recovered from the curse and regained his beauty and attractive physic.

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 Do’s and Don’ts of Achala/Ratha saptami 

  • One must wake up before sunrise and take a bath in the Ganga river. If that is not possible, you can pour some Ganga Jal in your bathing water, this will wash off all your past life sins.
  • Conducting Surya Dev’s Pooja and Katha can prove to be beneficial for one’s health and also gives peace of mind.
  • Lighting up Diya in the name of Surya Dev will brighten up your fortunes. 
  • Offering Arghya to the Sun in a copper vessel during sunrise will strengthen the position of the Sun in your chart.
  • Donations of articles like clothes, food, pooja samagri will bring good luck.
  • Place a Mango leaf on the main door of your house.
  • It is advised to stay away from anger and brutality on this day.
  • Don’t consume alcohol or any tamasic food(non- veg food).
  • Please maintain a peaceful atmosphere at home.
  • Maintaining celibacy is advisable during this period.
  • Try to avoid or limit the consumption of salt on this day.

Signwise Tips on Ratha Saptami For Blessings & Prosperity

Aries – Offer Arghya to Surya Dev puting red flowers and Ganga jal in it.

Taurus– Recite Aditya hridya stotra path for sure.

Gemini– Offer arghya to surya dev puting dhuva grass and Ganga jal  in it

Cancer– Chant Gayatri mantra at least 108 times.

Leo– Wear red clothes while worshiping Surya dev.

Virgo– Donate pomegranates to the temple.

Libra– Gift clothes to your father.

Scorpio– Offer arghya to surya dev puting red chandan in it.

Sagittarius– Worship and do katha of surya dev

Capricorn– Distribute jaggery sweets to poor people.

Aquarius– Offer Arghya to Surya Dev with water which contains black sesame seeds.

Pisces– Offer Arghya to surya dev puting haldi or yellow flowers in it.

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