Rahu Transit In Pisces: Finanial Crisis Upcoming For 3 Zodiacs!

Rahu transit in Pisces is an important astrological event that has great significance and it impacts all the zodiac signs and the whole earth. Rahu is an elusive planet that transits in a retrograde motion. It stays in one zodiac for eighteen months and then moves backward. Currently, Rahu is situated in Aries and it will transit into Pisces on 30th October in a retrograde motion. Its unpredictable and mysterious nature will impact all the zodiacs either positively or negatively. First, let’s quickly talk about the characteristics and nature of this Nodal Planet ‘Rahu’.

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Rahu Transit In Pisces: Characteristics Of Rahu

  • Rahu is considered a malefic planet and it represents illusion, ambition, and unconventional desires.
  • It impacts sudden events, obsession, and the chase of worldly success through unconventional means.
  • Rahu is exalted in Taurus and it is debilitated in Scorpio and the lord of Capricorn, though some astrologers differ in their opinion.
  • It is the lord of Aadra, Swathi,  and Shatbhisha Nakshatra. 
  • It is said to be friendly with Venus while it is inimical to Sun and Moon.
  • Rahu stays in one zodiac for about 18 months and it completes one revolution in about 18 years, 7 months, 18 days, and 5 ghatis.
  • It always moves in a retrograde motion.  
  • Rahu’s Dasha period lasts for 18 years.  

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Let’s now discuss the effects of Rahu transit in Pisces which is going to happen on 30th October, one of the most anticipated transits since Rahu is changing its zodiac after 18 months creating profound impacts on everyone.

Rahu Transit In Pisces: These Zodiacs Will Suffer From Financial Upheavals


Rahu transit in Pisces will bring adverse impacts on the financial and health aspects of the Taurus natives. Rahu’s transit can instigate you to overspend on some things. It will dramatically increase your expenses and it will induce you to spend without thinking. This spending will give you false satisfaction and you will think that it is in your favor. It will be like an illusion created by this Nodal Planet and this is where he is best. 

Remedy: The natives should Chant the Rahu’s Mantra to receive its blessings.

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Rahu transit in Pisces may grant sudden and unexpected gains and losses for the Virgo natives on the economic front. Your In-laws will thrive financially and you will maintain a lovely relationship with them. Your mind could get distracted and you may decide to invest in betting, gambling, and lotteries, but before making any investment, you should carefully examine your options, because if you don’t, you could suffer from huge losses due to the Rahu transit in Pisces. Additionally, your health might deteriorate between April 2023 and August due to which you have to make big expenses and you will not be able to make money for that period.

Remedy: The natives should chant the Beej Mantra of planet Mercury.

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Rahu transit in Pisces will affect the monetary and married lives of the natives of Libra adversely. They may face ups and downs frequently.  You are making decisions without consulting others immediately and this will continue in the future as well.  Your frequent decisions without much thinking would sometimes result in profits but they may sometimes incur huge losses. The natives would also need to be careful in dealing with their business partners as they are already feeling ignorant about some decisions.  You must maintain transparency in decisions and cordial relationships with them to avoid any conflict or issues. Maintaining harmonious relations with your business partner can bring growth and prosperity but if you will not communicate and take them in confidence, your business might suffer.

Remedy: On Friday, offer cosmetics in a Goddess temple. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1. Will Pisces natives have a good time in 2023?

Answer 1. The Pisces natives will have to face financial ups and downs in 2023.

Question 2.  Is Rahu friendly to the Sun?

Answer 2. No, Rahu acts as an enemy planet of the Sun.

Question 3. In which house is Rahu’s placement good?

Answer 3. Rahu gives the best results when placed in the tenth house of the native’s birth chart.

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