Valentine’s Day 2023: Your Horoscope Will Take You To Your True Love, Find Out How!

Valentine Day 2023: In Astrology planets and constellations have been given significant and exalted places. The celestial movements, their directions, and their change can affect a person’s life greatly and profoundly. Every aspect of a person’s life including their career, business, health, and marital status is impacted by the placement of planets in their horoscope. Whether or not you will find your true love is also determined by the love Yoga formed in your horoscope. The Yoga of love is formed by the special movement of planets. Through this blog of AstroSage, you will be fully capable of understanding what is the Yoga of love and which are those unique remedies through which you can create this Yoga in your life!

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What Is The Yoga Of Love?

The spring of love is brought into a person’s life by the love Yoga that is generated in their horoscope, which is one of the auspicious Yogas. In this Yoga, the person listens to the callings of love. Planets such as Venus, the Moon, and Mars play a significant role in the creation of love Yoga. It is said that a person experiences true love as a result of the influence of love Yoga, whereas a person whose horoscope lacks or is weak in love Yoga yearns for love. Whether your destiny has true love or not can only be found out through the positions of the planets in your horoscope. So, let’s move forward and find out how love Yoga is formed in the horoscope!

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Formation Of Love Yoga

If a person wants to marry for love, then most of them get success easily, but sometimes many people suffer from disadvantages when they want to have a love marriage. In astrology, the planet Venus is considered to be the factor of love, partners, and luxury. According to Vedic astrology, in order to get love in life, the position of Venus in one’s horoscope must be dominant as we have read above that to enjoy love, the position of Venus, Moon, and Mars must be auspicious, as they play cardinal roles in giving love.  So when these three ultimate planets are situated in benefic positions in one’s horoscope, one gets the opportunity to marry according to their liking. 

  • The Yoga of love is formed in one’s horoscope when the planets such as Mars, Rahu, and Saturn are there together. 
  • A love marriage occurs when there is an aspect of Venus, Saturn, or Rahu on the ruling lord of the seventh house in a person’s horoscope. 
  • When a Yoga is formed with the combinations of Venus and Mars, or when there is some sort of relationship between these two auspicious planets, in one’s horoscope, then it can be said, that particular individual will fall in love. 
  • If in your fifth house, both Rahu and Ketu are present, then the possibilities of a love marriage are high. 
  • If the planet such as Venus or the Moon is fifth or ninth from the ascendant in the horoscope then they create the chances of love marriage. 
  • Love comes into one’s life when the lords of the fifth and seventh houses are sitting together in the horoscope.  

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Love Yoga: Remedies

All the answers to all your questions can be easily found in the vast ocean of astrology. Those natives who don’t have the Yoga of love in their horoscope, then they should visit a temple every Thursday for 3 months. Prasad should be offered to the temple, and Prasad must be shared with others as well. By doing this, the possibility of your love marriage will successfully take place.  

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