3 Big Planets Triggers The Rise Of Covid-19 Cases In India!

Rising Corona Cases In India: The word COVID-19 is synonymous with fear and despair. Who can forget the Lockdown in the year 2020 and the number of innocent lives the worldwide spread of the Coronavirus claimed forcing the WHO to announce it as an emergency pandemic. Emergency protocols, new hygiene regulations, compulsory wearing of masks, and an atmosphere full of uncertainty and fear. The whole experience still sends shivers down our spine. After spending almost two years locked up in our houses the world was able to breathe freely only in the later part of 2021. 

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Now suddenly there has been a rise in the number of active COVID-19 cases in India, not at an alarming rate though but there has definitely been a quick rise and we are trying to look at the situation from an astrological perspective. 

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Recently, some reports in the leading national newspapers claimed that there are around 895 active COVID-19 cases in India and the numbers are expected to rise further. We will now try and figure out the planetary transits are now again triggering the rise of these cases. 

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Rise In Coronavirus Cases’ 2023- A Look At The Planetary Transits 

If we look at the planetary positions, Mercury, which is an airy planet, its transit into first Scorpio (a water sign) and then into Sagittarius(a fire sign) between the months of November and December has triggered infections to rise worldwide and especially in India (from the astrological perspective). Jupiter too has been in a partial ‘Paap Kartari Yoga’ with Rahu and Saturn, both of the planets who had largely contributed to the spread of Coronavirus worldwide last time when it had turned into a pandemic. As per research reports published by the WHO and other world renowned research institutes, the period from mid-October to December was a period where infections and viruses such as the Coronavirus would be on the rise. These researches definitely go well in line with the planetary transits and conjunctions as well. 

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This position of Jupiter and the placement of Rahu (an airy planet) in Jupiter’s sign Pisces, which is a water sign has also triggered the spread of air and water based infections. Another important factor here is the presence of Mars in Scorpio. The combination of fiery planets in watery zodiac signs is also a reason for the spread of viruses and infections. Though Saturn is in Aquarius (its Mooltrikona sign) and Mercury transits happen quickly and do not last very long, so things will definitely not go out of hand this time but we certainly need to be cautious. 

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