Palmistry: Know Your Future by Looking at Your Hands

Human life is full of happiness. Needless to say, the life of human is the God’s most beautiful gift hence, we should live happily with this gift of life. Today, every person is in search of happiness. The constant search of happiness leads him to streamline the present by knowing the events of his future. If we know our future and work on it in the present, then we can avoid the problems coming in our lives. Astrology assesses our future and gives us a proper guidance.

Palmistry is an important part of astrology. With the help of this technique, the future of any person can be predicted. It is possible to know the future of a person through a fine study of the size of the person’s hand, palm lines, the structure of the fingers, etc.

How to See Hand Lines?

Firstly, it is important to see the size of the hand of a person. There are four types of palm sizes square, round, triangle and long. So, here, we discuss about different types of palm sizes.

  1. Akshay_Kumar A person with a square palm is hardworking, steady and trustworthy in action. Such a person is of strong nature. In such a person, physical stability and physical strength are in appropriate proportion. The person is a bit difficult to impress. Though, he works hard to work on his plans and achieve success in life.

For example, if we talk about the famous actor Akshay Kumar, his hand is square shaped which shows stability in his personality. His loyalty to his work, honesty and concentration, tells the traits of his square shaped palm size. His ideas can not be influenced quickly. He is a brave and courageous person. Along with being hard-working, he fully respects his culture and traditions.

  1. thu1521628504 The person with the round palm owns emotional, coward and artistic taste. He keeps his point

confined to himself. Mental illnesses are more common in such a person. The person is a dotted lover and soon believes in others. Their hearts can easily be won by love. Due to cheating, they soon become victims of depression.

For example, let’s talk about the famous actress Rani Mukherjee. Her goal palm represents her passionate, beauty-loving and mind-controlling traits. She is a happy person, wherever she goes, leaves her mark. She is loved for her acting. Grief is experienced when there is no love. They need others to make decisions.

  1. indexThe palm which is broader than the wrist and thin on the fingers is known as triangle palm. Such a person is the master of physical force. They does the physical work very skillfully. But his mental level is less. Such people often get angry and emotional. They quickly feel bad about whatever they heard. But such people are fearless.

For example, let’s talk about the Bollywood actor, Salman Khan. Salman’s Triangle palm represents his independent, fast and fearless personality. He loves to be open, courageous and risk-taking. His personality includes splendor and leadership power. He cannot stand boundations.

  1. Deepika-Padukone-2The person with a long palm has philosophical qualities. They often live in the dream world. Humble and quiet, but lack in practicality. Such individuals are also religious but can not follow discipline, due to which they fail many times in life.

For example, let’s talk about the famous actress, Deepika Padukone. Her long palm represents diversity in her personality. It comes to the idea of achieving new heights with great skill. Roaming around new places is something that makes her happy. They like to take challenging roles and get new information from others. The number of friends of such people is higher. They cannot sit at one place for longer.

What are the Major Palm Lines?

Now let’s talk about the major palm lines. It is possible to predict the future by considering the main four lines in hand Jyotisha. Life line, heart line, brain line and Saturn line.

1. Life line starts from the middle of the index finger and thumb and goes to the base of thumb. If life line is long and flawless, then the health of a person lives better. On the contrary, a broken and defective life line is a symbol of unhealthiness. Small life line shows health related problems. The light lifeline indicates a spirited life. A person with more than one lifeline collaborates with others.

  1. Heart line is up to the middle of the index finger and the lower part of the penis. Long and lossless heart line indicates an open hearted personality. Starting from the index finger, the person who reaches the junior life, depends on his / her life partner. A person with a small and straight heart line is self-centered and harsh.
  1. Brain line starts between the index finger and the thumb and leads to the junior. A person with a long and defective brain line is the master of good memory power. If this line is longer, then the person is successful, courageous and selfish. The person with the spherical brain line is creative and idealistic. Such people are the owners of new thinking and creative knowledge.
  1. Saturn Line is also called Destiny Line. This line starts from the middle of the root of the palm and goes upwards. The crisis in life can be estimated by looking at this line. Broken faulty Saturn gives you an indication of crisis, unforeseeable accidents and misfortune. On the contrary, the healthy and long Saturn symbolizes the good fortune.

In this way there are many other lines in the palm through which we can predict the auspicious time, crisis, health problems, family etc. coming in the life of a person. A proper assessment can be done about the life and personality of a person through the height of the lines. Below are some of the mounts on the hand:

Major Palmistry Mounts

1. Mount of Jupiter

The mount under the index is known as mount of Jupiter. A person with a developed Jupiter Mount reflects power, ambition and leadership qualities.

2. Mount of Saturn

The mount that is found below the middle finger is known as mount of Saturn. The development of this mount indicates intelligence, stability and seriousness.

3. Mount of Sun/Apollo

The mount below the ring finger is called Mount of Sun. The development of this mount is a symbol of beauty, achievement and prestige.

4. Mount of Mercury

The mount of Mercury is located below the little finger. This mount is an indicator of force, power and language.

5. Mount of Venus

Mount that is located at the base of the thumb is known as mount of Venus. The expanse and elevation of the mount reflects richness in the person. High standard of living and respect is an indicator of this mount.

In this way, the study of other lines in the palm, such as the Mount of Moon, Mount of Mars, etc. can be found on the hand of a person tells a lot about the person.  The palmist is very subjective when it comes to predict your future reading your palm lines. Apart from this, the lifetime of the person can be estimated based on the length of the fingers, the lines of support, the softness of the palm, etc. Please connect the to the best-in-industry palm reader to get the full knowledge related to your past, present and future. Make sure, you connect to the best  palm reader as incomplete knowledge can also prove fatal many times. So, what are you waiting for? Go and search for the best palm readers online.

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