Personality and Future of Natives Born Under These 5 Nakshatras!

As per the basics of Indian astrology, it is believed that the life of a person operates according to the planetary constellations which took place during the person’s birth. Good or bad, both the times can be judged on the basis of studying one’s horoscope. When a person is born, his/her horoscope is determined based on the planets and constellations/Nakshatras present at that moment. Those planets and Nakshatras leave their own influence on a person’s life and accordingly the direction of one’s life is decided. So, let’s take a look at this blog today and find out if you were born in these five particular Nakshatras, how would your personality and future be?

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Ashwini Nakshatra 

The people born in the Ashwini Nakshatra have a beautiful appearance and an attractive structure. Such people are good looking with big eyes, wide foreheads. They are rich and also quite fortunate. Such a person acquires all kinds of properties, gets satisfaction from women, jewelry and daughter-in-law.

The person born in Ashwini Nakshatra generally is of the zodiac sign Aries and the birth and their zodiac lords happen to be Ketu and Mars. According to the Parashar Granth, it is said that a person who has an inauspicious Mars and Ketu in their horoscope, does not not generally get anxious, angry, get into conflicts with elder brothers or suffer from diseases.

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Bharani Nakshatra 

The natives born under Bharani Nakshatra have their zodiac sign Taurus, their zodiac lord is Venus and their Nakhsatra lord is the Moon. In this way, you get to see the effect of Mars and Venus throughout your life. While Mars gives energy, courage and ambition, Venus is the significator of art, beauty, wealth and passion. Being born in Bharani Nakshatra, the native happens to be a true plaintiff, gets associated with good ideas, is committed, diseaseless, interested in religious works, courageous, inspirational, is into painting and also takes interest in photography. Such an individual never moves past their goals. 

Kritika Nakshatra 

The third constellation in this list happens to be Kritika Nakshtra. The last 3 phases of Kritika Nakshatra fall in the Taurus zodiac sign. The Nakshatra lord is Sun and the sign lord is Venus. After being born in the first phase of Kritika Nakshatra happens to be Aries and the zodiac lord is Mars and for Taurus, the zodiac lord is Venus for the remaining 3 stages. This is how Mars, the Sun and Venus will have a lifetime effect on the native. The body of such a person is soft but healthy. If born in the first phase, then structure is attractive. Such a person happens to be a scholar, is interested in social work, skilled in hospitality, art and art science and such a person is quite famous.

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Mrigashira Nakshatra 

Mars is considered to be the ruling lord of Mrigashira Nakshatra. The first two phases of Mrigashira Nakshatra falls in the Taurus zodiac sign and the remaining two phases fall in Gemini, due to which the Nakshatra is influenced by Taurus and its ruling lord Venus and Gemini and its ruling lord Mercury. In this way, the effect of Mars, Mercury and Venus remain on the natives born in this nakshatra throughout their lives. People born in this Nakshatra are beautiful and have long arms and legs. Such a person obtains female companionship, property, vehicles and all kinds of happiness. Such an individual is also efficient in his/her work, is a music-lover, successful businessman, investigator, small-business, philanthropist, capable of leadership.

Rohini Nakshatra 

The zodiac sign of the Rohini Nakshatra is Taurus and the zodiac lord is Venus and it’s Nakshatra lord is the Moon. The people born in this Nakshatra are beautiful and they have attractive eyes. They seek happiness from the opposite gender and vehicles. Being born in Rohini nakshatra, the native tends to be truthful, rich , thankful, brilliant, sensitive, gentle, knowledgeable, modesty, holy spirited, a smooth speaker, as well as lover of natural beauty, art, drama and music. He/she is generally interested in, participating in public festivals, desiring social prestige and respect, philanthropists and work from all these areas.

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