IPL 2021: Team Mumbai vs Team Chennai (17 April) Today’s Match Prediction

IPL 2021 has started with a bang and as usual, AstroSage is back with the predictions as every year. Most of the time, the predictions turn out to be accurate, while on other days, we move ahead with better luck next time. 

AstroSage understands your enthusiasm for cricket and provides you with exciting predictions. The prediction below is provided for academic, research, and astrological purposes by Acharya Raman, one of the finest astrologers on the panel. Let us read what he has to predict:

The match is going to take place between Team Mumbai and Team Hyderabad.  

It is going to be between team Mumbai vs Team Hyderabad , the number which comes to my mind is 71 for team Hyderabad. Lets take a look at the predictions.

The 6th cusp sub lord is Saturn, it is in the star of Moon. Saturn is in the 7rd   and Moon is in the 10th.

Prediction : The winner is going to be team Hyderabad as Saturn is also the 12th cusp sub lord showing loss for Team Mumbai.

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