Mercury Transit 2023: Planet Of Intellect Enters Capricorn; Know Impact!

Mercury Transit 2023: One of the most prominent roles in Vedic Astrology is attributed to the planet Mercury. Mercury as a planet appears in multiple ancient Hindu astronomical Sanskrit scriptures and texts. The mention of the planet Mercury was in the 5th-century Sanskrit scripture of Aryabhatta, known as “Aryabhatiya”. Mercury is the benefactor of communication, reason, language, mind, and intellect. The deity, Budha is shown having green skin and possesses multiple items in his hands; his mount is Yali lion. The ruling planet of Virgo and Gemini, Mercury, will enter the zodiac sign of Capricorn, the one with strategy and patience. This informational collection has been provided for your benefit by AstroSage thanks to its creativity. You can find out the exact day and time of this transit through this blog, along with comprehensive details on how it will affect each zodiac sign.

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The Astrological Importance Of Mercury

The harbinger of intellect and communication, Mercury is considered a favorable and a beneficial planet in Astrology. In Greek Mythology, Hermes represents the planet Mercury. It rules the third and sixth house, and in a single zodiac sign this exemplary planet stays for 24 days. The planet of reason, Mercury possesses three Nakshatras and they are Ashlesha Nakshatra, Jyeshtha Nakshatra, and Revati Nakshatra. The planet Mercury shares friendly relations with the Sun and Venus, and its enemies are the Moon and Ketu. It shares neutral relations with Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn. The day which is dedicated to this planet is Wednesday and the color is Green. So, let’s find out more about this amazing transit!

Mercury Transit In Capricorn: Date & Time 

The planet of mind and adaptability, Mercury will transit into the tenth zodiac sign of the zodiac cycle which is Capricorn on 7th February 2023, Tuesday at 7:11 am. This planetary movement among others is bound to have an impact on the zodiac sign of Capricorn, and others as well. So, let’s read about the effects that this beneficial planet can have on our lives!

The Ways Mercury Impacts Our Lives

The planet Mercury is the one who blesses the natives with curiosity, communication, and adaptability. The favorable impacts given by Mercury can be beneficial for every native as it possesses intelligence and communication. The natives who have Mercury in a positive and a strong position will come across incredible speech, higher level of intellect, having a great analyzing streak, and superior knowledge. These natives are brilliant in expressing themselves and their ideas and their curiosity takes them to great heights. The ever-gracious planet Mercury when situated in a weak position or is afflicted exudes results by which one can become cunning, selfish, and deceptive. Such natives might face difficulties and challenges while forming and expressing ideas. These natives might also be adhered to their moods rather than reason and logic. 

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The Scientific Opinions About The Planet Of Intellect

In our Solar System, Mercury takes the place of being the smallest and the fastest planet, and is the closest to the father planet the Sun. Mercury has a solid surface with a rocky topography. Mercury’s atmosphere is thin and is composed of Helium, Hydrogen, Potassium, Sodium, and Oxygen. The planet has no Moons of its own and life cannot survive on Mercury due to its atmosphere. 

Mercury Transit In Capricorn: Forecast And Remedies For All Zodiac Signs


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