Mercury Transit In Cancer: These Zodiacs To Have Mercury In Their Favor!

Mercury Transit In Cancer: Vedic Astrology encompasses a multitude of techniques to decipher the cosmic influences on our lives. Among these techniques, the study of transits holds a special place. Transits involve the movement of planets and their impact on an individual’s birth chart, providing valuable insights into the unfolding of destiny. In this article, we will explore the significance of transits in Vedic Astrology.

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Transits can shed light on diverse areas of life, such as career prospects, relationships, health, and spiritual growth. They reveal the timing of significant events and guide individuals in making informed decisions and taking advantage of favorable cosmic alignments.

This July 2023, Mercury, the planet of intellect will be transiting into Cancer, changing the lives of each of the zodiac signs. However, there are only a few zodiacs that will be blessed by this Mercury transit. This blog by AstroSage will take you on the journey of exploring this transit and its impact on the lucky zodiac signs as well in detail. 

So let us begin with our blog and find out if your zodiac is on this list or not!

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Mercury Transit In Cancer: Date & Time

The planet symbolizing intellect and communication in Vedic Astrology, Mercury, is about to make a transit into the nurturing zodiac sign of Cancer on July 8th, 2023 at 12:05, bringing forth opportunities for emotional understanding and expressive articulation.

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These Zodiac Signs Will Get Lucky During Mercury Transit In Cancer


During the Mercury Transit in Cancer 2023, Taurus natives, whose second and fifth house lord is Mercury, will see opportunities for development and success. They will focus on improving their financial prospects and family development. However, career-wise, they may not experience significant benefits or job opportunities, although chances of relocation or going abroad look promising. 

Natives engaged in business may make a successful entry and earn profits, especially those operating internationally. Relationships will flourish during this period, with increased love and understanding between partners. Health will generally be good, aside from some minor cold-related issues and potential eye infections. Mercury’s influence on the ninth house suggests increased travel abroad for career-related assignments, along with potential promotions that will bring delight to the natives.


During the Mercury Transit in Cancer 2023, Cancer natives, whose third and twelfth house lord is Mercury, may experience moderate gains but struggle to maintain a balance between income and expenses. They should avoid unnecessary travel to prevent potential losses. Career-wise, they will encounter both positive and negative outcomes. While new opportunities may arise, some may be compelled to change jobs, resulting in less satisfaction or even job loss. Business owners may face strong competition, limiting their ability to generate high profits. Relationships will generally be positive, with harmonious communication and adjustments required for happiness. The influence of Mercury on the seventh house suggests unexpected changes in career, relationships, and family dynamics, requiring adaptation from the natives.

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During the Mercury Transit in Cancer 2023, Virgo natives, whose first and tenth house lord is Mercury, have the planet positioned in the eleventh house. This period brings remarkable achievements in their work, fulfilling their desires and providing satisfaction. Career-wise, it is a favorable time for Virgo natives. They can expect new job opportunities, especially abroad, with support from colleagues and recognition from superiors. Salary increments bring delight and business owners can expect high profits and opportunities for expansion. 

Financially, this transit promises smooth gains and the ability to accumulate and retain wealth. Relationships thrive with a harmonious understanding between partners. Health remains good, thanks to their high energy levels. Mercury’s aspect on the fifth house indicates fortunate financial gains, potential savings, and success in stock trading. Overall, this transit brings prosperity and love to Virgo natives.


During the Mercury Transit in Cancer 2023, Libra natives, whose ninth and twelfth house lord is Mercury, have the planet positioned in the tenth house. This brings potential job changes, including surprising opportunities abroad, making natives more conscious about their work. Career-wise, new job opportunities, and promotions bring satisfaction and fulfillment of desires. Some natives may change jobs during this transit. Business owners, especially those in import/export, can expect good profits and strong competition. Financially, there will be gains, but expenses need careful planning and wise utilization. 

Relationships thrive with a perfect level of understanding between partners, and good luck favors maintaining love and goodwill. Health is good, with high energy and enthusiasm. Mercury’s aspect on the fourth house highlights increased work consciousness, chances for property investment, and minor family issues to address. Overall, this transit brings positive career prospects, financial gains, and harmonious relationships for Libra natives.

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During the Mercury Transit in Cancer 2023, Aquarius natives, whose fifth and eighth house lord is Mercury, have the planet positioned in the sixth house. Unexpected gains through inheritance and speculation are possible, but issues related to children’s development and future progress may arise. Health issues, particularly related to the legs and thighs, may occur during this transit. Professionally, there may not be significant growth or fulfillment of expectations for Aquarius natives. 

Business owners may face low profits, heavy losses, and tough competition, making it challenging to manage operations successfully. Financially, additional costs and obligations may arise, leading to limited savings and the need to borrow or take loans. Enthusiasm for maintaining cordial relationships with their life partners may be lacking, and mutual understanding could be challenging. Health remains moderate, but stress may cause leg and thigh pain. Mercury’s aspect on the twelfth house indicates increased expenses and difficulty managing growing commitments.


During the Mercury Transit in Cancer 2023, Pisces natives, whose fourth and seventh house lord is Mercury, have the planet positioned in the fifth house. This brings increased enthusiasm and a desire to develop their intelligence. Positive developments and favorable events are expected in their personal lives during this transit. Career-wise, new job opportunities in foreign countries may arise, providing adequate prospects for growth. Promotions bring additional motivation. 

Business owners can expect good profits, with opportunities to venture into multiple businesses and excel in speculation. Financially, high gains are likely, with the potential for enhanced savings and additional income through practices like trading. Relationships flourish, with love leading to successful marriages. Health remains good, thanks to favorable energies. Mercury’s aspect on the eleventh house indicates success and financial gains, with auspicious family occasions to be celebrated. Overall, this transit brings positive personal, professional, and financial outcomes for Pisces natives.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ques1. When does Mercury transit into Cancer?

Ans. Mercury transit in Cancer will take place on July 8th, 2023 at 12:05.

Ques2. Is Mercury in Cancer a good placement?

Ans. Mercury’s placement in Cancer is a mixture of auspicious and inauspicious results.

Ques3. Which gemstone is good for Mercury?

Ans. Emerald is a favorable stone for Mercury.

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