Mercury Transit In Aries: Traders Are Prone To Accident; Stay Alert!

Mercury is a ruler in Vedic astrology. It stands for intelligence, exceptional reasoning ability, and effective communication abilities. Following the Moon, Mercury is the smallest and fastest moving planet. It has an impact on a person’s intelligence, learning ability, alertness, speaking and language abilities, and so on. Mercury is the ruler of two astrological signs in Vedic astrology: Virgo and Gemini. It is exalted in Virgo but debilitated in Pisces.  

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Let us inform you that Mercury will transit in Aries on March 31, 2023 at 02.44 p.m. Many changes will occur in the lives of the natives of all 12 zodiac signs as a result of Mercury transit. Mercury transit in Aries will bring good results to some zodiac signs, but it will also bring negative results to others. Now, let us proceed and learn in depth in this special blog of AstroSage that Mercury transit in Aries will bring about auspicious and inauspicious changes in every element of Aries natives’ lives. 

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Mercury Transit In Aries: Impact On Aries Life


Mercury, the ruler of the third and sixth houses for Aries, will transit in your marriage house. (1st house). This transit will have both positive and negative effects on you. Mercury’s transit in the marriage house is generally beneficial because it is a benefic planet. As a result, if you stick to your strategy, you will be successful. Avoid unnecessary rage and placing significance on trivial matters. Traders must be cautious and execute each transaction meticulously, or risk losing money. 

Take extra precautions when traveling or driving because there is a chance of an accident. In addition, care must be taken when performing electrical work and when using sharp objects. Aside from that, the ruler of the third house is transiting in your marriage house, which will cause you to try to improve your personality and appearance, making you more attractive and pleasant, and you will experience an increase in self-confidence and bravery.

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However, as the lord of the sixth house, this period does not appear to be favorable for your health. During this time, you should pay special attention to your health because digestive and skin issues might arise. Keep in mind that you should not allow worry to control you. Take a walk every morning and evening if possible. This will be beneficial to your wellbeing. You can improve your health by putting in a little extra effort.

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Occupational Or Professional Life  

At workplace your opponents/enemies might also attempt to tarnish your image during Mercury Transit In Aries, but you need not worry because you will be able to deal with them thanks to your sharp mind, intelligence, and communication skills. You will also be the topic of discussion because of your work. This Mercury Transit will benefit you professionally. 

During this time, natives working in media, banking, data science, or MNC companies may have many new opportunities. However, businesspeople must exercise caution during this period. Never put your blind faith in anyone. This is the time for company promotion, and you must pay attention to it. Using an internet platform for publicity can be advantageous.


Students preparing for banking must devise a study plan in order to achieve success. Students who are preparing for competitive exams will be able to achieve high marks in their exams if they perform well during this time. On the other hand, youth involved in sports may be given the chance to showcase their abilities. Victory will be yours if you compete with your heart.  

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Family Life 

You will have the complete support of your partner and family members during this time. You will be truthful in your relationship and eager to share the rest of your life with your beloved. If you are unmarried, this is a good time to meet someone special.


  • Recite the Mercury Beej Mantra daily. Mantra- oṃ brāṃ brīṃ brauṃ saḥ budhāya namaḥ।
  • While worshiping Lord Ganesha offer him Dhurva Grass (Doob Grass).
  • Wear a 5-6 carat emerald in a silver or gold band on Wednesday, but consult an astrologer first. 

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