Mercury Direct In Capricorn On Feb 04, 2022: Signwise Impact

Mercury has a charming personality and can captivate anyone with his choice of words. This planet will become direct in the sign Capricorn on 4 February 2022. Read the predictions and know the accurate time when this event will take place.

Mercury is the nearest planet to the Sun and is linked with wealth and fortune in Vedic Astrology. It is the lord of communication and is often regarded as the brain of our solar system. It governs the Swarkantha of a native and the people who are under the influence of Mercury are well-behaved and good vocalists. This planet is cool and composed and is associated with the calm colour, Green. When Mercury is strongly placed in the Lagna, it enhances education, intelligence, professional and social affairs, humour, etc. On the other hand, when Mercury is adversely placed in the chart of a native, it pairs up with other malefic planets and creates problems in relationships with family and friends.

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Mercury is known for its dual nature and is the ruling lord of Virgo and Gemini. The body parts influenced by this planet are arms, ears, nervous system, lungs, skin, etc. Mercury signifies success in the areas of trade, commerce, accounts, mobile, banking, computers, networking, and so on. It takes about one month in each zodiac sign and rules three constellations namely Revati, Jyeshtha, and Ashlesha.

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Mercury Direct in Capricorn: February 04, 2022

Mercury, the messenger of Gods, and the closest planet to the Sun will turn direct in the zodiac sign of Capricorn on Friday, 4th February 2022, at 9:16 am. This movement of Mercury will bring a lot of changes for not only the Capricorn natives but all the 12 zodiac signs.

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