Mercury Combust in Sagittarius Soon: ALERT!! These Zodiacs Need to be Cautious

Mercury represents the native’s intelligence, logic,  understanding, expressiveness, and communication abilities in astrology. It is typically referred to as neutral or steady. Mercury is the significator of Intelligence, speech, business and travel. Also, this planet is known as the prince amongst the nine planets and is considered a teenager. Due to this factor, Mercury ruled natives generally appear younger than their actual age.


Additionally, according to astrologers, Mercury either resides in the same house as the Sun or is close to it. Based on the house from the natal Moon, this article will provide thorough predictions of how the Mercury combustion in Sagittarius on 2nd January, 2023 will affect some of the natives’ life, including business, career, education, love, family life, etc along with the remedies to enhance the positive impact of Mercury. There are a total of seven zodiac signs who have to be a bit cautious during this period as it could have negative effects on them so let’s learn about them.

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Mercury Combust In Sagittarius: These Zodiac Signs, Be Careful!


Aries are advised to be extra cautious with their words. The lord of communication being combust in 9th house is the time when you need to watch out for what you say and how you say it as your words could be misinterpreted. 9th house is also the house of religion or religious activities, hence choose your words wisely as you might end up hurting religious feelings of people by making unnecessary comments or you might offend a Mentor or a Teacher. You must practice caution even while interacting with elders in the family in order to maintain peace. 


Now this may come as a surprise as Mercury rules two very important houses for Taurus natives, 2nd house and 5th house and becomes combust in the 8th house of sudden transformation. It could cause trouble with in-laws, so married people need to exercise caution. The 2nd lord going to the 6th house from its own house might aggravate allergic reactions or skin troubles and people involved in the speculative market are also advised to be careful as you could lose money in this period. Do not invest large sums of money. 


Mercury has the lordship of the 3rd house and 12th house for cancer natives. The 3rd lord getting combust in the 6th house shows unnecessary short distance travel related to work or a journey not yielding any fruitful results. Your unfinished work could pile up resulting in an increased workload and mounting frustrations. You are advised not to miss your regular checkups as ill health could trouble you and put financial pressure.

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Mercury becomes the lord of the 8th and 11th house for Scorpio natives. The 8th lord being combust in the 2nd house shows loss of money through speculation or you could be cheated by your close relative or a family member. Any financial gains could be delayed or you might not get your money back from people on time that you had lent out to them. You are advised to even choose your words carefully to avoid any conflicts.


Mercury has the lordship of the 7th and the 10th houses for you. First and foremost Sagittarius natives are advised to make changes in their lifestyle in order to maintain good physical and mental health. Pressure at the workplace could increase resulting in frustrations and burn outs. Practicing Yoga or Meditation or just planning a short getaway may energize you. Conflict with your partner could escalate or married life could be turbulent during this period. This Mercury combustion might not be a very good one for your public image as well. So be careful!


Mercury rules the 6th and 9th house for Capricorn natives and goes combust in the 12th house of foreign land, hospitals and losses. Any plans for foreign trips whether work related or anything else must be postponed for after the mid of January, 2023 as they might not be favorable and you could land up in trouble in foreign lands. Hospital visits are on the cards as the father or any elderly people in the family could face health issues. Financial expenditures might rise suddenly. 


Mercury rules the 4th and the 7th houses for Pisces natives and goes combust in the 10th house which raises an alarm pertaining to career related issues. If you’re expecting growth or promotion then it might get delayed. You could face repeated obstacles in career and miscommunication with co-workers or bosses could land you in trouble. You are advised to communicate less and observe more for career growth later. 

Remedies To Enhance The Benefic Influence of Mercury 

  • Recite Beej Mantra of Budh (Mercury).
  • Feed green and leafy vegetables like spinach to the cow.
  • Offer green coloured clothing or other gifts to your sisters or females of your family.
  • Respect females and your sisters. 
  • Feed pigeons and parrots
  • Keep good oral hygiene 

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