Curing Mental Stress With Astrology Tips Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

The worldwide pandemic caused by the outbreak of Coronavirus has majorly dominated the year 2020. With the world entering this year’s eighth month, we are still working day and night to find a permanent cure for this disease. Although some countries have announced a curable vaccine for this illness, it is still under observation and not declared for public use. In this manner, living a normal and stress-free life is still a dream yet to be fulfilled.

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One thing that is still not leaving our side during this epidemic is Stress and Anxiety. Constant worries about tomorrow, job, family, etc. has taken its toll on natives. Several times we tend to think about useless possibilities that can trigger our stress levels and make us overthink about various situations. In case you seem to have any doubt regarding a specific aspect of your life, you can ask our astrologers and get detailed solutions to your problems. This can help you lower your stress levels and get a bright insight towards the right direction.

What Is Mental Stress?

Mental stress or anxiety is a condition which negatively impacts the thoughts and body of the sufferer. In this state, a person faces excessive mental distress and can go through phases of depression. The mental power and stability of the patient weaken due to which he/she can take wrong steps at times. According to a study, many people who commit suicide and crime suffer from mental problems. From this, it can be estimated how serious mental illness is.

Symptoms Suggesting You Are Suffering From Mental Stress

  • Lack of concentration, poor memory and decision making skills
  • Changes in food habits, loss of appetite, indigestion
  • Change in emotional reactions, excessive emotional
  • Loss of self-confidence, being fearful
  • Living in isolation, negative thoughts 
  • High blood pressure, diabetes, hair loss
  • Arthritis, headache, skin disease, low immunity 

Reasons Behind High Mental Stress

  • Lifestyle changes
  • Lack of sleep
  • Financial troubles
  • Separation from loved ones
  • Sour relationship
  • Failure
  • Pressure
  • Family problems

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Astrological Reasons Behind High Mental Stress

  • In astrology, the planet Moon is said to be the benefactor of one’s mental consciousness. If Moon seems weak in one’s kundli, then that native has to face mental troubles. During this time, the person can remain depressed as well. Mental stress or depression is a condition when a person seems good and happy on the outside but struggling with serious negative thoughts internally.
  • The fourth house in the Kaal Purush Kundli is governed by Cancer, which defines the pleasures of life. Apart from this, it reveals the state of mind and heart as well. Also, the fifth house in a kundli is also an important house, as it represents our intelligence and thoughts.
  • In a kundli, the Moon acts as the representative of one’s mind, whereas Saturn defines apathy and dullness. This is why whenever the Moon is placed with Saturn in a kundli or being aspected by Saturn, the Moon becomes afflicted. If this condition affects the fourth house, it adds to the seriousness, because in such a situation, a person feels lonely and develops a depressive tendency towards life. This is the reason why such a person has to face mental stress and depression.
  • Not only Saturn, but Rahu is also believed to be majorly responsible for such conditions to a large extent. A similar problem is faced if Rahu gets with the Moon.
  • While the Moon is the benefactor of our mind, Mercury describes our intelligence and consciousness. In such a situation, both the Moon and Mercury being afflicted give rise to frustration and distress.
  • If the influence of Rahu is seen on the Moon, then it creates confusion in one’s mind. The situation can worsen if Mercury too gets along with them, to the point where such a native can drive him/herself to insanity.
  • In case the fourth house, fifth house and fourth and fifth house lords Moon and Mercury respectively seems badly afflicted by either Rahu or Saturn, or these planets are posited in the sixth, eighth or twelfth house of a kundli between malefic planets, the native is bound to suffer from mental stress.
  • If Mars is in the sixth, eighth or twelfth house of the birth chart, it results in one suffering from the mental frenzy.
  • If Rahu is with the Moon in the eighth house and affected by Saturn, then the person suffers from mental tension and stress due to any unknown fear.
  • If the connection of the Moon is with inauspicious planets as well as Watery signs such as Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces, such natives can be very emotionally weak, thereby leading to a rise in stress levels.

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In addition to astrology, Palmistry also explains the state of mind clearly. Let’s take a quick look:

  • The position of the Mount of the Moon or Chandra Parvat, Head Line and the Mount of Mercury or Budh Parvat can also reveal about your mental health.
  • If the Head Line in the hand is too wide, it indicates lack of knowledge in a person.
  • If the Head Line is absent in one’s hand, that native can suffer from mental disorders.
  • If the Head Line originates from the region of Venus or lower region of Mars, and reaches the above region of Mars while crossing the Life Line, then such a person can have an irritable personality.
  • If there is an island, cross or web on the Mount of the Moon or Chandra Parvat, then this also shows mental tension.
  • If the Chandra Parvat or Mount of the Moon in the palm is either highly developed or underdeveloped, the Head Line seems inclined towards the Mount of the Moon or Chandra Parvat and the Heart Line doesn’t seem good, that native can remain mentally unstable.
  • If there is an island visible on the Head Line or if this line is broken, then it causes mental illness.
  • If there is a spot or web of lines on the Mount of the Moon or Chandra Parvat, then this condition reflects mental stress. If such a situation is visible in both hands, it creates symptoms of mental illness.
  • If there is a web of many lines in the palm, then it is a reflection of one being an over-thinker.
  • If the Head Line or any other line emerging from it touches the Heart Line upwards, then the person loses his ability to understand well due to affection gained by some other person.
  • If the Mount of Mars is highly developed and the Mount of Mercury and the Mount of the Moon mountain is underdeveloped, then one can become impulsive and act insanely due to extreme haste and enthusiasm.

Thus, Astrology reveals that if the Moon and Mercury in the kundli and the fourth house, the fifth house and the ruling lords of both these houses are auspiciously placed and in favourable conditions, then that native remains stress-free and leads a balanced life.

On the other hand, Palmistry reveals that the Mount of the Moon or Chandra Parvat must be in a balanced state and the Head Line, Heart Line, as well as the Mount of Mercury or Budh Parvat, must also remain in a favourable condition for a well-balanced life.

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Tips To Get Rid Of Mental Stress

Here we are telling you some easy steps to avoid or overcome tension and reduce stress. These are as follows

Yoga & Exercises

Yoga and exercise are the best way to relieve mental stress. Physical exercises are most effective when it comes to overcoming your frustration. Doing yoga and exercises regularly helps to build one’s body and mind and releases Endorphins in our body and produces feel-good hormones. This is an excellent and easy way to reduce mental stress.


Meditation awakens one’s mental consciousness and brings peace to the mind. According to Psychology, Meditation is very beneficial for the body and mind. This increases one’s concentration power. It is advantageous to practice the Gyan Mudra by touching your thumb and index finger while all three fingers remain straight. 

Regular Schedule

If you want to avoid stress, then follow a regular, disciplined time-table. Regular routine refers to eating, drinking and sleeping on time. Apart from this, you should also add several activities in the daily routine that can help make you physically and mentally strong. If you succeed in doing this, then surely you will be tension free.

Nutritional Diet

Our body gets energy from food. While the nature of food affects our state of mind and approach. Hence, follow a nutritious diet to remain mentally fit. Where in the present times people are obsessed with fast foods and consuming it to the extent of getting ill, following a well-balanced diet can do wonders.

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Enough Sleep

Adequate sleep keeps a man healthy. According to the study, every person should get at least seven to eight hours of sleep in a day. This makes a person happy and mentally healthy as well.


Positive thoughts can sometimes be the biggest solution when dealing with difficult situations in life. However, things can become difficult if one thinks negatively. 

Social Relationship

Live harmoniously with everyone in the society and maintain good relations with your relatives. Familial happiness can be measured in no value. So, maintain good communication with your loved ones, friends and relatives.

Staying Away From Toxic Substances

Often people get habitual of toxic substances while dealing with stressful situations in life, which isn’t ideal as well as appropriate. Drugs affect one’s body and mind in a bad way and only add to the stress level rather reducing it. Hence you are advised to stay away from alcohol, cigarettes, drugs etc. for your own betterment.


Experts believe that any source of entertainment can reduce stress. So if you feel worried or stressed, then resort to entertainment like watching TV, listening to Radio or singing.

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Astrology Tips Cure Mental Stress

Mental stress is a serious problem and some specific astrology-based remedies have been suggested:

  • To strengthen the Moon in the horoscope, you should respect your mother and adorn silver on your body.
  • You should use silver utensils when you eat or drink anything, as it is said to incur desired results.
  • For strengthening Mercury, feed either green spinach and fodder to Gaumata or Sabut Moong Pulse on Wednesday.
  • On Wednesday, seek the blessings of young girls and offer something nice to eunuchs as a gift.
  • If the Moon in the birth chart is afflicted by Saturn, then make donations to pacify Saturn such as donating Chhaya Patra on Saturday and offer flour to the ants.
  • If you are suffering from illness due to the influence of Rahu, then you should donate black sesame seeds on Wednesday evening, feed Roti or bread to a black-colored dog and recite Bhairava Chalisa.
  • If Mars seems to be the cause of mental stress, then you are advised to donate blood on Tuesday or plant a pomegranate tree in a park or temple. 
  • Strengthen the placement of the lord of the fourth and fifth house of your kundli.

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You should adopt these simple hacks to avoid mental stress. They will help you to overcome your problems and emerge healthy. Apart from this, you can also seek medical counseling or our astrological services.


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