Mars Transit & the Fate of All The12 Zodiac Signs

The red planet, Mars is going to transit in Taurus on 22nd of Feb 2021. The worst thing about this transit is that it is going to join Rahu in Transit. It is not good for people globally, but in the horoscope of India this will be happening in the ascendant house. Mars will be in the star of the Sun. 

We can see a sudden rise of unlawful activities and also police taking their righteous steps. We are passing through a time in India where antinationals are being decorated by many people and there are plans unearthed by the defence and police of such people. 

There will be public agitations on the rise. There can be news of the sudden demise of a female poster personality which can be from politics or  entertainment or hospitality domain. People will be agitated at large and social media will be full of nonsense  as usual. There will be a sudden spike in Corona  Cases globally and in India too, a new strain may be found. 

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Coming to the 12 zodiac natives and how this is going to impact them. Read the predictions given below. 

Aries: There will be disputes in the family. You may quarrel with your relatives over petty things. There can be miscommunication or confusion over something. You need to keep your anger in control. Minor health issues will be there. 

Taurus: You may suffer from mild headaches. You will lose your control many times. Do not try to dominate others to do as you want them to do. There will be some grave misunderstanding with the spouse. Think twice before you speak anything. Career will be running at a good pace this time. 

Gemini: Support will come from far off places. You may establish friendship with people in foreign lands. Be careful at work as you may get reprimanded seriously for mistakes. There will be sudden expenses due to health or luxury items. 

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Cancer: Health will be on a toss. Be careful otherwise you will be in a hospital cooling off. There are chances of minor accidents or bruises. Friends will be very helpful this time. You will enjoy time with friends and parties will be there. You may indulge into some type of unlawful activity. 

Leo: You will get name and fame in this time. Your business will thrive. Your work will be appreciated. You will take bold decisions to finish things. You will emerge as a leader in this time. In the last phase there will be expenses beyond your control. You will have travels which will not prove useful. 

Virgo: A long and wasteful travel is there, better avoid it if you can as there will be no gains. You will have a scuffle with your father, teacher or Guru. You may go through a change in your philosophical ideologies. You may change your views about spirituality. You may get into controversy for something put up by you in social media. 

Libra: This is going to be worse for you as Mars will be transiting in your 8th house and also rules your 7th house. So be careful at home and do not try to show off much at home. There will surely be quarrels for no reason. There can be food related health issues so avoid eating food at cheap places. You may fall prey to food poisoning. Your love matters will be in turmoil. 

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Scorpio: There can be some sex related issue. You will not be able to enjoy your sex life properly. There will be anger issues. You will have aggression and no logic in this time for almost all the things you will do so be in your senses as much as you can. You may make a wrong financial decision at this time. Career wise time looks okay but not very promising. 

Sagittarius: You may have to undertake travels this time for work. There can be change in your job. You will have enemies but they will not be able to do any harm to you. You are prone to get viral disease so be careful if you are going through the Dasha Antara or Pratyantar of Rahu. Otherwise the health will be good mostly. There will be a sudden benefit of some kind in this time. 

Capricorn: There can be problems in your love life; severe acidity may trouble you at this time. Remain sober as much as you can. You will have a good time with friends but your love life may get disturbed. Avoid property purchase at this time. You should hold on your stock investment for a while. 

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Aquarius: You will do good in your workplace. There will be improved technical knowhow shown from your side. Your social media activities will grow. You will be more inquisitive in this time and also critical of things happening in your country.  There will be short travels done by you. You may visit your native place at this time.

Pisces: You will have problems in your gadgets. You may lose your mobile phone or memory card. You will be undertaking useless travels. Luck will ditch you. You will have pain in your back and in your spine. Cervical pain may also come in this time. You should not lend money to anyone at this time. Avoid any major payment. 

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