Mars Retro In Gemini Soon Will Form Shadashtak Yoga!

Mars Retro In Gemini will take place soon and its impact will be seen on the nation-world and different zodiac signs. This blog by AstroSage will enlighten you with the effect of this transit, along with its impact on the share market. Read till the end to find out more!

Time Duration Of Mars Retrograde In Gemini

According to the Hindu calendar, the red planet Mars recently changed its zodiac sign on 16th October 2022 and during this time it moved from Taurus (the sign of Venus) to Mercury’s sign Gemini. But now it will retrograde in Gemini just after 15 days from its transit. This retrograde of Mars in Gemini will happen on 30th October 2022, at 18:19 pm on Sunday. So, retrograde Mars will remain there till 13th November 2022 and after that, it will make its retro transit in Taurus.

In astrology, “Vakri” or “Retrograde” means “moving backward”. During this, when a planet is seen from the earth, it seems to be moving backward at a normal speed, which we call the retrograde of that planet in astrology. If we talk about the retrograde of Mars, then every two years, Mars moves in retrograde motion for about two- two and a half months, which has special effects with special importance.

According to the experts of AstroSage, whenever Mars, the benefactor of anger, might, aggression, etc., makes it’s retrograde, then its effect works to increase irritability, anger, frustration, and aggression in the nature of the person. That’s why our senior astrologer’s advice is to take precautions during this time and the person should channel his extra energy in the right direction from the very beginning. So let us now understand in detail the bad and the good effects of Mars Retrograde on the country and the world.

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Mars Will Retrograde In Gemini

If we understand the third sign of the zodiac chart “Gemini”, then this zodiac sign is owned by the 11th planet, Mercury. According to the Planet Friendship or Graha Maitri Chakra, Mars has enmity with Mercury, and now on 30th October, Mars will retrograde in the sign of its enemy, Gemini. In such a situation, this position of Mars will prove to be less favorable than usual. However, due to the influence of other planets on Mars during this period, the results may be slightly different. But only by looking at the position of Mars and its effect on the horoscope of each person, clear information related to this retrograde of Mars can be obtained.

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The Effect of Retro Mars Worldwide From The Astrologer’s Point of View

Effect of retrograde Mars on Gemini

  • During this time Mars will start retrograde motion from its enemy planet Mercury’s sign Gemini. As a result, negative changes will be seen in the nature of Gemini natives.
  • They may have problems related to the issue of anger and aggression.
  • Due to an increase in ego, there will be a break in the career.
  • Participating in sports activities other than academics will affect your image. There is also a possibility of some people getting hurt during this time.
  • Mars presence in the Ascendant house will aspect your marriage i.e. the seventh house during this time.
  • Married natives will appear somewhat dissatisfied.
  • If the native wants to do a love marriage, then the period will be unfavorable for him.

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Mars- Saturn Shadashtak Yoga

  • When Mars will start its retrograde motion on 30th October, then its already formed Shadashtak Yoga with Saturn will also be affected to some degree.
  • Shadashtak Yoga means when the relation of the distance between two zodiac signs becomes 6-8.
  • Due to the formation of this Mars-Saturn Shadashtak Yoga, there will be chances of disasters.
  • Especially during this time, many natives may have to face many troubles and accidents.
  • This yoga will work to increase natural calamities and mutual disputes between nations.

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Effect of retrograde Mars on India and the world

  • When Mars will start its retrograde motion in Gemini, then Mercury will show its effect across the country while entering the constellation.
  • The horoscope of independent India is of Cancer ascendant and Mars retrograde in Gemini will be in the twelfth house from Cancer.
  • As a result of this, the people of the country will appear worried about their expenses.
  • Fear of unemployment in youth can give them mental stress.
  • However, during this period India will be seen taking steps towards strengthening its relations with many big countries.
  • With this there can also be a secret agreement or deal related to the purchase of energy and weapons of a big country with India.
  • The central government can adopt good economic policies.

Effect of retrograde Mars on the stock market

  • Mars Retrograde in Gemini will make chances of a sudden rise in prices of cotton, linseed, wheat, cardamom, moong dal, pistachio, and other red items in the retail market.
  • At the same time, there will be a lot of rising in the shares of the banking, gold, silver, and energy sector in the stock markets too.
  • So, cutting profits during this time will prove to be a better option for you.

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