Mars Direct in Pisces : Know what’s in store for all!

Mars is a planet with a lot of energy and represents the will power for getting things done. It is fiery which also symbolizes personal power and vitality to do something and your ability to take action. Mars is the planet which is very impulsive, explosive and spontaneous in nature. Mars represents anger, passion and energy drive within us. Mars also relates to logic, courage, initiative, assertiveness, conflict, military matters, siblings and voice. 

On November 14, Mars directs in Pisces, it is the sign of the water element and it is ruled by planet Jupiter, while Jupiter and Mars are considered to be friendly to each other. The transit of Mars in the Moon sign of a friendly planet is considered to be very important in terms of money, career in financial terms. This change can reverse the fate of many moon signs. from November 14 to December 24, Mars will be in the sign of Pisces, giving us the strength to let go of what needs to dissolve while attempting to hold on what is valuable. 

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This same day also happens to be the day of Diwali, the festival of lights. If you wish to know more about this day and all the upcoming festivities, then go ahead and click this link. 

Mars rules two zodiac signs Aies and Scorpio. Whenever Mars transit in its own sign it has a special impact on that sign. Its impact increases even more if it is transiting in its own house. Mars goes direct in November and it will be a deep breath of relief. Still in Pisces, Mars is finally coming out of its retrograde motion and can once again bring his more favourable qualities in light. Mars in Pisces is a good transit as the water acts to cool down the heat that Mars contains. Mars that has been retrograde will go direct in pisces on November 14. And whenever a planet changes its direction, its stations or standstill for a while. This is the point when its energies are intense and at peak. Mars retrograde had surfaced anger and hostility from the past and with the planet now going direct, we can now focus on how to heal it. It is time to understand the reason for this anger, process it and finally let it go.

Let’s see the impact of Mars direct in Pisces for all the moon signs:


Mars in Aries will give benefit to you in the financial sector with this means you could be well coming in a race, new job or lucrative clients during this time and you will finally feel energised after months of exhaustion. It is advised that you should follow it to grow closer with someone special to you. This is an excellent time that will support teamwork and requests for support. For Aries natives, this is the time, you must pay more attention to your health. Stay away from an unhealthy diet during this festive season and you should engage yourself in physical activities.


Natives of Taurus sign can benefit from being direct of Mars. Those who have been waiting to get some awards or recognition for a long time, their wait is over and they will get some recognition. Financially your economic status can improve and your career can be accelerated. Relationship wise, you will be getting benefit from your spouse. You want only goodness in your life and wont go near anything that is negative or has bad energy attached to it which will keep you mentally and physically fit.

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Gemini natives have to take care while utilising the resources, speaking of which and what are your financial agendas and how to spend it should be taken care of. You will think of a fresh perspective for your job or you can also change your job during this transit. Be mindful and do not take your anger out on your friends or family,  while you are in an uncomfortable process of grief and transformation during this transit.


For Cancer natives, this transit could bring shocking, exciting or spontaneous development . Your career will finally see more progress this month, as Mars wakes up mid month and will begin to move forward it will highlight your productivity. However, before you are ready to take on a new project, take proper rest and energise yourself. For those who are thinking about getting higher education, this change of Mars will prove to be a little troublesome. For Cancer natives, Mars going in Pisces can be very auspicious. The transit of Mars can provide you with child happiness to children without any problems. You will get new energies from this effect.


During the Mars planet directed into Pisces, you must be aware and conscious of your surroundings. Sudden losses are possible emotionally and financially are on the charts. Be alert and refrain from any action that will welcome trouble during this time. Another major factor will be that you will be focusing more on home and family and there are chances that you will be spending time renovating or fixing up the space that you will be spending time during the Mars direct into Pisces, you must be aware and conscious of your surroundings. Sudden losses, emotionally and financially are on the cards.. If for some reason the situation regarding a Family appears, be sure to step out and show your support. 


For Virgo natives, this period will be a new phase of finding ways to analyse and express yourself as it will become much easier for you. If there are any analytical or technical skills that you want to learn or improve on, find a seminar or workshop. Relationship wise, you will feel the stability. Therefore tap into your sensual side and explore what intimacy means to you and to your partner. The transit will demand a lot of sacrifice from you. Be it emotionally or financially, you will have to give up a lot, whether you like it or not. As this period is not favourable for you, you should also refrain from making decisions that will affect you in the long run.


For Libra natives, this is the time when you get to gain some benefits. You will be able to overcome all your challenges and will learn to face your fears. If you have been hesitant in making investments, you can do it now as the time favours you. However, you need to show little concern for your health too. Mars has been giving you an intense focus upon your partnership in recent months and has given tensions and conflict however, when Mars is direct you will have more opportunity by the end of the year to work better as a team.

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For Scorpio natives, you will feel yourself getting back on track. Single natives will have a chance to meet a new partner with long-term potential. you will feel stronger and more confident now. Financially the period will be favourable for you and there will be new income sources by the end of the year. Full support will be given by your friends, relatives and community. It is advised to involve physical activities to your routine so that your mind  thoughts with clarity and your health also remain perfectly fine.


For Sagittarius natives, the transit of Mars proves to be auspicious. If you have been thinking about buying or selling a property for a very long time, then you will get success at this time. If you are involved in the field of marketing, then you will easily meet your targets during this period. A big deal can be finalised at this time. When doing business in partnership, there may be some differences with partners so be cautious. It is a good time for investing and gaining profits, there will be good opportunities coming your way. However, Sagittarius natives will be at their heights of success at this time.


For Capricorn natives, the directness of Mars into Pisces will be beneficial as you will possess great logical power and intellect, this time will give you more understanding of different situations. Professionally, you are on the way to find success, while emotionally you will also learn to be more strong. Healthwise you are more inclined to staying healthy during this festive environment. Mars will give you courage and valour. Your power will increase. This placement of Mars will make you ambitious and will give you the ability to focus and give you full efforts, which will lead you in the right direction and get success. 

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Aqauarius natives will explore the evolution of your voice, you’re awakened to the fact that you now have the toll in the power to take your career to wherever you want to go. Professional life will be strong during this period and you will finally see matters speeding up. This phase will highlight your domestic and family life and you will be handling situations with regard to your family. 


For Pisces natives, You will encourage yourself to move in a new direction and you will be focusing on improving your writing, speaking and communication skills. during this time you will be possessing great logical powers and intellect, this time will give you more understanding of different situations. You are on the road to find success, while emotionally you will learn to be more strong. it is advised, to trust your heart, breathe through any fear that comes up, and trust that what universe brings to you is because it’s meant for you.

Mars direct in Pisces and Transit in Aries : Wordly Affair

Mars being direct in Pisces will convert the retrograde heat and energy of Mars into positivity.

And then with Mars moving into Aries will bring a lot of changes in the world. As we all know, Mars is the significator of aggression, energy and for youth. Aries is the survival sign,so wherever Mars is in Aries it will be the beginning of something new. Hence, youth in the world are going to start something new, not very easy as Mars is natural malefic soyou can expect Riots specially in the states of Maharashtra and Bihar. Secondally, as Mars generates a lot of energy therefore people who have been quarantined for so long will finally break free in this phase, Restaurants that have been closed for a long time will now open and those already open will see growth and progress this transit. Schools and colleges are also going to open as Mars will enter into aries.Business related to Import and export will also grow and see success in this period.One can also see changes in the state government with Mars transit in Aries. Coronavirus is going to end up in phases just the way it started, it is not going to end up suddenly from January as vaccines/medicine will be coming up for Coronavirus. It has already been coming earlier but now it will start showing results as Mars will bring positive heat and energy now.

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