Markesh Yoga: If You Don’t Perform These Remedies, It May Lead To Death!

Markesh Yoga blog is especially helpful for people who wish to know everything about this deadly Yoga. Markesh Yoga is extremely dangerous and leads to unfortunate situations in a person’s life. If this Yoga is forming in your horoscope (Kundali), then safety precautions and remedies need to be performed immediately or you might suffer from dire consequences. But what are these remedies? And how is this yoga formed in the horoscope? What all can happen because of this Yoga? All these questions will be answered through this Markesh Yoga blog by AstroSage which has especially been prepared by our learned astrologer to enlighten you with all necessary information.

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Let’s start by understanding the meaning of Markesh Yoga.

Markesh Yoga: Meaning & Formation 

Markesh Yoga is an inauspicious Yoga or Dosha, which when present in the horoscope can give many challenges to the native. It is formed when the position of planet or planets in the charts is as such that they become capable of giving life threatening troubles to an individual. If you wish to know about Markesh Yoga in your Kundali, then you will have to study your second, seventh, eighth, tenth, and twelfth houses as these are the houses known as Markesh. In astrology, the eighth house in a person’s horoscope reveals his/her age (life). According to the calculations of astrology, the third house is also regarded as the house of life. The seventh and the second house is dedicated to death. The 12th house in the Kundali is the house of expenses, and the diseases are identified from this house, so considering this house is also important. This Yoga is also created with the debilitated Ascendant and exalted ruling lords of 2nd and 7th houses.

In Astrology, when the planets in a person’s horoscope are in such a position that they make him/her suffer or lead to death or death-like experiences then it is known as Markesh. A person who has Markesh Yoga in their charts is advised to be careful as in their lifetime, they go through a lot of mental, physical, and even emotional problems. 

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When among all planets, one becomes Markesh due to certain circumstances, it is known as the Marak Planet.

-Venus is Marka for Aries Ascendant

-Mars is Marka for Taurus Ascendant

-Jupiter is Marka for Gemini Ascendant

-Saturn is Marka for Cancer and Leo Ascendant

-Jupiter is Marka for Virgo Ascendant

-Mars is Marka for Libra Ascendant

-Venus is Marka for Scorpio Ascendant

-Mercury is Marka for Sagittarius Ascendant

-Moon is Marka for Capricorn Ascendant

-Sun is Marka for Aquarius Ascendant

-Mercury is Marka for Pisces Ascendant

Now let’s know what all problems an individual has to face when they have Markesh Yoga in their horoscope.

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Markesh Yoga In Kundli: Impact

  • Markesh Yoga is deadly and if a native fails to do remedies to get rid of it, it might lead to his/her death.
  • A person loses their respect and reputation in the society.
  • They incur loss in professional life, business, etc.
  • Such a native falls sick often and incurs incurable diseases.
  • It brings misfortune in various aspects of life.
  • Such individuals bear intense sufferings and unhappiness.
  • During the Marak period, there are greater chances of unnatural and abnormal death.
  • Markesh Yoga can even turn a ‘Prince into Pauper”

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Eliminate Markesh Yoga With These 6 Unfailing Remedies

  • A person with Markesh Yoga in their horoscope must worship Lord Shiva.
  • They must also perform Rudrahishek of Mahadev on Monday.
  • Such natives must recite the Mahamrityunjay Mantra half a million times.
  • If you have Markesh Yoga in your charts, you must recite Hanuman Chalisa and Sunderkand every Tuesday.
  • They must donate items related to Markesh Yoga.
  • Must recite Rog Nashak Mantra once on a rosary daily. 

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