Makar Sankranti Special Zodiac Wise Predictions

Makar Sankranti is considered to be an important festival of Hinduism as the Sun advances towards the Northern direction (Uttarayan) after completing its journey in the Southern direction (Dakshinayan). The period of Uttarayan commences from the transit of the Sun.  The journey of the Sun from Capricorn to Gemini is known as Uttarayan and the day on which the Sun transits in Capricorn is known as Makar Sankranti.  

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As per the Panchang, it is the time when the Sun transits in Capricorn and as per Vedic astrology, this transit is extremely important. The period of Kharmas ends with this transit. Bathing in holy rivers, performing donations holds high significance on this very day. The festival of Makar Sankranti is going to be celebrated on January 14, Thursday , during Vikram Samvat 2077, Shaka Samvat 1942. The bath of Kumbh on this day is going to be a royal one.  The festivals like Pongal, Magha Bihu, Makaravilakku will also be celebrated on the same day. Performing donation on this very day gives you many time returns.       

Makar Sankranti Puja Muhurat and Tithi

January 14, 2021 i.e. Thursday

Punya Kaal Muhurat :08:03:07 to 12:30:00

Duration : 4 Hour 26 Minute

Mahapunya Kaal Muhurat :08:03:07 to 08:27:07

Duration : 0 Hour 24 Minute

Sankranti Moment : 08:03:07

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Horoscope for Makar Sankranti

This day is considered to be important because of the movement of the Sun. This transit of the Sun in Capricorn is going to be very effective on the natives of all zodiac signs. Let us go through the impact as per your zodiac sign.   


The day of Makar Sankranti is going to be fruitful for Aries’ natives. They will succeed in their work and become financially strong. They will also progress at their workplace and get time to meet their friends. There might be opportunities of financial benefits from the government sector and they will experience a feeling of happiness. 


People of this zodiac are advised to be careful on Makar Sankranti as they are likely to face problems in the government sector. They will participate in religious activities with great enthusiasm. There will remain ups and downs at the workplace. Any auspicious activity might be done on this very day.  


The natives of Gemini zodiac sign are advised to be careful about their health as some problems might take place. There will be enhancement in their courage and energy.  There might be some conflict in business with their business partner.  

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As per the horoscope of Makar Sankranti, there will be strong possibilities for financial benefits for the natives of this very sign. They will be revered in the society. The students might face some challenges in their studies. Also, some of the natives will remain busy in travelling and there might be a quarrel with a child.  


Talking about the people of this zodiac sign, there will be strong possibilities of getting good financial benefits. They might be stressed owing to some reason. There will be conjunctions of getting jobs and buying property. They will succeed in government sector.    


The day of Makar Sankranti is giving indications of hindrances in works and therefore, the natives will need to work carefully. There will be a situation of tension in your married life. They will face problems if they try to work in a hurry.       

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The natives of this zodiac sign are advised to be careful towards their health related problems. There are possibilities of stomach related diseases. They need not fall in family quarrels and avoid mental stress. They will get work through good understanding and will have good opportunities in business.   


The duration of Makar Sankranti is going to be fruitful for this very sign. The natives will have good financial benefits and there will be peace and happiness in their family. They will be associated with new people in their life and get the benefits. 


People of this zodiac sign need to be careful as there are possibilities of financial losses. They are advised to invest wisely. Do not lend money to anyone. There will be an enhancement in courage and this will help the natives work dedicatedly. Those who are associated with writing, will get special benefits. 


People of this zodiac sign will make different dishes at home on the day of Makar Sankranti. There will be an improvement in their health. They will succeed in their work if they give their best. They might travel a long journey. They might spend money on buying electronic items, gadgets etc. 


Aquarius’ people will get tense due to some reason. They will benefit financially to some extent. They will spend time in travelling and pay attention towards entertainment. There will be some expenditure on comforts and the students will get good results in the examination.


Makar Sankranti prediction states that there will be conjunctions of financial benefits for people of this zodiac sign. There will be an enhancement in their respect and reputation. Their fate will favour them and this will help them succeed in several fields.  

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