On Magha Purnima, Lord Vishnu Resides In Gangajal; Read To Know More!

In the Sanatan Religion, the month of Magha holds a significant place and the month has started as well. In this month donation, bathing in the holy Ganga and worshiping takes precedence, and are considered to be very auspicious and important. Besides this, the full moon date is also considered to be quite significant. The last date of the month of Magha is known by the names of Magha Purnima, or Maghi Purnima. 

Even though Purnima of every month is considered pious when we look through the lens of worship, the full Moon of Magha month has an elevated and religious significance. It is believed that on this day, Lord Vishnu resides in Gangajal and blesses his devotees when they take a dip in holy Ganga. By engaging in this ritual it is believed that one gets rid of all the sins. Along with this, by doing charity on the day of Magha Purnima gives the person the same benefit as that of a Mahayagya. 

The month of Magha was earlier known by the name of Madha. The meaning of Madha is directly related to one of the forms of Lord Krishna, which is known as Madhav. In this pious month, pilgrimage, bathing in holy rivers, and worshiping Maa Ganga, Lord Vishnu, and the Sun is known to be quite auspicious. 

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Magha Purnima 2023: Tithi And Muhurat

According to scriptures, observing fasts and bathing is paramount on the day of Magha Purnima. This time the donation and bathing of Magha Purnima will be done on 5th February 2023, Sunday. On this day, the Ravi Pushya Nakshatra will also be formed.

Magha Purnima Tithi Beginning: 4th February 2023, Saturday from 09:33 pm

Magha Purnima Tithi Ending: 6th February 2023, Monday till 12:01 pm. 

Magha Purnima 2023 Sunrise: 5th February at 07:07 am. 

Magha Purnima 2023 Sunset: 5th February at 06:03 pm. 

Why Magha Purnima Is So Crucial? 

According to religious beliefs, Magha Purnima originated from the name of Magha Nakshatra which is one of the Nakshatras among the 27 Nakshatras. According to the legendary lore it is believed that in the month of Magha, Gods and Goddesses come down to earth and take human forms. They take bath in holy rivers, worship, and donate in their human forms. On this day, the worship of Lord Vishnu is done and those devotees who worship Lord Vishnu with complete and proper rituals get endowed with his endless blessings. According to the holy scriptures, when Pushya Nakshatra is formed on this day, then its significance increases manifold.

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Magha Purnima 2023: Worship Methods

After learning the significance of Magh Purnima, let’s know about the correct method of worship during this day: 

  • The devotee should take a bath in the holy Ganga in the Brahma Muhurat on the day of Magha Purnima. If you cannot take a Ganga bath, then you can put some Gangajal in the water and bathe with that. 
  • After the bath, recite this Mantra: oṃ namo nārāyaṇāya and while reciting this Mantra offer water to the Sun. 
  • After this stand facing the Sun, and put sesame in water, and then offer that to the Sun. Following this, continue with your worship.
  • For the Bhog ritual, offer Charanamrit, Paan, sesame seeds, Moli, Roli, Kumkum, fruits, flowers, Panchgavya, betel nut, Durvas etc. to Shri Hari Lord Vishnu.
  • In the end, do Aarti and ask for forgiveness from Lord Vishnu for all the mistakes that you might have made, intentionally or unintentionally. 
  • On the day of Purnima, besides worshiping the Moon, one should also worship Goddess Lakshmi, the giver of wealth; as it is considered highly fruitful. 

The Importance Of Bathing In Holy Ganga

According to beliefs, it is said that Gods descend on the Earth and reside here. On this day, Lord Vishnu himself takes a bath in the holy Ganga. That is why the importance of taking a bath in the Ganga river is considered very auspicious on the day of Magha Purnima. It is also said that when one bathes in the Ganga river on this day gets relief from all physical ailments. The devotee attains a place in a heavenly abode and gets rid from all the sins. 

Donate These Things On Magha Purnima

Lord Vishnu is pleased on the day of Magha Purnima when one does meditation and worship after taking a bath. Donating on this day takes precedence, and donations of cow, sesame, jaggery, and blanket on this day is considered auspicious. Besides this, one can also donate food, clothes, Ghee, fruits, and Ladoo (sweets). The devotees along with their family and close ones should listen to the narrative of Lord Satyanarayan

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Do Not Engage In These Works On Magha Purnima

If you want to take full advantage of your worship on Magh Purnima, you should also be aware of the things or activities that are prohibited on this day. So let’s take a note of these activities:  

  • Any kind of Tamasic food and alcohol should not be consumed on the pious day of Magha Purnima. Besides this, one should stay away from consuming onion, and garlic as well. 
  • On the day of Purnima, the effect of the Moon is at its highest, and due to that a person gets emotional and excited. Under such a condition avoid getting roused and angry. 
  • If you have observed this fast, then avoid engaging in gossip and saying any wrong things about anybody because by doing so the person commits sin and he does not receive the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi. 
  • On the pious day of Magha Purnima, do avoid quarreling at home. If one engages in tension and quarrels, then it brings negativity in the house. 

Ancient Lore About The Fast Of Magha Purnima

According to the ancient lore, a brahmin resided in Kantika Nagar, and his name was Dhaneshwar. He used to live his life by asking for donations and he did not have any children. One day Dhaneshwar was with his wife asking for donations, when people accused his wife of being infertile and started mocking her and also refused to give him donations. Dhaneshwar’s wife was greatly saddened by this incident, and then someone advised her to worship Goddess Kali for 16 days. The Brahmin couple worshiped Goddess Kali for 16 days with complete rituals. Then being impressed by their devotion, Goddess Kali herself appeared on the 16th day and blessed the couple, so that they could have children. Goddess Kali told his wife to light a lamp on every Purnima, and also asked her to increase the number of lamps with every Purnima. Goddess Kali also told the couple to observe the fast on Magha Purnima. 

The Brahmin couple observed the fast and lit the lamps on the day of Magha Purnima, as the Goddess Kali told them. By following the instructions of Goddess Kali, Dhaneshwar’s wife was able to conceive, and then she gave birth to a baby boy. They kept the name of the baby boy as Devdas, and he was short-lived. As Devdas grew up, he was sent to study at Kashi with his Uncle (maternal). At Kashi Devdas accidentally got married, and sometime later death arrived at his door. When death arrived that day it was Purnima and the couple kept a fast for their son, on the day of Purnima. So due to their fast, death could not take away their son and he was granted life. We learn that by observing the fast on the day of Purnima, the devotees get relief from all kinds of problems.  

Magha Purnima 2023: Remedies 

  • Planting Tulsi (Holy Basil) on the day of Magha Purnima is considered very auspicious. On this day worship Tulsi and then light a Ghee lamp, by doing so Goddess Lakshmi is pleased and all your wishes will be fulfilled. 
  • On the day of Magha Purnima, one must worship Goddess Lakshmi along with Lord Vishnu. Before commencing the worship, tie Raksha Sutra on a betel nut (Supari), then apply Roli or sandalwood on it and then add Rice (Akshat). After worship keep the betel nut in your vault, and by doing so you will never face any financial shortage. 
  • One must recite Kanakadhara Stotra of Sri Sukta to receive the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi on the day of Magha Purnima. By doing so special blessings are granted to the worshiper by Goddess Lakshmi. 
  • On the night of Magha Purnima, offer Gangajal mixed in Sugar candy (Mishri) to Goddess Lakshmi and offer Kheer to the Moon. You can also offer Kheer to Goddess Laskhmi. By doing so, peace and prosperity will be maintained in your home.  

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