Loss in Business? Perform These Remedies On The First Lunar Eclipse Of 2022!

In Astrology the way shuffling of planets and stars affect human life, similarly, celestial events like the eclipse also show its impact on human beings in some ways. Now we are going to explain to you about the first lunar eclipse of the year, its negative impacts, and the remedies to overcome it. 

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According to Indian Calender, this Lunar Eclipse will occur on 16 May, 2022 at 8:59 a.m and will last till 10:23 a.m which will affect all the natives.      

Let us know about the remedies to decrease or overcome the inauspicious effects of lunar eclipse. Because in astrological view, it is believed that with the help of this eclipse you will not only get benefits, but also attain success in business.                 

Remedies To Remove The Negative Effects Of  Lunar Eclipse:

  1. Donate white things like pearl, silver, rice, flour, sugar, camphor, white clothes, white flowers, shell or conch, milk, curd, etcetera. Because by doing this, the moon will strengthen in your horoscope and also you will get rid of mental stress. 
  2. After the Lunar Eclipse, serve rice and wheat flour to ants.  
  3. Before the occurrence of Lunar Eclipse, keep a mud pot filled with water on the terrace for birds. 
  4. During the eclipse, reciting and chanting the Moon Mantras will remove every kind of Dosha or eclipse effect in your horoscope. 
  5. During the Lunar Eclipse, by performing Online Ritual for Lunar Eclipse Effect Removal, you can get rid of mental stress. 
  6. After the eclipse is over, visit a temple and worship Lord Shiva.  

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Effective Remedies For Success in Business:  

According to the Astrosage Astrologers, even the small remedies performed during the lunar eclipse are effective for human life. Especially, if you are facing loss in business, then this Lunar Eclipse can provide you relief from every type of problem in your business. However, you just need to perform a small remedy for this:     

  • For this remedy, you have to take a bath and wear white or red clothes before the Lunar Eclipse.  
  • After that, sit on a clean stool facing towards the north direction in the Pooja Ghar.   
  • When the eclipse period begins, then at that time light a lamp of Jasmine oil.  
  • After this, in your right hand take Rudraksha Beads and in the left hand take 5 Gomati Chakra.   
  • Now while chanting the name of Maa Bhagwat Kali and Lord Shiva, read the Mantra on one bead: “Om krim kalike svaha Om”.
  • After the chanting, keep Gomati Chakras in a box.  
  • Now take 5 grains of Hakik, 5 grains of lentils, and while chanting the name of Maa Bhagvati Kali and Lord Shiva, read the Mantra on one bead: “Om krim kalike svaha Om ”.   
  • After that, keep these grains also in the same box and fill it with Sindoor.           
  • Now blow off the Jasmine lamp and pour its oil into the same box. 
  • Then after the eclipse period, keep this box in the Pooja Ghar of your office or your workplace.     

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Remedy for Business Benefits:   

If you are going through the financial crisis, you are advised to perform these easy remedies during the lunar eclipse: 

  • Before the eclipse, take a bath and wear clean yellow clothes.
  • With the beginning of the eclipse period, sit on a stool facing towards the North direction in Pooja Ghar 
  • Then make a Swastika or Om of saffron on a wooden post (Chowki). 
  • Place Mahalaxmi Yantra on the Swastika or Om.  

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  • After this place a tray in front of it and place a conch (Shankh) on the tray. 
  • Then take a handful of rice and color them in saffron. 
  • Then pour  these coloured rice on Shankh.     
  • After this, before the Yantra, light a lamp of ghee and chant  Sphatik Mala.      

siddhi buddhi prade devi bhukti mukti pradayini

mantra pute sada devi mahalakshmi namostute|| 

  • Now after the lunar eclipse, flow all this material into the flowing river or lake.   

Note: After performing this remedy, in just a few days you will notice the effect of this remedy.    

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