Are Left Handers Lucky or Unlucky? Discover Scientific and Astrological Facts

Left-handers or lefties are often considered unlucky in many cultures, including the Indian culture. We are told to accept prasad with our right hands only, and this hand is preferred for all our rituals, tilak, yagna, etc. On the flip side, our left hand is often considered impure, and many parents are seen trying to force their left-handed children to use their “correct” hand, i.e. their right hand. However, did you know that the left side of our body is associated with Shakti, the consort of Shiva, who in turn corresponds to the right side of our body? Our Hindu culture believes in the unity of duality, and it is often agreed upon that the world is a union of two halves – Shiv-Shakti, Purush-Prakriti, passive-active, and right-left. And yet, almost 12% of the entire population of the world is considered evil and sinister, because they are left-handed. But are they really unlucky?

Left Hand in Palmistry

Palmistry, the branch of astrology, associated specifically with our hands, or palms, has several accounts as to which hand should be studied. While one way says that the right hand for a man and left for a woman should be seen, another method claims that our active hand (the hand with which we write, eat, etc.) should be seen for our present and future, while our passive hand tells us about our past incidents and habits. In no way is the left hand claimed to be bad as per this branch of astrology.

Let us discuss some scientific and astrological facts on this topic and then, you can decide for yourself, whether the left-handed are lucky or unlucky?

Know What The Palm Lines Say About You

What Astrology Has to Say About Left-Handers

  • As per Vedic Astrology, the left part of a woman’s body is considered to be auspicious and sacred, which is why during marriage, the woman is seated on the man’s left.
  • It is commonly seen that if the Third house has a major impact of Mercury and Saturn, such a person may become a lefty.
  • The third house in our kundli signifies our hands, and the impact of Mercury, the natural ruler of this house, is one of the main reasons behind a person being left-handed.
  • The presence of Mercury in a left-handed native’s third house helps improve his/her communication.
  • Their younger siblings, neighbours, and relatives are very supportive and their relations are really good. Their support automatically brings luck to such natives’ lives.
  • The ninth house is the house of luck, which is seventh from Mercury’s natural third house, and the relationship between them creates miracles and be very lucky for lefties.
  • As our cardiac system is present on our left side, it is the softer or the feminine, which should be taken care of. Being feminine does not mean being weak, rather denotes being more receptive and sensitive.

Scientific Facts About the Left-Handers

  • Our genetics decide whether we will be left-handed or right-handed, specifically, the LRRTM1 gene increases the chances of a person being lefty, and handedness is often inherited as well.
  • The right hemisphere of our brain is associated with creativity, and this side is dominant in lefties, whereas the right-handers have the left-hemisphere as dominant.
  • Lefties or southpaws are considerably better in architecture, art, 3D perception, and thinking.
  • Left-handed people prevail more in many sports, like tennis, cricket, volleyball, etc.

Hope you’ve liked this article and found some interesting facts about Lefties. AstroSage wishes you all the best!


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