Effects and Benefits of Laxmi Narayan Yoga and Kalanidhi Yoga!

Many Yogas are formed in one’s horoscope with the conjunction of planets that may bring major changes in his/her life. At times, we are unaware of these Yogas but they leave an impact on our lives. So, let us talk about the two main and auspicious Yogas i.e. Laxmi Narayan and Kalanidhi Yoga and know their effects on a person’s life.

Laxmi Narayan Yoga

As per Indian astrology, Laxmi Narayan Yoga is created in Kundali with the combination of auspicious planets Mercury and Venus. The outcome acts as a benefactor of Raj Yoga. Mercury is the benefactor of intelligence, sense of humor etc. while the planet Venus is the benefactor of beauty and lust. In Laxmi Yoga, Mercury is given the place of Vishnu and Venus is given the place of Laxmi. The combination of both these planets makes a person romantic and artist.  This combination as its name signifies is very auspicious.

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This Yoga enhances peace and prosperity. The benefic aspect of the planet Jupiter on this Yoga is like icing on the cake. If this Yoga is formed in the Lagna, fifth and ninth house, then it makes a person achieve perfection in any art. If this Yoga is placed strongly in the fifth house then it makes a person intelligent. The conjunction of Venus with Mercury enhances the auspiciousness of this Yoga.

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Laxmi Narayan Yoga Showers Priceless Gifts On These Signs

As per the horoscope, the Laxmi Narayan Yoga is not favourable for the natives of Aries, Sagittarius and Pisces but remains strong and favourable for the natives of Taurus, Gemini, Virgo and Libra. Similarly, if Venus of the twelfth house is placed in any other sign except Virgo, then it creates “Bhog Yoga”. This Yoga showers all the benefits related to Venus on the natives.

Many Raj Yogas are formed owing to the position of Venus. Being powerful in all ways, the planet Venus itself is the benefactor of Raj Yoga. This Yoga is applicable for specific Ascendants, such as Venus acts as a benefactor while being the lord of luck and finances in Virgo Ascendant. Similarly, this special Raj Yoga acts as a factor in Capricorn, Aquarius Ascendant. In both the Ascendants i.e. Capricorn and Aquarius, this Yoga remains strong and free from all malefic effects of the planets and makes Raj Yoga which is the benefactor of best results.

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Kalanidhi Yoga

The natives are blessed with perfection in any art or remain under the influence of any Raj Yoga due to the formation of Kalanidhi Yoga associated with Venus. This Yoga is formed due to the combination of three planets. The benefic aspect of Jupiter in the second and fifth house is associated with the combination of Mercury and Venus, then Kalanidhi Yoga is formed. The second and fifth house is associated with art (Kala).

For this very reason, this Yoga is formed in the second and fifth house with the conjunction of Jupiter, Venus and Mercury. Like this, many auspicious Yogas are formed from the planet Venus and shower priceless gifts. The planets forming Yogas and the planets associated with them should not be inauspicious and unlucky or placed in the beginning or in the end of axis, or under unfavourable impact. Also, these planets in Navamsa Kundali should not be in a debilitated form or under the influence of malefic planets. If Mahadasha and Antardasha are favorable and auspicious for natives, then this Yoga showers priceless gifts. 

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Result of Laxmi Narayana Yoga and Inauspicious Venus

Laxmi Narayan Yoga and the planet Venus are the benefactor of beauty, attraction, peace, prosperity and entertainment. But it all depends on your Ascendant and the ruling lord of your house.  If Laxmi Narayan Yoga is in the kundli and Venus is in a debilitated state, then it gives inauspicious results and the results may not be equivalent to the results of debilitated sign. 

If this Yoga is related to Venus Ascendant, then a person will become attractive and highly entertaining. The person will be fond of leading ultra-modern life, spending a good time with friends, and enjoying a luxurious life. But if this planet is in a debilitated state in the Ascendant, then the person remains wavering and keeps extramarital relations. These relations result in his defamation and shattered character. If Venus is posited in the kundli of a woman, then they make her cheerful and carefree. But if it is in a debilitated state, then they can go to any limit for the fulfillment of their desires.

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