Kuber Vastu Mistakes Can Cost You Your Money-These 5 Remedies Can Protect You!

If you want to know about Vastu remedies that will help you attain Lord Kuber’s blessings, then this blog by AstroSage is for you! Lord Kuber is the deity of wealth and prosperity. In Hindu mythology, he signifies splendor and money. We all celebrate Dhanteras with enthusiasm, but did you know that this festival is associated with Lord Kuber? Also, Sharad Purnima is a significant event for the followers of Hinduism, which is celebrated as the birthday of Lord Kuber. There are many popular temples in India dedicated to this deity of wealth and prosperity, one of which is the Kuber Bhandari Temple in Gujarat. 

Now that we know about this God, let’s understand 9 things one should know about Kuber Vastu and the 5 Vastu remedies that will help you attain Kuber’s blessings!

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How To Attain Lord Kuber’s Blessings For A Good Fortune? 

We have briefly explained that Lord Kuber signifies splendor and riches in Hindu mythology, and he is the god of wealth and success. Lord Kuber rules the northeast direction; hence, any obstruction that collects the negative energy should be eliminated as soon as possible. To have optimal energy flow, one should maintain a clutter-free northeast area of the home.

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Attain Lord Kuber’s Blessings By Following These Tips 

  1. Location of Lockers & Safes: One should keep all their valuables in the southwest facing north or northeast. 
  2. Clutter Free Zone: According to Vastu principles, one should clean the clutter in the house and décor. One should organize their home so that energy can flow freely.
  3. Water Fountains & Small Aquariums: One should place small water objects in the northeast area of the house that will bring positive energy and money to the home. Understandably, the water in the tank or the aquarium should not be stagnant or dirty because this can hamper your financial growth. 

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  1. Location of Water Tankers: One should keep the tankers of water in the north-east or south-east corner of the house because if you install large water tankers on the wrong side, then it can result in severe headaches, chest discomfort, and stomach issues along with deteriorating mental health.
  2. Avoid Leakages: If there is water leakage anywhere in the home, it directly symbolizes the leaking of money and indicates financial losses, so avoid any water leakage in your house. If there is already any sort of leakage, then you must fix it immediately.
  3. Bathroom & Toilet Location: Toilets and bathrooms should be built separately and positioned on the northwest or northeast side of the house. Because if the toilets or bathrooms are not designed according to the Vastu, it can lead to financial losses, monetary instability, health concerns, and sleeping issues. 

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  1. The North Direction Is Promising: The Vastu zone should be painted blue. This space should be clean and free of items such as a trash can, mixer grinder, or washing machine.
  2. Place a Buddha Statue: A Buddha statue brings serenity and calmness into your home, and it adds an exotic flair to your décor. It brings positive energy and creates an aesthetic appeal to your place.
  3. Money Plants Bring Prosperity: Money plants are one of the most common things you see in homes. These plants are considered auspicious to get good results related to health and wealth.

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5 Key Vastu Remedies To Attain Kuber’s Blessings

  1. Place the cash locker in the south direction of the option as North is the direction for lord Kuber.
  2. To attract wealth, you should place a mirror in front of the cash locker to reflect the image of the vault.

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  1. Avoid taking anything for free and do not offer your services for free; just make sure there is compensation money-wise.
  2. Never keep or use any broken vessel in the house.
  3. Offer water to Lord Vishnu every Friday via a south-opening conch shell; this will please Goddess Lakshmi.

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Final Thoughts: By installing Kuber Vastu, you can encourage financial stability in your home by following these tips and remedies. Remember, it doesn’t matter if you are planning to buy a home or renovate the existing one; one needs to understand the correct Vastu direction and do decorations accordingly. 

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