Ketu’s Retrograde Motion Unleashes Miracles: Prosperity Beckons For 3 Zodiacs!

Prepare for a shower of wealth and prosperity on three zodiac signs as Ketu, the shadow planet, moves in a retrograde motion. In astrology, Ketu is considered a malefic planet that always moves in reverse. This means that when it transitions from one sign to another, it moves backward from the current sign to the previous one. Currently, Ketu is in Libra and will move into the Virgo in October. According to astrology, the results of Ketu’s transit are influenced by the lord of the house where Ketu is positioned in the birth chart.

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Ketu Will Benefit These 3 Zodiacs


The transit of Ketu in Virgo will bring abundant success to those born under this zodiac sign. Ketu will be positioned in the fifth house of the birth chart during this transit. You are likely to experience unexpected financial gains during this period. Additionally, your health will remain robust, and mental stress will diminish. There may be ups and downs in your love life, but your efforts to earn money will be successful, and your financial position will strengthen.


Leo natives will also benefit greatly from Ketu’s transit. Ketu will be positioned in the second house of your birth chart. If you have been stuck in a financial predicament, a breakthrough is possible during this period. Your desires and wishes will be fulfilled, and relationships will improve. Your social status will rise, and your words will have a significant impact on others. Your endeavors to accumulate wealth will bear fruit.

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Ketu’s transit in Virgo can prove to be highly auspicious for individuals born under Sagittarius. Ketu will be positioned in the tenth house of your birth chart, associated with career and profession. Therefore, you have the potential for tremendous success in business and employment. New opportunities may arise, and your career could reach new heights. Those in jobs may receive new opportunities as well. Your workplace may expand, and you will make progress in accumulating wealth. You will also receive support from your father.

Note: Astrological predictions are based on traditional beliefs and interpretations. It is important to remember that astrology is not an exact science, and one’s destiny is influenced by a combination of factors beyond astrological configurations.

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