Astrological Take On Jyotiraditya Scindia’s Sudden Political Move

Jyortiraditya Scindia has caused quite a stir and shock wave in the political scenario of the country by resigning from the Indian National Congress on 10th March 2020, Tuesday. This has left all aghast, be it his supporters or his opponents. But, those people who keenly follow politics knew that it was something that was inevitable, but when and how only Scindia knew.

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Astrological Analysis Of Jyotiraditya’s Horoscope

Now, Let us analyse Jyotiraditya’s stars and see what led to his resignation from the Congress party after 18 long years. As per the latest updates, he has joined the BJP or Bharatiya Janata Party at 14:56 on March 11, 2020. So, let us see what the stars have in store for him in connection with him joining the Bharatiya Janata Party and his future in politics. Some say it’s a homecoming for him as his grandmother and paternal aunts have a strong association with the BJP.

Jyotiraditya Scindia Birth Chart Analysis

scindia kundli

Jyotiraditya Scindia 

(01 Jan 1971, 10 AM, Mumbai, Maharashtra)

Jyotiraditya Scindia, the scion of the Scindia family that once ruled the Gwalior constituency and a former member of the parliament, was born on 01st January 1971, 10 AM in the morning in Mumbai. Let us now move onto the finer details of his horoscope-

  • His ascendant is governed by the sign Capricorn whose lord is Saturn which makes him responsible, organised, dedicated, mature and hardworking individual. He is a very patient, pragmatic individual who applies a slow and steady approach when making all his decisions. That is why his decision of joining the BJP is considered an important move.
  • His Moon sign is Aquarius, which makes him a person who is innovative and does not abide by the conventional rules which can sometimes make him come out as a rebel also. This combination also indicates that he will be comfortable with the new forms of technology.
  • Due to his out of the box solutions, he will always be remembered for how he revived the Postal Department of India when he was the Minister for Communications and Information Technology in the former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s government.
  • This position of the Moon also indicates that he will be a secretive person and the one who will keep his moves guarded till the last moment. That’s why the Congress government was left gaping when he took the decision to join BJP. Also, the BJP government has to remain aware and alert regarding that.
  • Saturn which also governs his second house of income, family and wealth is in conjunction with the lord of success and profits Mars. This is a very auspicious combination. It indicates that he will have a great capacity to own riches, success and wealth and as the second house also represents family, his stars indicate that he will take his family legacy forward.
  • The Saturn is also present in the Neecha Bhanga Raja Yoga, which indicates that whenever people consider him down and out, he will rise just like a Phoenix rises from the ashes.
  • Fourth house represents the popularity that we gain from the masses. As Mars is the lord of this house and having an aspect on it, it indicates that he will be very popular among masses. This is why he is famously called “Guna Ka Raja” among his followers, meaning the king of Guna, the constituency from which he fought election.
  • Position of Mars in the tenth house of his horoscope is in directional strength. This gives him an incredibly charismatic aura and provides him with the warrior and strategic approach. As a result, he will successfully turn all odds in his favour. Mars offers him its characteristics of being commander-in-chief, due to which he will not shy away from taking a leadership position. Moreover, this indicates that Jyotiraditya Scindia’s sheer will power and strength will give him an edge over others.
  • This position of Mars also indicates that he is a person who has secret desires and is always motivated by the appreciation and validation he gets from others. So, BJP has to be very careful in their approach. As whenever he thinks that he is not getting his proper due, Scindia will not hesitate to make his moves.

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  • He has a very potent combination of Jupiter-Venus in his horoscope, that is also making the famous “Amla” Yoga in astrology. This yoga makes one famous and quick to grasp things. This also gives him sharp observation powers and the ability to quickly analyse the situation.
  • He also has one great yoga called “Budha Aditya Yoga” present in his horoscope which makes him a great organiser and administrator.
  • He is currently undergoing the Main period of Saturn and Sub period of Rahu from 26th June 2018, which will continue till 01st May 2021. Rahu is in his second house in conjunction with the planet of emotions Moon, which indicates that he was feeling isolated and left out in the current scenario.
  • The sub-sub period of Ketu positioned in his house of change and transformation, which started from 24th February 2020 prompted the change and will continue till 23rd April 2020. This also indicates that this will not be an easy run for him, and he may be embroiled in certain controversies and scandals which can cause some mental agony and stress. There could be some health scares also. He has to remain aware and alert regarding that.
  • The relief will come from the start of the sub-sub period of Venus, which will begin from 24th April 2020. The Venus being “Yoga Karaka” planet for him will bestow him with authoritative positions, mass popularity and success.

Astrological Take On Jyotiraditya Oath Taking Ceremony

Jyotiraditya joined the Bharatiya Janata Party on 11th March 2020 at 14:56 IST, and the following predictions are based on the planetary alignments that were prevailing at the time when he joined BJP. Let’s see and read important points regarding Scindia’s oath-taking ceremony.


Jyotiraditya Scindia Time Of Joining BJP

(11 March, 2020, 14:56, Delhi)

  • The rising ascendant as the time of Oath taking is Cancer and its lord Moon is positioned in the third house of efforts, courage and ambitions. This indicates that he will be full of action and vigour during this transit and not shy away from putting in efforts to realise his goals and ambitions. This position of the Moon also indicates that he will be able to maneuver his insights and imagination to their optimum level, thus leading to success and victories.
  • Here, the position of the Saturn is making a very important Shash Yoga. This indicates that his popularity as a mass leader is set to rise.

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  • In this, since the fourth house lord Venus is aspecting his own house, it is forming a favourable Singhasan Yoga. It indicates that he is going to attain a very authoritative position in this government.
  • The placement of three planets in sixth house ie. Mars, Jupiter and Ketu indicate that he will be full of competitive energy and strong intuition. This will provide him with perseverance, which will help him out in every opposite condition.
  • The nakshatra operating at this time is Hasta Nakshatra, which indicates that in this nakshatra whatever we wish for can be attained. So, this is a good nakshatra to take oath in. It is also a swift nakshatra likely to provide fast results for your efforts.
  • The dasha period for this oath-taking ceremony is very auspicious. The running dasha is of MOON, which is the ascendant lord and will continue till July 2022. After that, the subsequent dasha period will be of Mars, which is again a very potent period and will see the rise of Scindia.

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