Auspicious Yoga Of 5 Bada Mangal In Jyeshtha Month- Remedies To Appease Bajrangbali

In Jyeshtha Month, Tuesday is called Bada Mangal and it has great importance. On this day, Bajrangbali is worshiped and in many regions, this day is also known as Budhwa Mangal. Through this blog you will know why Tuesday is called as Bada Mangal in Jyeshtha Month, why Lord Hanuman is considered best for this day, and why it has great significance.

Jyeshtha Month is the 3rd month in the Hindu Calendar and this month will be from 17 May till 14 June. During this period, there will be a total of 5 Tuesdays which means there will be Shubh Yoga of 5 Bada Mangal. 

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Significance of Bada Mangal 2022

Dedicated to Bajrangbali, on Bada Mangal it is said that one should worship Bajrangbali. It is believed that through this practice one can get rid of every problem and remove hurdles in his life. According to Hinduism, this was the day when Dashrath met Lord Rama and Lord Hanuman for the first time; this is why it is called Bada Mangal. 

Apart from this, another Auspicious Yoga is that, this year, Jyeshtha month is beginning on 17 May i.e. on Tuesday and it will end on 14 June i.e. again on Tuesday. If we talk about the 5 Bada Mangal dates then these are 17 May, 24 May, 31 May, 7 June, and 14 June. 

17 May: Shiv Yoga

24 May: Vishkumbh Yoga

31 May: Dharti Yoga

7 June: Vajra Yoga

14 June: Sadhya Yoga

Why Is Bada Mangal Also Called Budhwa Mangal?

As we have mentioned earlier, at many places Bada Mangal is known as Budhwa Mangal. To know the reason, let us tell you about mythology. Actually, it is said that one day while wandering in the jungle, Lord Rama and Lord Hanuman met on this day. 

Apart from this, there is another myth that Bheem was in pride of his power. During this time, Lord Hanuman took the form of an old monkey and broke his vanity. This is the reason Bada Mangal of Jyeshtha Month is also called Budhwa Mangal.

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Bada Mangal Religious Methods And Rituals

  • There is great importance of Bada Mangal. It is the most auspicious day to receive blessings of Bajrangbali. On this day many people read Bajrangban, Hanuman Chalisa, and Sunderkand.
  • Apart from this, people also organize Bhandara in the temples. 
  • There is a belief that by worshiping Bajrangbali, one can remove negative energy in his life and bring more happiness and prosperity. 
  • On these auspicious days, for money gain many people take a Bargad tree leaf, purify it and place it before Hanuman Ji. After that, on this leaf, Shree Ram is written with saffron. After the prayer, one keeps this leaf in their locker or in their wallet. It is said that by doing this there will be no financial problems for a person in his life. 

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Mythology Of Bada Mangal Related To Lucknow 

When it comes to Bada Mangal then one story of Lucknow is always mentioned with it. Well, a long time ago, there was a businessman in Lucknow who had vowed to Hanuman Ji that if his business of saffron and perfumes would grow then he would construct a grand temple of Hanuman Ji. After that, he met Nawab Wajid Ali who bought all his saffron and perfumes. So according to his vow, he constructed a grand Hanuman Temple. Since that time, Bada Mangal has been celebrated with pomp in Lucknow.        

Apart from this, according to other mythology, it is said that the Hanuman temple which is situated in Aligarh was constructed by the daughter of Mughals, Begum Alia. It is also said that she had dreamt of Hanuman Ji. On this temple, there is a sign of Moon and after 2 years of the construction there was an epidemic and that time Begum organized a grand Pooja of Lord Hanuman. On that day, it was Tuesday of Jyeshtha month. Eventually the epidemic was over with the blessings of Hanuman ji, this is why Tuesday of Jyeshtha month is celebrated on a grand scale.

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….And Hanuman Ji Colored Himself With Sindoor

During Bada Mangal, a certain tradition is followed every year and that is the tradition of offering Sindoor to Bajrangbali. It is believed it pleases Bajrangbali and he fulfills the desires of his devotees. But it is a thing to think about how this tradition began?  Actually, there is a story related to this tradition too. So, let us know about it. 

According to the Ramayana, it is said that Lord Hanuman once saw Maa Sita applying vermilion on her forehead. He asked Sita Mata that why is she applying Sindoor on her forehead? Then she answered that when she applied Sindoor, it pleased her husband Lord Rama and it also increased his life span. Then Hanumanji began to think that if a pinch of Vermilion makes Lord Rama happy then why not apply it on my whole body so that he will also be happy with me and he will be immortal. 

Then he immediately covered himself in Vermillion. When Lord Rama saw him covered in Sindoor, he asked the reason for it from Hanuman ji. Then Lord Hanuman explained everything to him and Lord Rama hugged his devotee Hanuman Ji. Since that time, this tradition has begun. 

So, if you also have a keen desire for something, you have more problems in life, or you want to get success in any of the work, then on Bada Mangal, you must visit Hanuman Temple and offer Sindoor.

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Remedies To Be Done On Bada Mangal

  • Chant Mantra on Tulsi Mala, “rāma rāmeti rāmeti rame rāme manorame। sahastra nāma tattunyaṃ rāma nāma varānane।।” It will fulfill all your desires and bring success to you. 
  • Apart from this, by reading Hanuman Chalisa, Bajrang Baan, and Sunderkand in Hanuman temple, one gets rid of various health issues and gets success in every work. 
  • On Bada Mangal, you can install a Panchmukhi Idol or picture of Hanumanji in the temple of your house. If you want you can also donate it in a temple. It will fulfill all your wishes.
  • If you have Mangal Dosha in your horoscope, then to reduce its effect and get blessings of Hanumanji, then you are advised to donate Sindoor, Jasmine oil, red clothes, red flowers, Motichoor Laddu. 
  • Wear a Tulsi Garland to Hanumanji. It pleases Hanumanji. 
  • Light a ghee lamp for Hanumanji in your house for happiness, peace and prosperity. Apart from this, if you want you can also light a lamp of jasmine oil.
  • Visit a Hanuman temple and offer the bhog of jaggery, pulses and bananas to Bajrangbali. Also, feed these things to monkeys. It will remove all the hurdles in your life.
  • Meethi Roti was the most favorite of Bajrangbali. So prepare a Bhog of Roti on Bada Mangal and offer this Bhog in a Hanuman temple and do duly worship of Hanumanji. After that, feed roti to cows and monkeys and consume some of it in the form of Prasad. By doing this, you will be blessed by Bajarangbali for your whole life. 

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