Auspicious Jupiter-Venus Conjunction From April 27: These Zodiac Signs Will Become Millionaires!

Jupiter and Venus have been named auspicious planets in the Vedic astrology. If we talk about the factors, Jupiter signifies marital happiness, knowledge, teacher, children, elder brother, education, religious work, holy place, wealth, charity, virtue, and growth. On the other hand, Venus represents material happiness, materialistic pleasures, luxuries, fame, art, talent, beauty, romance, sex lust, fashion designing, etc in a person’s life.

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In such a situation, the combination of these 2 auspicious planets i.e. forming conjunction while remaining present in a zodiac sign, is not going to be less than a miracle for the natives in several ways. 

Auspicious Conjunction of Jupiter & Venus

According to the esteemed astrologer of Astrosage, in April 2022, two major and auspicious planets i.e. Jupiter and Venus are going to make a conjunction in Pisces, the last sign of the zodiac. That is, Venus and Jupiter will be present together in Pisces. Due to this, the period will be very important for all the natives, because both these planets have a very unique relationship with each other. Let’s take a look at the Jupiter-Venus relationship.

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Unique Relationship of Jupiter and Venus

  • Although Jupiter and Venus are considered auspicious planets, according to the natural friendship cycle, these two planets keep the feeling of enmity for each other.
  • In astrology, the planet Jupiter is considered the mentor of the gods, while the planet Venus is considered the mentor of the demons.
  • Jupiter has been given the title of a male planet, while Venus is considered a female planet.
  • Apart from this, if we talk about religious beliefs, then Jupiter is worshiped as a representation of Lord Vishnu. On the other hand, the planet Venus is considered to be the representation of Goddess Lakshmi.
  • Now at the end of April, both these planets will form a conjunction in Pisces.

Duration of This Conjunction

According to astrologers, on the morning of April 13, 2022, at 11.23 am, Jupiter has been placed in its own sign Pisces, while transiting. This Jupiter transit in its own sign Pisces has happened after about 12 years. That’s why this relocation is going to be very special. At the same time, Venus will also make its transit in Pisces on Wednesday, April 27, 2022, at 06:06 pm, and will conjoin with the already existing Jupiter. This Jupiter-Venus conjunction will exist till May 23, 2022, then after that Venus will move out of Pisces in its transiting state and sit in Aries. In such a situation, the union of both these planets in Pisces will prove to be very special and auspicious in many ways, from the astrological point of view.

Pisces Natives Will Get Special Benefits From This Conjunction

  • Since this unique Jupiter transit in its own sign, Pisces, will take place after an interval of 12 years, therefore it will most likely be auspicious for and will increase the fortune in the life of Pisces natives.
  • Venus-Jupiter conjunction will also give you good results in terms of money so that you will be able to fulfill all your desires.
  • In personal life, this conjunction will increase the confidence and courage of the natives and due to this, they will be successful in taking all the important decisions that are yet to be taken.
  • Due to the favorable results of this combination in your career also, you will earn profit by achieving your goals.
  • Apart from this, due to this conjunction of Jupiter and Venus, the knowledge and reasoning power will also develop in Pisces natives and they will be seen more inclined towards religious work.

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These 4 Zodiac Signs Will Get Positivity With This Conjunction 

This unique Jupiter-Venus conjunction will have an impact on almost all the zodiac signs, but apart from Pisces, this combination is likely to bring many positive changes in the lives of majorly 4 zodiac signs.


This Venus-Jupiter conjunction will be formed in the ninth house of your zodiac sign, as well as the ninth aspect of Jupiter will also be on your zodiac sign. Due to this, its effect will increase the chances of promotion at your workplace by increasing your luck. The salaried people will likely get the most favorable results due to this. Because at this time a big change can come at your workplace, due to which you might get some new responsibility. If you are thinking of starting a new business, then also the period will be good for you.


During this conjunction, the Jupiter-Venus will have the seventh aspect on the Virgo natives. Due to this, the presence of Jupiter-Venus in your auspicious house will make both the planets more powerful. The most favorable result of which is going to be seen in the love affairs of the natives. In such a situation, if you are in a relationship then your love will flourish. On the other hand, newness and happiness will also be seen in the life of married people. Your partner/lover will give you full support, and with this, you will be able to get success in solving other challenges in your life.

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This Venus-Jupiter conjunction will be formed in the fifth house of your zodiac sign and during this time you will have the ninth aspect of Jupiter. In such a situation, students of this zodiac sign will get the most positive results from this conjunction. Due to this, they will get better marks while giving good performance in their education and every competitive examination. The children of married people are also likely to get more favorable results. Because this conjunction will be helpful in your development while increasing your education and knowledge.


For Capricorn natives, the conjunction of Jupiter and Venus will be formed in the second house of this zodiac sign. As a result of which there is a possibility of good profit in your income. Business people will also be able to earn good income from many sources. You will also be able to accumulate your wealth. Also, you will get happiness in family life and you will be able to satisfy all your family’s desires.

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