Jupiter Retrograde in Pisces Will Create “Guru Pushya Yoga” on 29 July!

In Vedic scriptures, Jupiter gets the title of the “Guru” of all the 9 planets/ Navagrahas. Jupiter is considered an auspicious planet, which is worshiped by humans as well as planets and deities. It is the owner planet of the two zodiac signs that are Sagittarius and Pisces, while among 27 nakshatras, Punarvasu is the lord of Vishakha and PurvaBhadrapada nakshatras. 

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Jupiter Will Retrograde In Pisces 

According to the Hindu Panchang, after Saturn, Jupiter is the only planet that takes much time to complete its circle because every transit of Jupiter completes in 13 months, which means Jupiter takes 13 months to switch from one zodiac sign to another. Similarly, along with transit, the Jupiter retrograde incident is also considered to be very important. Jupiter retrogrades at least one time on average in a year.

The Jupiter transit means when the planets stop moving ahead on their specific path and start moving backward. They are moving ahead a bit by looking/observing from Earth, it seems like that planet is moving in the backward direction, the same goes with Jupiter, so this phenomenon is considered Jupiter retrograde.

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Impact Of Jupiter Retrograde

Although Jupiter is considered an auspicious planet the calculations related to the impact of Jupiter in one’s horoscope will be good or bad depending on the position of Jupiter and the impact of other planets on Jupiter. Usually, the natives get favorable outcomes related to their Karak elements, and these planets in the retrograde state may take time to give results. Apart from this, there are many changes that are seen in human life as well worldwide due to the Jupiter retrograde in its own sign.

Usually, the natives get favorable results related to their karaka elements due to the transit of Jupiter, while in their retrograde state, they may take some delay in getting the same results. Apart from this, many major changes are seen in human life as well as in the country and the world due to retrograde in the sign of Jupiter.

When Will Jupiter Retrograde Happen? 

According to Panchang, Jupiter, which transited from Aquarius to its own sign Pisces on 13 April 2022, will now retrograde in Pisces itself. According to the AstroSage experts, Jupiter will retrograde on 29 July 2022, Friday, early morning around 1:33 am in Pisces. During this time, Jupiter will remain in its retrograde state for about 4 months, and then again on 24th November 2022 at 4:36 am on Thursday, it will transit in Pisces. So, in this situation when Jupiter retrograde in Pisces, then there will be changes in zodiac signs along with the changes worldwide.

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Jupiter Retrograde To Happen On “Guru Pushya Yoga” 

  • The Guru Pushya Yoga has always been considered to be important Panchang & astrology.
  • According to astrologers, the person gets specific and very auspicious results from this Yoga. According to the Hindi Calendar, The Pushya Nakshatra will begin on 28 July, 07:06 am on Thursday, and will end on the next day , 29 July. 09:47 am on Friday.
  • At the time when Jupiter starts retrograde motion then the existence of Pushya Nakshatra in that period will create “Guru Pushya Yoga” that comes in the category of the best and the rarest yogas.
  • In Vedic Scriptures, Jupiter is considered the owner of Pushya Nakshatra. In such a situation since the beginning of this nakshatra is taking place on Thursday and with the great combination of Thursday and Pushya Yoga this Yoga forms. 
  • This Guru Pushya Yoga is to be formed on the Shravana Amavasya which will work as a benefactor of results that are related to Religious and financial profits.
  • Apart from this when Jupiter will start to retrograde, in that duration, Jupiter will be present in Savaarth Siddhi along with the Guru Pushya Yoga around 28 July at 05:57 pm to the next day, on 29 July around 6:35 pm. As a result of which, the importance of this day increases.
  • According to AstroSage astrologers, Jupiter retrograde on 29 July early morning, the formation of coincidences will be auspicious for the natives.
  • If any person does remedies to gain profit or money then there are sure shot chances of getting success.

Apart from this, Jupiter retrograde will also bring many big changes worldwide. Come let’s throw some light on these changes:- 

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Global Impacts of Jupiter Transit 

  • Increase In Spirituality

During the Jupiter retrograde phase, the tendency of the people in India will likely incline toward religion and spirituality. Along with this, there will be some big statement or any religious issue or plan coming out from the government.

  • There Will Be An Impact On Politics

Jupiter is considered the benefactor of intelligence, speech, politics, and more. So, the role of Jupiter in the horoscope is especially seen for the effects related to politics, reshuffling in the cabinet, and attainment of high authority positions. Now, the retrograde of Jupiter in Pisces from 29 July will bring big changes in the politics of many countries, not only in India but also across the globe. You will witness many changes in the politics of many states in India. There is a possibility that due to the impact of Jupiter retrograde many politicians switch their parties and join another one.

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  • Shortage Of Consumables In Country

As a result of Jupiter retrograde, there will be an atmosphere of anarchy in some parts of the country. The reason behind this is the shortage in supply of consumables and the sudden rise in the prices of essential commodities. Apart from this, the time when Jupiter will start retrograding, that time it will be sighted by Saturn, because of which the food essentials such as salt, Ghee, oil, and more have chances to become expensive, and the prices of cotton, kappas, and silver will also increase.

Note: Jupiter retrograde will bring changes across the globe. But do you know what will be the impact of Jupiter’s position on your zodiac sign? Those who are interested to know this can make Jupiter strong in their horoscope with the proper guidance, by consulting our expert astrologers on call or chat!

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