Jupiter Direct In Pisces On 24th Nov 2022. Know Lucky & Unlucky Impacts On Zodiac Signs!

Astrologically, Jupiter is considered to be the second most powerful planet in the solar system. Being the biggest planet of the solar system, Jupiter has the most significant influence on one’s life. It is the planet of wisdom, fame, knowledge, motivation to concentrate, and wealth. Its positive positioning in a person’s horoscope can make them wealthy overnight. 

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The twelfth sign in the zodiac line and one of the three water signs, Pisces is co-ruled by Jupiter and Neptune. Directing into its native sign, it is certain to produce better outcomes, and everything is expected to work smoothly. In this blog by AstroSage, we will tell you everything about Jupiter direct in Pisces, its date, time, and its positive and negative impacts on the zodiac signs. 

Jupiter Direct In Pisces: Date And Time 

Jupiter Direct in Pisces will provide complete benefits in the form of financial success, career advancement, promotions, and fortunate events such as marriage, etc. If someone is expecting results for any task they recently worked really hard for, they will receive their desired results during this time period.

This year, the Jupiter Direct in Pisces will happen on 24th November, 2022 at 04:36 am. During this period, there will be a favorable influence present, and people will have general prosperity in their career, wealth, relationships, and health.

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Which Signs Need To Be Cautious Of Jupiter Direct In Pisces?


  • From the financial point of view, you might witness an increase in the spendings due to a journey to a spiritual destination or work-related matters. You need to be careful while traveling since there are chances of losing your money due to negligence. 
  • Professionally, you may have a tight schedule due to sudden traveling and new challenges at your workplace. You are going to feel the pressure of the work. You might also face an unwanted transfer or a sudden change in job. It might not be the best time to enter a new business venture as you may not see much profit in your business. Avoid entering new partnerships as well.
  • In your personal life, Aries natives may get into unwanted arguments and lack understanding with their partners. You are advised to take your time to think and act calmly to avoid any serious fights.
  • You may catch a cold or have pain in your joints. Along with this, your elders might also face health issues.

Remedy: Natives of Aries should perform Homa or Yagna For Jupiter.

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  • Financially, you may face additional expenses. Situations may become out of your control, and family costs may arise. Savings will be limited during the Jupiter Direct in Pisces as well.
  • Professionally, workplace issues and excessive job pressure may arise. You might not be able to accomplish your professional objectives, and as a result, you would prefer to move companies in search of better opportunities. Furthermore, you might not feel safe at work since you will not be properly recognized for your efforts. Profits will be low in business during this time, which is why you should avoid new dealings.
  • In your personal life, you may get egoistic and get into serious arguments with your partner during the Jupiter Direct in Pisces. It is advised for the Gemini natives to sort things out and try to communicate with your partner.
  • You are going to have some nervous system related issues and have pain in the neck and shoulders.

Remedy: Chant “Om gurave namah” 21 times a day and light an oil lamp on Thursdays for Lord Shiva.


  • From the financial point of view, there will be unwanted extra spendings on your family. Your expenses will increase during this time and your income will be less. Hence, you will feel stressed and might not be able to handle it well.
  • In your professional life, you could be facing a lack of satisfaction with your work. You might be having difficulties with coworkers and superiors, who would not be acknowledging your hard work and efforts towards your job. There might be losses faced in your business and you might have some issues with your business partners as well.
  • Your personal life will not be as fruitful either. Your heart might get broken if you are in love and you could get into huge arguments with your life partner due to adjustments. You might face adjustment issues with your family also.
  • During the period of Jupiter Direct in Pisces, you might catch a cold, cough, and have pain in your joints. Your mother might also be subjected to health issues.

Remedy: Chant Hanuman Chalisa regularly. 

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Which Signs Will Have Lucky Influence Of Jupiter Direct In Pisces?


This time is going to be very lucky for the natives of Taurus. You will get success, increments and advancements at work and get new job opportunities. Your relationship with your family and your partners will be smooth and balanced with a sense of mutual respect and understanding. You will gain unexpected financial profits. Your health will also be better but you might suffer joint pains and colds.

Remedy: Chant the Mantra “Om gram grim graum sah brihaspataye namah’‘ 21 times.


For the Cancerians, Jupiter Direct in Pisces will bring a lot of new opportunities at work which will lead them to success, unexpected profits and new highs in business, and an increase in savings. Their personal life will have all the support of their peers, family, and their partner. They may go for a vacation with their partners as well. The people of this sign will be very energetic and healthy during this time.

Remedy: Chant the Mantra “Om brihaspataye namah”  21 times daily.

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People of Scorpio, good times are coming in! You will witness new job opportunities or promotions in your current job. You will have a smooth relationship with your colleagues, superiors, and business partners. There will be profit in your line of business and you will gain the results of the hard work you have been putting in. There will be chances of Scorpio natives getting married as well during the Jupiter Direct in Pisces. 

Remedy: Chant Ganesha Chalisa regularly. 

Remedies To Strengthen Jupiter In Your Horoscope

  • Observe a fast on Thursdays.
  • Wear a gold ring with yellow sapphire stone on your ring finger.
  • On a Thursday, donate some chickpea or Chana Dal to the needy.
  • Wear yellow clothes and consume yellow food items on Thursdays and worship the Peepal tree.

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