Janaki Jayanti 2021: Know the Significance, Pujan Vidhi & Associated Legends!

Every year, the festival of Janaki Jayanti, also known as Sita Jayanti is celebrated on ninth day i.e. Navami Tithi in Vaishakh month during Shukla Paksha. This festival is also known by the name of Janaki Navami at certain places.

The tradition of venerating Maa Sita and Lord Ram on Janaki Navami or Janaki Jayanti has been followed. This year, it is going to be celebrated on March 06 i.e. Saturday. As per religious beliefs, the manifestation of Maa Sita came into existence from the field on this very day. It is said that Maa Sita and Lord Shri Ram were born in the same Nakshatra. In this pretext, let’s understand the significance and Pujan Vidhi of Janaki Jayanti.    

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Significance of Janaki Jayanti

In Hindu Purana, Maa Sita is considered to be one of the incarnations of Devi Lakshmi. In this pretext, it is evident that some appropriate rules have been defined to worship her. Maharaja Janak got a child from the field on Navami Tithi in Vaishakh month during Shukla Paksha under Pushya Nakshatra. In this context, as per the scriptures, the tradition of observing fast and venerating Maa Sita and Lord Ram has been followed on this day. By doing so, a person gets the fruits equal to 16 kinds of important donations including Prithivi Daan.   

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Legend Associated with the Birth of Maa Sita

When Lord Vishnu decided to descend on earth in the form of a human to establish Ram-Rajya to destroy all the atrocities taking place, his wife (Maa Lakshmi) also desired to come along with him. It is said that when Lord Vishnu was born to Naresh Dasaratha in the form of Lord Rama and then, Devi Laksmi was born to Raja Janak in the form of Maa Sita.    

As per Valmiki Ramayana, it is said that Raja Janak had no issue and therefore, he resolved to perform Yagya to be blessed with the same and he was ploughing the field on Navami Tithi in  Vaishakh month during Shukla Paksha under Pushya Nakshatra. At the same time, his plough got stuck in the field and it did not get free despite the best efforts and therefore, the place was dug deeply. After this, it was found that the plough got stuck because of the utensil.     

Then, a girl appeared from the utensil. Since Raja Janak was ploughing the field and the edges of the plough are known as Seet and therefore, he named the girl as Sita and considered her as his daughter. It is said that the happiness in the Mithila family came back with the presence of the girl and everybody began to live peacefully. The day Raja Janak found the girl in the field, it was Navami Tithi of Phalgun month during Krishna Paksha and every year, Janaki Jayanti is celebrated on this very day. 

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Janaki Jayanti : Pujan Vidhi

  • The observer of this fast should wake up early in the morning on this day.
  • Then, take an oath to fast and worship to please Maa Janaki.   
  • After this, spread a piece of red cloth on a plank and place an idol/photo of Maa Sita and Lord Shri Ram on it and then, offer Roli, Akshat, Chandan, white flowers etc. 
  • Include Raja Janak and Maa Sunaina in the worship of this very day.
  • Further, take a resolve to donate as per your financial capacity. 
  • On this very day, many people fill paddy, food etc. in a clay utensil and donate it to the needy.   
  • In the evening, the tradition of serving food to young girls (Kanayas) and Brahmins has been observed. By doing so, those women who observe this fast, get the blessings of Maa Sita and all the troubles in their life vanish.    

As per Shastras, those women who observe this fast and worship Maa Sita, are blessed with the long life of their husband and there is peace and prosperity in their married life. Besides this, whosoever observes this fast with pious heart and absolute devotion, gets free from all troubles and there is happiness in their life. This fast is also considered to be fruitful for childless couples. On this day, the farmers pray to Maa Sita in many parts of the country for a healthy crop. In some parts of South India and Maharashtra, plough and bulls are bathed and legends associated with Maa Sita are recited.         

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