India & New Year 2020: Religion & Cricket

New Year 2020 brings with itself new hopes, possibilities, energy and a sense of passion for the natives of the country. India as a country functions on multiple aspects and takes care of its natives as well as foreign associates with full force and dedication. Therefore, the natives look forward to the initiation of the Happy New Year 2020 for a prosperous year for the country and worldwide.

In order to decode the arrival of 2020, Vedic Astrology helps in every way. With the evaluation of planetary movements, Nakshatra placements and dasha periods, various possibilities regarding the social, political, financial, cultural and sports-related aspects can be churned out. Keeping all these in mind, we have analysed the kundli of India and tried to understand how all these elements affect the religious and cultural phenomena of the country. Also, we get to know how well the country may perform in the upcoming ICC T20 World Cup 2020, and will the trophy be acquired by our home team. Let’s take a look.

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India in 2020: What Does The Kundli Say?

india 2020

Independent India

(15-8-1947, 0:0:1, New Delhi)

  • Saturn is transiting from the Independent India’s zodiac sign to the seventh house, and ninth house from the Lagna. Since it is Shani’s own sign, it will escalate significant changes, due to which major judiciary changes will be witnessed. With this, India’s financial conditions will prosper, which is why progressive schemes will be introduced for natives below the poverty line.
  • The presence of Saturn, the significator if democracy, and Jupiter, which demonstrates the impact of democracy, in the eighth house and their conjunction with Ketu shows religious intolerance, riots, natural disasters and much more.
  • Hence, it can be said that major hailstorm and rain can severely impact the country. With Saturn and Jupiter placed together with Ketu, unexpected communal disturbances within the country are expected.
  • Jupiter is transiting from India’s moon sign to the sixth house of the kundli, which doesn’t seem to be favourable. This is because of the fact that the placement of Jupiter in Independent India’s kundli isn’t advantageous and India is undergoing the major period of Moon and sub period of Jupiter, which will stretch up to 11 December 2019.

Keeping all these points in mind, now let’s move forward and see how it impacts the religious and cultural aspect of India.

India In 2020: Religious, Cultural & Other Possibilities

During the year 2020, India will make definite progress in religious and cultural fields, as Jupiter is the main significator of religious and cultural activities in particular. Entering into its own sign, it will strengthen all these aspects, due to which the atmosphere of religious righteousness will form in the country.

However, on the contrary, some communal incidents may also occur during this period, which can cause tension for the country and the government. Some people, along with internal and foreign sources, may try to sabotage the very foundation of the society, which is why the government must remain alert in these cases. It won’t be entirely surprising to hear about the construction of temples at the Shri Krishna Janmabhoomi and Varanasi.

Talking from a strategic point of view, the influence of India will be spread widely, be in terms of geographical area or business and trade. This means that India will gain massive popularity on an international level, which will directly increase its dominance on an overall basis. Many big plans or ordinances can be introduced this year in regards to population control. India’s conflict with Pakistan and China can create stressful conditions. There will also be extensive treaties with some countries, which will make the country strategically strong. During this time, there can be a rise in India’s defence activities. In addition, the country’s scientists can come up with some new discoveries, which will take India further on the world’s stage.

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Will India Win 2020 ICC T20 World Cup?

The T20 World Cup 2020 will be the main event for cricket enthusiasts, which will be played in Australia this year. It will be held between October 18 and November 15 in 2020. Known as the Maha Kumbh of Cricket, it will be a limited-overs tournament of 20 overs, for which every Indian will pray that the World Cup comes home.

Looking at the state of India, sub-period or Antardasha of Saturn and sub sub-period or Pratyantar Dasha of Sun will take place during the major period or Mahadasha of the Moon, which shows that Team India will continue to do well on their behalf. However, India’s victory in this World Cup seems doubtful. Nevertheless, the performance of Team India will surely be commendable.

If we talk about the Captain of Team India Virat Kohli, then his birth ascendant is Sagittarius and sign Virgo.

virat kohli kundli

Virat Kohli

(5-11-1988, 10:28:0, Delhi)

At the time when this World Cup will be played, he will be undergoing the sub-period or Antardasha of Ketu and sub-sub period or Pratyantar Dasha of Venus during the major period or Mahadasha of Rahu. Rahu is posited with Saturn’s sign in the third house, whereas Saturn is placed in the Lagna and Rahu in its own Shatabhisha Nakshatra.

Ketu, who is sitting in the ninth house, is placed in the Venus’s nakshatra, whereas the sign in the ninth house is ruled by Sun, which is debilitated in the eleventh house. Also, Venus, who is the lord of the sixth and eleventh house, is posited with Moon in the tenth house and being influenced by Saturn and Mars. All these situations suggest that while his performance may be fine, the possibility of achieving desired success is low.

Thus, through various kundlis, we learned about major possibilities that affect the cultural aspect of the country in 2020. Also, knowing how 2020 New Year impacts the performance of India in the field of cricket gives rise to many expectations in regard to their International Cricket Ratings.

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